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HAAD Exam Questions

Just like any other nursing exams, you need to familiarize yourself with the type of questions HAAD Exam is throwing at you. Practicing these sample HAAD exam questions over and over gain increases your likelihood of passing it.

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120 HAAD exam questions

You have to do your part in finding the answers for some questions. 🙂Haad exam nurses

1- patient is on digoxin. What is the drug of choice?
– Lasix

2- post operation patient always asking for analgesic (over seeking). What is the most appropriate nursing intervention?
– inform the physician to put the patient on regular analgesic
– tell the patient that it’s a fake feeling
– Increase patients analgesic dose

3- patient with Digoxin with Hyperkalemia, what do you expect the ECG rythem
– peaked, Inverted T wave?? (check)

4- a woman with dysmennorhea, how can the RN know that she is pregnant without any investigations?

5- A patient with diabetic foot, during the discharge plan, how can the nurse know that the patient understands the correct way to take care of his feet?
– I’ll check my foot every day (inspect)

6- when foleys is inserted, hoe does it fixed?
– inflation of the balloon.
– rotate the cathter and fix it by tape.

7- patient with acute renal failure, after investigation (Blood and urine) what do you expect to have?
– creatinine is high.

8- how can you assess the severity of CVA (Cerebrovascular Accident)
– the affected area in the brain
– block of the artery
– Nerves affected

9- What the suitable position for CVA patient, during doing oral cavity care.
– Supine
– lateral
– prone

10- During NGT (Nasogastric Tube) insertion, the nurse noticed a resistance, what is the suitable Nursing intervention?
– remove the NGT.
– apply more power
– Rotate the tube

11- During NGT insertion the patient become cyanosed, Nsg intervention?
– remove the NG and monitor.
– Give O2.

12- During NG feeding, why it suppose to be slowly feeding (by gravity)?
– because the patient may develop Diarrhea
– because may develop abdominal destination.

13- what is the ideal way when you make suctioning to a patient on Mechanical Ventilator?
– Hyperventilation (by Ampobag) pre and post suctioning.

14- How the RN assess that the Chest tube s are working proberly?
– fluctuation (oxalating)

15- How to assess an emphysema with palpitation?
– When crackles sensation under the skin is felt (palpated)

16- the most common risk factors of developing a pneumonia?
– pts on Mechanical Ventilator.

17- Pneumonic Patient , has purulent mucous, how the nurse can assist the excretion of this mucous?
– by percussion.

18- patient is planned for discharge on diuretics, how the nurse can know the patient understood the care plan ?
– “ will measure and document the intake/ output”
– “ I’ll weigh my self daily”

19- Renal Failure patient for discharge, health education??
– avoid food with high K (potassium), Banana,etc

20- Patient with Hyperkalemia, which is the best way to decrease the K (potassium) level in the blood?
– insulin, lasix pumps
– kay oxalate

21- the Description of good granulation tissue formation?
– pink, soft and may bleed when being touched

22- patient on diuretic, what the RN must keep in mind to monitor.
– Pulse.
– Potassium level.
– Blood Pressure.

23- Patient with GI (Gastrointestinal) (GI Bleeding), stool color?
– Dark (Upper GI Bleeding), (Bright Lower GI B.) + bed odor (Melena)
24- the purpose of let the patient with esophagus Varices having cold water ?
– cold water makes Vasoconstriction, prevent bleeding.

25- the Evidence that the patient may have Anorexia nervosa?
– Anemia

26- During Dealing with a Geriatric Patient , what the nurse should expect?
– difficulty swallowing
– Speaking slowly

27- .patient with CVA, how the nurse can assist to enhance the facial movement?
– encourage chewing and smiling.

28- patient with an amputated leg above the knee, complaing of pain in the his amputated knee, what is the appropriate Nsg intervention?
– tell the pt that this a fake feeling.
– “I understand what you feel, bla bla. The nurse have to realize the fantom Pain).

29- post op patient had a thyroidectomy, how can the nurse realize that the pt developed a parathyroid injury?
– muscle twitching.

30- the most dangerous arrhythmia?
– V-tach (Ventricular tachycardia.
– VF (Ventricular fibrillation)
– braycaria

31- a pediatric patient with VSD (Ventricular-Septal Defect), the nurse must know that this disease is?
– Cyanotic disease.
– may or may not need surgical repair.

