Sample NCLEX ATT: It looks like this

The Sample NCLEX ATT have been posted below for your information. Also, read on why you have to secure this document before taking the NCLEX on your scheduled appointment.

NCLEX ATT is the document (usually 3 pages, in PDF format online) that Pearsonvue issues after NCLEX registration. It is only sent if the nurse candidate has been deemed eligible (approved) by the Board of Nursing. It is sent thru email if the candidate has provided his/her email address upon application/registration.

The NCLEX ATT is needed in:

1. Scheduling of NCLEX. In ATT you can find your Authorization Number, Candidate ID Number and Test Validity needed in scheduling the exam. You must schedule and take the test within the validity dates printed on this NCLEX ATT. These validity dates cannot be extended for any reason.

2. Admission to Test Center. When you arrive at the test center, you will be required to present your ATT and one form of acceptable identification(For international test-takers, passport is the only accepted identification). The printed first and last names on your identification must match exactly the printed first and last names on your ATT.

NCLEX ATT sample:

NCLEX ATT Authorization

If you have registered in Pearsonvue and paid the NCLEX fee of $200 but you have not received your ATT yet for a reasonable length of time, just message me below.

11 thoughts on “Sample NCLEX ATT: It looks like this

  1. Hi! How long will it take for me to receive my ATT after registering at Pearson? It’s been more than a week and i still didn’t receive any email or mail. Thanks!

  2. I havent received my AtT yet, I registered online Jan8,2013… I sent my application 1st week of Nov,2013, they cashed my check dec.6, until now, nothing. My evaluator os not of help either, his answer is always I dont know… Im in Cali

  3. I received my ATT via email but it doesn’t look like that it was sent via email as if it was typed but it included all the information needed such as: Candidate, Candidate Identification Number, Authorization Number, Type of Exam, and Test Validity. It doesn’t look like that. I wanted to ask what I should do now because I do not want to be turned away when I get to the testing location.

  4. how to retake exam NCLEX from VERMONT ? I am trying to check vermont board of nursing but it looks inactive..
    I failed my NCLEX EXAM 2010, any chance I can retake with same state and how to process? THANKS

  5. It has been more than 2 weeks since I registered last June 17, 2022. Up until now, I have not received any email containing my ATT #. Pls help. Thanks

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