NCLEX Application Steps for Philippines, Foreign Nurses

Here’s a quick guide on how to process your NCLEX application in any state boards of nursing in the US, applicable to Philippines and other foreign nurses.

Of course, each state has different set of requirements and steps on how to apply for NCLEX exam, but this guide will give you an idea how to do it.nclex application steps

NCLEX Application Steps

1. Determine which state you want to apply. There are many factors that you have to consider when choosing which state to apply, sometimes depending on your present circumstance. For example, if you have just passed the NLE but don’t have your license yet, there are states that allow you to apply and take the NCLEX without your PRC license. Then there are states that require CGFNS Exam, CES, fingerprint card, etc.

2. Visit the website of your chosen state. You can visit for the complete list of State Boards’ websites. Or you can search it on the web.

3. Download/request Application Forms, Instructions, Fingerprint Cards. Application processing and requirements vary from state to state. Please read and follow the instructions carefully to avoid delay in the processing of your application. If you have questions, you can read my other posts or drop a
comment to ask me.

4. Submit your completed application(forms, documents, payments, etc.) by mailing it to your chosen state board of nursing. Processing time of your application varies from state to state; some states would approve it as early as 2 months while others would make you eligible in 6-8 months. So it would help if you constantly follow up your status through email (or website, if any) provided by the state.

5. If you are eligible, register with PearsonVue for NCLEX-RN Testing. There are different modes of registering, but doing it online thru is the fastest(you can check my post on how to do it). After registration you will receive 2 emails, the first confirming your registration and payment of $200, and the second, your Authorization to Test(ATT).

6. Schedule your NCLEX. If you prefer to take the test in Makati, Philippines, you can schedule your exam by calling Pearsonvue hotline (check the contact number in ATT). Have your ATT ready, they’ll ask you your Candidate ID number, ATT number and other pertinent details. You also have to pay $150 for International Testing Fee thru Credit Card(VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB). Confirmation
email will be automatically sent to you after scheduling.

7. Take the NCLEX Test. Bring your ATT and Passport, plus other valid IDs.

That’s it. If you have questions about NCLEX application on certain state board of nursing, please check my other posts or drop a comment below. Image credits:

65 thoughts on “NCLEX Application Steps for Philippines, Foreign Nurses

  1. Hi. Is it possible that I can take NCLEX in the states? but, the thing is, I don’t have any visa yet.

  2. im new to this hope u can help me.i have my documents{ School requirement and fingerprint]sent to my chosen state then i got idle for 3years, should i send another set of docs plus the appropriate fee?since i got married should i send m change of status application?

  3. I just want to ask does nclex application has an expiration? I was about to take the exam last 2009 but I was not able to come in time. Do I need to file and submit a new application form as a new applicant?

  4. Good day!

    I am here in the Philippines and planning to go to Illinois, USA next year maybe on January 2014. I would like to ask from you if where is the better place to take the NCLEX exam. Is it better if I take it here in the Philippines or in Illinois. What are the requirements both both places to take. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you very much. Rose

    1. Greetings!,

      My RN license back in the Philippines is expired ,i am Registered Practical Nurse here in Ontario and is presently working.
      Is there a way I can take the RN NCLEX even my RN in the Philippines is expired.

  5. Hi,I already passed cgfns exam and wish to take nclex exam in the philippines, where can cgfns mail my documents for verification? So that I will not submit form again to my school and prc,cgfns already have my documents.Thanks

  6. Hi, I am interested in applying for NCLEX in Virginia. They don’t have the list of requirements on their site. Do you have any idea about it? And where should I start my process? How does the CES work? I really don’t know where to start 🙁 Please help!

  7. hi i just want to ask if i can take nclex even though i’m not NLE passer yet? state is florida..i reaaly dont know what to do please help 🙁

  8. hi, i would like to take my chances in applying for the nclex exam.. but i don't know where and how to start.. can you please guide me? thanks in advance

  9. Hello!I I studied and Graduated in Phils and I applied NCLEX exam in Florida and almost done with my requirements.But I am just worried if I met the English Competency requirements, hence i did not take any of English Competency Exam. I know there are other acceptable proof of English Competency that Fl.Board of Nursing mentioned in the requirements.But i do'nt know if I am eligible on these .The PRC declined to mention it in the certification they sent to the Agency I chose. Please help.

  10. Hi…I would just like to know how to start my application and/or what are the requiremenrs for the states of california and texas?
    I am Fil/Am and will be graduating on May 2015 here in the philippines. I would like to find out how soon can I take the nclex exam in Makati, what forms/documents do they need for me to be able to qualify for the exam?