32- during assessing the understanding of health education for a patient about elastic stocking, the patient states?
– “ I will wear them during the day, and take them of before sleeping”.

33- the most common risk factor after thigh open fracture injury is?
– Pulmonary empolism.(fat embolism)
– Bleeding.
– Severe pain.

34- ICP (IntraCranial pressure) normal value is?
– 10-20 cm h2o.

35- how is the appropriate nursing care for a diabetic (DM) patient’s nails?
– cut straight, then file.
36- Health Education for a diabetic patient, before having a bath the patient must mesure the water temperature by?
– put his elbow in the water.
– use a thermometer.

37- Physician order “give 10 IU mixtard (mixed) with 5 IU actrapid (clear) insulin …..) , the nurse should?
– withdraw actrapid then Mixtard.
– withdraw mix then actrapid.

38- During medication preparation, the nurse noticed unclear label, or unclear expiary date of a medication, what the appropriate nsg intervention?
– return to the pharmacy to be replaced.

39-When a nurse write an incident report about an error he/she does, it is an example of?
– confidentiality
– accountability

40- when the RN delegates a PN to do a procedure, in case of any mistakes who will be responsible?
– RN
– PN
– Supervisor
– Physician.

41- Patient on Warfarin (Anti coagulation), how the nurse know that the pt understood his health education, all are correct expcept?
– I will shave by raser instead of shaving set.
– I check (inspect) my body daily of bruises.
– Continuously lab check especially INR level.
– its normal to have dark urine

42- usually pts on warfarin, they must regularly check..
– bleeding time
– INR or PT
– ESR (Estimated sedemintation rate).

43– usually pts on Heparin, the nurse must regularly check..
– bleeding time
– INRor PT
– ESR (Estimated sedemintation rate).

44- Bed ridden patients hoe have low weight (slim), with poor nutrition, immobilized, are at high risk to develop..
– Bed Sores
– DVT (Deep Vein Thrimbosis)

45- when changing the position for a patient with skin traction (with fractured leg), the appropriate nsg intervention?
– Hold the weight (the traction) before changing the position.

46- the protective infection precaution equipment when dealing with a meningitis case is?
– surgical face mask (droplet)
– Gloves.

47- to have the best effectiveness when using a skin traction is?
– free hanging.

48- when the nurse deals with a psycho patient with severe depression, the nurse needs toilet, the appropriate nsg intervention is?
– tell the patient that he will come back in 5 minutes, and instruct him not to move until he come.
– make any other nurse to cover (replacement).

49- in an Acute Bacterial Meningitis, the CSF (CerebriSpinal Fluid) investigation will be:
– low glucose level.
– high glucose level
– high protein level.
– low protein level

50- in PACU (Post Anesthesia care Unit), the nurse priority during monitoring the pt is?
– Blood pressure (BP)
(in case you have an airways and o2 saturation in the choices not the BP that will be the correct answer)

51- the drug of choice for bradycardia
– Atropine.
– Digoxin.
– epinephrine (Adrenaline)
– norepinephrine.

52- for terminal stages pts who complaining of pain, asking (Morphine)
– give when they complain pain.

53- the best position during having a kidney biopsy is?
– Prone with sand bag support behind the Rt- Lt abdominal area.
– lateral

54- the most complication may the patient have after the liver biopsy procedure is?
– severe Pain.
– Bleeding (Bile)

55- Nsg intervention for an amputated leg with a biological patch is?
– Elevation above pillow – to prevent contractures.

56- severe dehydrated baby, which of the following the nurse must expect as a sign:
– crying without tears.

57- Apgar score:
– 0-3 severe distress
– 4-6 Need observation
– 7-10 No problem

57- In Renal calculi case, urine analysis will appear:
– high WBC (white Blood Cells)
– High creatinine.
– high RBC (Red Blood cells)

58- when you are speaking (communicating) to a CVA patient:
– give the patient enough time to speak (because he/she speaking moving slowly)
– Encourage the patient to speak faster.
– act as you understand what he was speaking then ignore.

59- A patient with high ICP (Intracranial Pressure), What do you expect the patient to develop:
– coma
– Seizure
– Blindness

60- How to assess the pediatric tissue perfusion/ Breathing
– Capillary refill to be < 2 seconds.

