Advertise w/ Us

F.A.Q on Advertisement

1. How do I place an ad at

Simply send us an email using the form below, and state your intent to advertise with us. We will send you a reply until we get to finalize the agreement and ad details are made.

2. How long will my ad run and What is your minimum purchase?

The minimum ad placement period is 4 months. Your ads ay run from 4 months to 6 months. Your ad contract is renewable.

3. How long will be the processing period for our ad placement to be visible on the site?

From the time of your payment it will take us 3-5 days to finish your material and we will submit it to you for approval

4. Will you be doing the design for my advertisement?

If you don’t have ready made ad material for your campaign we can do it. Just simply provide us with the materials and specific instructions.

5. How will I pay for my advertisement?

If you have decided to advertise to us, we will only be asking you for the full payment once we have finalized everything for your campaign. We will only be asking for an initial 30% downpayment of the whole amount (inclusive of Ad Design Charge, 3 months payment for the said period as well as with the 6 months contract) You will be paying thru our bank account stipulated in our Terms and Conditions.

Top Banner Advertisement

Price: 1500.00 php

SideBar Square Advertisement

Price :1,000.00 php

Side SkyScraper Advertisement

Price: 700.00 php


A reply and welcome letter will be emailed to you. Subsequent email exchanges will be made with you until the finalization of the agreement and ad details are made.