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2 Filipino nurses imprisoned in US for scandalous acts

Two US-based Filipino nurses have been sentenced to spend several months in jail for performing sexual acts with each other in front of their 98-year-old female charge in 2011.

Alfredo Ruiz and Russel Torralba, both 43, were sentenced to 325 and 365 days in prison, respectively, according to a report on Times of San Diego.

The two were also sentenced to the maximum custody under a plea bargain and probation for five years, the report added.

Both had pleaded guilty to the felony charge of inflicting mental suffering on an elderly person last February 5.

Ruiz and Torralba were caught committing 50 incidents of neglect on home surveillance video over a three-week period in 2011, which led to judges barring the nurses from seeking employment as caregivers.

Times of San Diego quoted Ruiz’s attorney, Dan Greene, as saying that the nurse had admitted that he is ashamed of his conduct.

Ariela Deicas, the victim’s granddaughter, castigated the two men for mocking their profession and tearing their family “apart emotionally”.

A report on UT San Diego said the victim’s grandson, Eduardo Deicas, found the pair’s sentence unsatisfactory and was convinced that the two “should rot in jail.” [via Source]

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