61- a patient who recently lost his mother, after being informed he said “No she is coming today to visit me”, this patient considered in which stage of grieving process?
– Acceptance.
– Denial
– Depression
– Stress

62- Before giving Digoxin, what Must the nurse do?
– Assess the BP
– Assess the RR
– Assess the HR
– assess the O2 saturation

63- signs of Bipolar:
– hyperactivity

64- Health Education for a patient who had total Knee replacement?
– not to cross the legs

65- First choice for feeding a patient with Dysphagia and stroke:
– NG tube.

66- Heavy smoker are at high risk to have:
– Hypertension
– CAD (Coronary Artery Diseases)
– stroke (CVA)

67- which of the following considered as (Plasma Expander)?
– Mannitol
– Albumin
– Perfalgan

68- why its contraindication to give high flow O2 to a COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients?
– because it may cause O2 toxicity.
– to maintain breathing stimulation which initiated by the CO2

69- Picc line , when be used for the first time, what you expect from the physician to do?
– withdraw to check if you have food blood flow before using.
– CXR (Chest X-Ray)
– good and firm dressing.

70- which of the following is correct regarding Chest drainage system Discontinue?
– slowly remove the tube – suture- dressing
– clamp- instruct of inhalation then hold on- remove – tie the wound- dressing

71- post Bronchoscopy patient, the nurse should observe before starting feeding:
– Gag reflex
– wait bowel movement
– NPO (Nothing Per Oss) for 6 hrs then feed.

72- to irrigate a colostomy stoma, the nurse should use:
– Tepid water
– normal Saline
– Ringer lactate
– Distilled water

73- Nursing diagnosis as priority for a patient with Renal calcholie:
– Fluid volume deficit
– Pain
– risk for bleeding
– risk for oligurea

74- what should the nurse advice a Dm patient regarding insulin use?
– Small meal – Exercise- insulin
– insulin – sleep- exercise
– sleep- exercise – insulin

75- a patient with pancreatitis clinical investigation markers are all except:
– Lipase
– low serum Ca level
– high serum glucose level
– hypernatremia

76- B-Blocker acts as anti arrhythmic agent is?
– isoptine
– lidocain
– Norvasc
– Tenormin

77- signs of duodenal ulcer:
– continuous pain
– intermittent pain.
– pain relieved by meals
– pain increased by meals

78- one of the following is correct regarding Dehydration signs (pediatric)
– high HR
– low skin turgor
– crying with no tears

79- Adult patient admitted the ICU, at night he became agitated, what do you expect this patient have:
– schizophrenia
– depression
– Hospital (ICU) psychosis
– Stress or anxiety

80- post laparatomy patient, your advice when he wants to cough is:
– to support the abdomen by his hand before coughing

81- with pre-exlampsia , the nurse expect: (check the textbook)
– high Na (hypernatremia), low K (Hypokalemia)

82- Nsg diagnosis for a patient with Gestationl DM? (check the textbook)
– Low BP
– Placenta Previa
– Poly Hydro minus

83- Type of Anemia, why..? (check the textbook)
– Low folic acid
– ….

84- DM insepidus, with old patient , you expect : (check the textbook)
– Hyponatremia
– Hypoglycemia
– high crealtinine – urine analysis
– …..

85- Most Priority Nsg action post “ Electroconvulsion Therapy” is?
– Put the pt on lateral position
– change position every 15 min
– ask how doe the pt feel.

86- When the RN prepare a dose of 75mg of pethidine, what must the nure do with the residual amount in the 100 mg pethidine ampule?
– Discard it

87- Nursing meaning for the pts principle of Autonomy?
– pt has the right to be informed about results and procedures.
– the nurse respects the patients principles of freedom, choices, self determination and privacy.
– pt has the right for high quality of nsg care and international standards.

88- Effectiveness of O2 therapy for a pt with COPD ?
– HB
– PH and O2 sat
– CBC, ABGs, O2 Sat.

89- with duretics administration, the nurse must be aware of:
– high BP
– weak pulse
– muscle twitching

90- first priority Nsg interventions purpose with Alzhaimer pts is:
– to cure the disease
– giving medicaton to minimize the Signs and symptoms of Alzhaimer.