  11. LJ Cerdena Obina Hi good day! nakita ko kc that you are actively answering the questions. I'd like to ask you something. How can I get the finger printing card? Im currently in Davao.

  12. Hi good day, i am planning to take the nclex exam in makati year asap for new york state I got the contact number and email add for new york board of nursing, i want to know what to do with it, in details please. Thank you;-)

  13. Hi. I received my ATT by email.I did not receive any copy by mail so i printed my emailed att to present it when i will take my that valid? Typlease reply ar my email add (

  14. Hi, which state you prefer first to register?? I just want to take nclex regardless of the state.maybe the one with lesser or easiest requirements.

  15. I plan to migrate to either US or Canada and need to take the NCLEX. Please email me the details. Thank you so much. God bless.

    1. Hi! This is Alyanna from Apply Ready License Processing. I just want to ask if you’re interested to apply with us to assist you with your NCLEX application processing. We are located on the 3rd Floor of Joshua Building inside Rachell Allen Review Services at 1428 Taft Ave, Manila, Philippines. You can also contact me through this number, 09061035270. Let me know if you have questions and I will be more than happy to help.

      Thank you!

  16. Good day!!

    Please help me on how to start my application or what are the requirements for the state of california. And where can I download the forms needed to submit. Please email me. Thank you.

    1. Hi! This is Alyanna from Apply Ready License Processing. I just want to ask if you’re interested to apply with us to assist you with your NCLEX application processing. We are located on the 3rd Floor of Joshua Building inside Rachell Allen Review Services at 1428 Taft Ave, Manila, Philippines. You can also contact me through this number, 09061035270. Let me know if you have questions and I will be more than happy to help.

      Thank you!

  17. Hi! I just googled on how to apply for NCLEX exam in the Philippines. I am a Filipino and is currently working here in the Middle East as a Registered Nurse. I am going on a vacation this September until October this year. I want to take the opportunity to take the test while I’m on a vacation. I hope you can guide me. Thank you so much!
    God bless!!

  18. How the fingerprint card can be accomplished? There is a guide but it seems so vague and misleading… I’m looking for simplified steps. Im applying for NCLEX RN exam for the state of TX.

  19. Hi im working in ksa i applied already for Texas nclex they received my application form, and submitted my vol frm saudi concil and prc is the texas bon will mail my school in the phil for the request of proof of graduation or i will be the to give the download form to them? Thank you

  20. hello good day. I just want to ask if until when is the validity for me to take NCLEX exam. I applied in CGFNS CES last MAY this year and they issued my report in my chosen state just this october.I don’t have ATT yet.I am still working for my finger print card and NJE. I am just worried because some says, I should take the exam before my CES will expire. Is that true? Thank you

  21. Can you please send me the link on how to register with PearsonVue for NCLEX-RN Testing?

    Many thanks

  22. hi im graduate of bachelor of science in nursing in the philippines., now im here in arizona. can i take cgfns and nclex eventhough im not license in my country? many thanks.

  23. Hey there, I’m Jewel and I’m from Cebu, Philippines. I’m done paying for my fingerprint application but I have no clue where I can possibly get the actual fingerprint cards. Yes, I did order two fingerprint cards from the NMBON, however, I do not know when to expect the mail’s arrival. Could you help me out?

  24. hello! hope you can help me. I’m about to start applying NCLEX in Texas. I just want to clarify if the they really need an English Efficiency? i read some comments that there is an exemption if the school uses English in teaching and uses English books. Just need clarification. thank you.

  25. Please I need help with the application . I can’t do it all alone I need someone to guard me through the application.

  26. Hi, I have a question. I am applying in New York and already printed the required documents. However, I am not sure if I should send it. I studied in two Universities. Will I still include the school where I didn’t get a diploma? Thank you in advance.

  27. Hi i graduate in St. Augustine in tacloban leyte and I like to take board exam to be LPN. Where i can take the exam here in Philippines?

  28. Hi. Can anyone please tell me if the NCLEX exam in Philippines is all year round or is there a specific month? I am currently working here in mid east and is planning to take the exam on April 2018 if given the chance. Thank yo

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  30. Hi. Im new to this. I wish to apply for nclex exam. My chosen state is Illinois. Im confused with the website ncsbn, i dont know how to navigate it. What are the forms that i need to download from their website?

  31. Hi, I’m an RN in the Philippines I graduated and passed the boards in 2008 practiced for 2 years and I migrated to Canada I am now a Canadian Citizen but I would like to practice in the US. I live in near the border of New York. What are the steps so I can gather all my documents from the Philippines so I can apply for NCLEX for New York. Thanks in advance.

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