Illinois NCLEX Application for RN Licensure

Here’s a detailed post on how to process NCLEX application for licensure in Illinoi State Board of Nursing, applicable to international nurses especially graduates from the Philippines.
illinois nclex application
Some points to consider on processing for Illinois NCLEX:

  • Continental Testing Service (CTS) was contracted by Illinois to process the application for initial licensure, so nurses must send application to them.
  • Illinois state board of nursing doesn’t require US SSN in your initial licensure application but you have to submit it on the first renewal of license.
  • Fingerprinting through approved vendor is required for criminal background check.
  • Credential Evaluation is also required via CGFNS or ERES.
  • Toefl is required if your nursing education instructions were not done in English.

Illinois NCLEX application steps

1. Process Credential Evaluation service. I suggest you do it thru CGFNS-CES. Illinois requires CES Professional Report which costs $335 in CGFNS online. Check the CES application process here.

2. Submit Fingerprinting requirements to approved vendor. Secure a FBI fingerprint card (FD-258) and bring it to local police or NBI for fingerprinting. Then mail the completed card to approved vendor like Accurate Biometrics with payment. Accurate Biometrics charges $60 in bank draft. Check the process for out of state/international applicants here.

3. Submit application to CTS. Register online at CTS website and mail paper application using the form here (don’t forget to send the CCA form, page 21), payment of $91 in money order or bank draft payable to Continental Testing Services, Inc. and fingerprinting receipt from Accurate Biometrics to:
Continental Testing Services Inc.
P.O. Box 100
LaGrange, Illinois 60525-0100

4. Pearsonvue NCLEX registration. Register for NCLEX testing at and pay $200 online using credit card. Take note that if you are already approved/eligible in to test in Illinois, a few days after registration your Authorization to Test (ATT) will be issued and you only have 90 days to schedule and take the test, with no extension. ATT will be emailed to you, so use valid email address in the registration.

5. Schedule your NCLEX test. If you have received your ATT, you’re now ready to schedule the exam. International nurses can only schedule and pay $150 fee(if you are taking the exam outside US) via phone. Scheduling instructions are found in the ATT.

6. Take the NCLEX. Bring your ATT and passport to the testing center where you scheduled your NCLEX at least an hour before the exam time.

For Illinois NCLEX passers

If you passed the NCLEX in Illinois, they will send you the Candidate Report, and the Licensure Application which you will return to them plus the fee of $50 in money order or demand draft. You have one year to return it or else your exam score will be forfeited.

The steps I detailed is based on my personal experience in processing in Illinois; it would be best also if you read the Illinois application instructions here.

Hope this Illinois NCLEX application guide helps. If you have questions on how to fill up the forms and any other concerns, just drop a comment below.

20 thoughts on “Illinois NCLEX Application for RN Licensure

  1. hi. i really don’t know anything about the processing of nclex, now i do. but i understand only a few and i want to ask, is it really a systematic processing, i mean you really have to undergo the ces/cgfns(which i know little about too) and others before i can proceed on taking the nclex exam? what if i just take the exam and do the rest after? sorry, i’m lost. i’m really interested but i don’t know what to consider first. thank you

  2. Hi! I hope you can also help me with my confusion with regards to passing my documents for the NCLEX exam. Im applying for Illinois BON and one of the requirement is the CES. I understand that if you are a Visa Screen and CGFNS holder, you can waive the CES report. I am a CGFNS passer and Visa Screen holder since 2006. Now my question is: Can I just pass a photocopy of my CGFNS and VISA Screen Certificates to the BON? Or do I really need to request original copies of the said certificates and then have them mailed? Pls help, I really need some light. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi I’m interested in taking up NCLEX but I have trouble choosing what state to take for the exam. Currently I have an ongoing application for a fiancé visa and my fiancé is residing at California. I read that BON Cali is not accrediting foreign applicants for nclex because of the concurrency issue. I’m lost I hope I can hear from you guys..

  4. Good day! I am so interested in taking the NCLEX but I am so confused with the requirement. Is TOEFL really required in taking the NCLEX exam? It says toefl is required if you are not a native English speaker and did not used English in education instruction. Now, my question is we used English as medium of instruction during my entire school year do I still need to take TOEFL? Please advice, your information will help me a lot.

    Thank you so muc.


  5. Hi…. I have a question.. for those people who doesn’t have SSN and wants to apply Illinois BON, 1.) do they still need to take the CFGNS exam or CES evaluation only? 2.) DO they need to take IELTS or TOEFL?

    thank you!!!

  6. Hi! I’m confused on the documents that I have to submit to illinois bon.. 1.) do i have to submit an affidavit if i dont have a ssn? cause in the instruction sheet they say you have to submit. 2.) I already have my CES report .. do i have to submit ed nur and verification of license again together with the application? pls help me

  7. Hi! Dianne,

    Did you get the answers to your question? I am having the same confusion 🙁 are CT NUR AND ED NUR form still required even if you have the CGFNS CES report?

  8. I passed the NCLEX exam taken last Sept 08, 2021 for Illinois and have not received the licensure application form. How long does it take for me to receive the said documents?

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