91- first priority when dealing with unconscious traumatic pt received in the ER?
– jaw thrust maneuver.
– maintain airways and breathing and O2 therapy
– assess level of consciousness.

92- Rectal tube insertion procedure, all of the following steps are correct except:
– Lubricate the rectal tube.
– insert 4-6 inches
– assess for abdominal distention before and after insertion.
– leave the tube for 40 minutes.

93- if the pt complains of pain when inflation of the balloon during the foleys catheter insertion procedure, the proper nsg action is?
– Aspirate the fluid and remove.
– withdraw the fluid and insert more in then re inflate.
– put lower amount of fluid inside the balloon

94- Diagnosis markers of thalassemia? (check the textbook)
– HB, Electrolytes

95- Which of the following regarding the Nsg diagnosis?
– Medical Pathology
– Treatment
– Actual problem
– Lab result

100- Health Education how to make wound care, the nurse knows that the pt understands by:
– states the steps of sterile techniques while dealing with his wound.

101- to prevent lipo dystrophy with DM patient?
– Rotate injection sites.
– deep injection
– use 25 gauge syringe.

102- Meningitis therapy (Nursing Care) includes:
– ventilate the room
– Allow frequent visitore.
– use low lighting system. (light sensitivity)

103- the purpose of giving “Anti D” for a pregnant woman?
– to prevent the RBCs destruction for the next baby

104- a pregnant woman 2nd-3rd trimester, planned for C/S, the nsg priority is?
– Assess pain
– start IV fluids

105- Post normal vaginal Delivery, the pt developed vaginal bleeding, uterus is soft, what is the most appropriate Nsg intervention?
– Uterus message to make the uterus rigid and decrease bleeding.

106- The most suitable diet for a woman with pre- exlampsia is?
– high protein, low salt diet

107- the reason of gum bleeding for a pregnant woman?
– high estrogen level

108- 20 weeks pregnant woman, first fatal movement called?
– Quacking.

109- when you let the patient suddenly down, the normal newborn’s reflex is called? (revise reflexes)
– Moro reflex
– Babiniski reflex
– rotating (sucking) reflex
– grasping

110- to prevent uterus laceration during delivery…
‘- Episeotomy

111- Marker diagnostic investigation for Breast CA (Cancer) is?
– ERP test
– CD and T

112- the priority, pt with facial and chest burn is?
– maintain airways and breathing. (laryngeal edema)

113- Post ETT (Endotracheal Intubation), patient’s breathing with gargling, this gargling is evidence that the tube is located in:
– Bronchioles
– Trachea
– Carina
– Esophagous

114- the drug of choice for Supra ventricular tachycardia is …
– D/C shock
– Atropine
– Adrenaline
– Adenosine

115- the In charge nurse prepared a medication and asked the RN to give it to patient in room 4, the appropriate RN intervention:
– refuse giving this medication ( who prepared will give, no deligation)
– give it, and sign instead of the in charge.

116- the first priority regarding medication administration ?
– chceck pts name
– check the expiry date
– check physician order
– check medication name

117- preparation for thoracentesis?
– give pre medication
– keep pt NPO for 8 hrs.
– keep the pt on upright position and mark the site.

118- the ideal way to remove the eye lenses?
– apply a pressure to the eyelids then instruct to clinch.

119- Documentation error (with 2 words) hoe the nurse fixes this error?
– use the corrector
– flat line over then sign

120- documentation- while the nurse document in a pts file, he discovered that he was writing in the wrong pt, what is the appropriate action should the nurse do?
– make oblique line in the whole page and sign.

Again, there are no answers for most of the HAAD exam questions above; do your part. For more updates on HAAD and other nursing exams, please stay on this blog and follow me on Facebook here.

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  1. the exame is only in english..? i stadied nursing in french..and i have to passe the exame in english,trust me its not that easy.that means that i have to start from the begining,even the basics,the qwestions above seems not that difficult but icoudnt understand some of them either what are they tolking about or because of the abreviations.any way ,wish me luck.

  2. I?m not certain where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend a while studying more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent information I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  3. question no.3..
    i just want to clarify..coz’ inverted T Wave is HYPOKALEMIA not hyperkalemia..
    for HYPERKALEMIA is Peaked or tall T wave…

  4. my answers
    120 make line then sign
    119 flat line then sign
    118 same
    117 upright position
    116 check the medication name
    115 refuse
    114 adenosine
    113 esophagus
    112 airway and breathing
    111 biopsy
    110 same
    109 moro relfex
    108 same
    107 it should increase progesterone level
    106 same
    105 same
    104 iv fluids
    103 no idea whats anti d, btw
    102 use low lighting system
    101 rotate the injection site
    100 let the pt state and demonstrate the steps
    95 no idea
    94 it should be hemoglobin erythropeois
    93 aspirate the fluid then remove
    92 leave the tube for 40mins, it should be within 30mins
    91 maintain airway, breathing and o2 therapy
    90 give meds to minimize signs and symptoms, remember alzheimer is irreversible
    89 weak pulse..
    88 abg
    87 basta may self determination yun na yun
    86 same
    85 ask the pt how he feels
    84 expect low specific gravity, so urinalysis
    83 no idea
    82 no idea
    81 same
    80 same
    79 stress and anxiety (wild guess)
    78 cry with no tears
    77 pain relieved by meal
    76 tenormin (its atenolol) lahat ng lol b blocker
    75 low serum ca level
    74 small meal exercise insulin
    73 pain
    72 normal saline
    71 gag relex
    70 clamp, inhale, remove, tie then dress
    69 withdraw etc
    68 CO2 toxicity, once u have copd meron co2 trapping kaya dapat less lang oxygen ang ibibigay
    67 albumin
    66 cad
    65 ngt
    64 same
    63 same
    62 assess hr
    61 denial
    60 same
    59 coma
    58 give time to speak
    57 high wbc
    57 same
    56 same
    55 same
    54 bleeding
    53 prone with pillow
    52 same
    51 epinephrine
    50 same
    49 high protein level
    48 replacement
    47 same
    46 face mask
    45 same
    44 bedsore
    43 pt is more accurate than ptt
    42 pt
    41 i shud have razor etc
    40 supervisor
    39 acoountability
    38 same
    37 clear first then yung mixed
    36 use thermometer
    35 same
    34 same
    33 bleeding kasi open
    32 same
    31 cyanotic disease
    30 vtach, ofcourse
    29 same
    28 understand bla bla
    27 same
    26 same
    25 same
    24 same
    23 same
    22 bp next ang k level
    21 same
    20 insulin, lasix pumps.. ang potassium sparing diuretics it helps to keep k in the blood..
    19 same
    18 intake output
    17 same
    16 same
    15 same
    14 same
    13 same
    12 abdominal distention
    11 remove ngt
    10 rotate tube slowly
    9 lateral, dapat kasi upright
    8 affected area
    7 same
    6 inflate the balloon
    5 same
    4 ask for lmp
    3 same
    2 ask the physician
    1 no idea

      1. i think the writer was giving the options when he was answering. So the correct answer would be may or may not need surgical repair since it is acyanotic

      1. The type of physician I would like to work for is a Pediatrician. Pediatrician’s spcitaley is to work with children. I have been working with children for a long time mainly because I work at a daycare facility. I’ve got to a point where I feel like I can handle anything that will come my way with them. It would also leave me feeling good at the end of the day to know that I have helped in some way to make a child feel better.The type of physician I would not care to work for is a Epidemiologist. Epidemiologist’s specialize in epidemics caused by infections agents and also work with sexually transmitted diseases. I feel if I were to work in this type of spcitaley I would be putting my self at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. Also I would be focusing a lot of my time on trying to not get infected instead of having a steady mind on what I was actually supposed to be doing.

    1. yes atropine is the drug of choice for brady, 2nd is dopa and Epi is the final resort when the 2 drugs are ineffective.

  5. Question #30. The answer is Ventricular fibrillation.

    Accdg to U.S LIbrary of med:
    Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is a severely abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that can be life-threatening.

    Ventricular tachycardia (VT) is a rapid heartbeat that starts in the ventricles.

  6. Quetion #33. Answer: Pulmonary embolism. Due to thigh imobility high risk in developing Emboli.Usually this is due to embolism of a thrombus (blood clot) from the deep veins in the legs, a process termed venous thromboembolism.

    Symptoms of pulmonary embolism include difficulty breathing, chest pain on inspiration, and palpitations

    1. yes GG, long bone po kc yan kaya highest priority yung fat embolism. watch out for the first 24 hours.sxm may possibly occurs.

  7. Question #51: answer is Atropine. It is the drug of choice for bradycardia or symptomatic bradycardia….

    1. atropine is the first line drug for brady., but if it is not effective then you will go for dopamine and epinephrine.

  8. i took the exam last december and march…. it was an awful experience…. i don’t have any idea what i did wrong… i did my best… reviewed alot of questions which are NCLEX type but failed two times… please help me pass the exam. when i scheduled my exam i indicated that i don’t have any post graduate specialty… did that affected my results? im confused… i need your advice please help me. ;'(

    1. The examination is 150 points and 3 hours is the only alloted time for you to take. Passing rate is 60-65%. So for you to be able to pass the exam you need atleast 98 and above correct score. Did you find the xm easy? Or is same as the questions above?

  9. #43- PTT is the correct answer…

    if the px is under the tx of:
    -Warfarin/Coumadin—check PT
    -Heparin—check PTT

  10. #85_ change position every 15mins to avoid aspiration, then orient the patient to time and place.

  11. #93- aspirate fluid then insert more in then reinflate.

    possible kc n nsa urethra p ung foley cath kya naka-experience ung px ng pain nung ininflate…kylngan lng ininsert p for it to reach the urinary bladder then reinflate….

  12. #94- i think CBC….

    Among other things, the CBC will tell the doctor how many red blood cells are present and how much hemoglobin is in them. It will give the doctor an evaluation of the size and shape of the red blood cells present, also called the red cell indices. These include the mean corpuscular volume (MCV), a measurement of the size of the red blood cells. A low MCV is often the first indication of thalassemia. If the MCV is low and iron-deficiency has been ruled out, thalassemia should be considered.

  13. i passed the haad last friday. here’s some topics i want to share:
    normal cvp
    set the suction meter if your pt.is on trach
    how to validate statement of mother that he daughter is anorexic: sees fat when obvious she’s thin
    drug of choice for pyloric stenosis
    position when doing postural drainage
    more on ob,growth and development
    findings in children with congenital heart anomalies: clubbing
    diet for diverticulosis,diverticulitis
    avoidance when using maois, haldol(dosage risk),
    dm vs dm 2
    research:primary source
    delegation vs assignment
    computations sobrang dali lng as in: d/s x q then drop factor
    cva, rehab,
    mag sulfate toxicity
    purpose ng morphine to pt with acute pancreatitis
    dangerous complication of hernia: nalito ako d2 intestinal obstruction or intestinal hemorrhage ung hemo sinagot ko haha
    nursing dx
    at kalahati ng mga tanong ganito me pipiliin ka na 1,2,3 tapos ang choices ganito 1 only, 2 only, both, none. tumbling ka.
    purpose ng pca
    diet for pt with tof
    drugs for cva, preterm contraction?
    beta blockers
    pt is on per.dialysis

    pero pag inisip nyu na madali wag po kayu pakampante kasi ako mismo nahirapan talaga madadali mga tanong uu pero ang gulo ng mga choices kaya guys di po laro ang pagtake ng haad kasi mahirap po sya. sa me mga experience o sa hospital wag po iadapt practice nyu dunmag book based info po tayu. try nyu po basahin ang saunders,kaplan laki po tulong neto. if you’re taking the nclex or u took the nclex po mejo makatulong po.to be safe po make sure u have 100 correct answers over 150.
    pray hard kasi sobrang nakakatakot after u take the test e yung papel stating if u passed or failed e sasalubong na sayu.goodluck guys

    1. congratz! nagleave kaba ng Answer then binalikan lng ulit??yung specialty qualification anu nilagay mo?at san ka kumuha sa makati bah?tnx

  14. i took the haad exam today here in Abu Dhabi and here are some of the items in HAAD.

    position in doing kidney biopsy
    iv drugs calculation and dropsper minute
    early signs of hypoxia
    DM 2
    tyramine foods
    belta blockers
    contact precaution airborne precaution
    peritoneal dialysis
    signs of hypoglycemia
    end stage renal failure
    placenta previa
    abruptio placenta
    menieres disease
    geriatric nursing
    positioning after post op
    skin cancer
    orthopedic cases


  15. I have taken the exam twice already, unfortunately I was able to pass. Please, anybody who took the exam lately please help, post the questions given when you took the exam. Tulong po mga kabayan paki post naman kung katatapos lang nyon nag take.

    Salamat sa inyo and God bless


  16. Im planning to take the exam on June or July this year. A lot of people said that it was not easy.. can you please help me pass by sending me a reference / review materials thru my email : grace_2205@yahoo.com.ph …………. THANKS! please pray for us. 😉

  17. haays.. 2x na q nag take ng HAAD, i failed ! tsk..
    Can somebody here give materials to review pls…
    Salamat po!!!
    skt na ulo ko kakaaral, bgsak pa dn… hhuhuh


    1. Barbara DiPaolo – I can’t believe you got Joelle to put down her book and Elise to stop tniklag; they don’t even look annoyed. You’re a magician Joslyn.

  19. i agree for having like this , i need to know and study more about HAAD, thanks a lot that you let us know about what HAAD is,please continue and post it, again thank you and God Bliss u all!!!

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  21. by august 2014 we will try this exam called haad so guys pls can u pls help us in making our discussion and ratio by posting any materials, or websites that could help us during group mate review thank you in advance

    anyway guys to those who hve taken their exams how much did u paid for this haad exam? and what was ur prefered location of ur exam site? is it in cebu or in manila?

    is there anyone her could email us in e-add: rjing@gmail.com thank you again in advance

    GG na itong Haad f wer lucky enuf just like DOTA we should kill the dire b4 the radiant or vice versa, i mean enuf item to face the unbeatable player or let me say enuf materials to read and to comprehend and this would be called GG for HAAD 🙂

  22. anyway hers some tips f u get bored of reading or etc? just DL the summoners war it was fun or to those who love DOTA 2 u add me hers my accnt. as08ofnov so we can play and try to discuss some pointers while playing am i correct ehehhehe :)?

    bcoz to much reading wud coz u mind disturbanz hhehehe i full game wud be enuf to refresh our mind right? is there anyone here wud agree with me? heheheh will for now we should study after 3 hours or 2 hours in reading its time for us to have a break thanks guys and DONT FORGET TO EMAIL US HA? thanks to you.

  23. Fantastic post. I’m checking regularly this blog with this particular influenced! Very useful information particularly the continue portion 🙂 I personally take care of these kinds of details lots. I used to be seeking the following certain info to get a quite a while. Appreciate it as well as all the best !.

  24. An interesting discussion is worth comment.
    I do believe that you ought to publish more on this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but generally people
    do not discuss these subjects. To the next! Cheers!!

  25. Hi! Tanung ko lng po how long will if take kya pag ng apply ako for data flow to be eble to take the exam. Do i have to finish the review first before i apply o dapat ongoing n data flow? Months b aautin if ever i approve nla ko sa exam? Pls reply thanks.

    1. data flow will take you 2 months at most cases i suggest you do the data flow first then review you schedule exam anytime you want

  26. hi pwede na ang iupload sa data flow is yung experience mo 3 years back kasi yung current employer ko ayaw magbigay ng COE thanks

  27. Hi!
    Does anyone here already took the HAAD exam for RNs with specialty in Emergency Room? Can you give me pointers/topics that you encoutered?

  28. hello po! nagababalak po akong kumuha ng haad, kung pwede po sana makahingi ng pointers sa mga recently kumuha tska sana po review materials or topics, sobrang makakatulong po un, kinakabahan na po kasi ako ngayon ea. Maraming Salamat po!

  29. helo po.. novmber napo sked ku 4 haad exam.. pwede po ba mka.hingi ng pointers o review materials?? sobrang kabado napo tlg aku.. parang wala na aku maintindihan sa binabasa ku.. sana po tulungan nyo po aku.. God Bless po..

  30. Hello Guys,

    Help me also please, I’m asking also for any review materials.. Here’s my email address.

  31. Hai frds I preparing for Haad (nurse)exam.b but I have more tension so pl sent haad model questions and answers.which subject and tropics are important.pl send your valuable advice in my mail Id.pl pray for me
    mail I’d vava.jeena@gmail.com
    Thank u

  32. HI everybudy, here by muthamizh.k. i was finished my msc nursing 2016, i dont have current clinical experience is it any problem to applying HAAD exam.

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