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BON member Sto. Tomas hints on stepping down

PRC Board of Nursing member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas shared his intention of voluntarily leaving his post after completing two terms of service to the nursing community.

Sto. Tomas posted his thoughts to all his Facebook ‘friends’ in his status, and nurses online expressed their gratitude to one of the hardworking leaders of nursing in the country. His full Facebook status reads:bon marco sto tomas

Soon I shall be reformatting my FB account… consolidate my current 2 accounts. I am seriously considering leaving voluntarily the Board of Nursing (BON) and concentrate in Nurses Vox affairs… I feel there is much more I can contribute to assist fellow nurses and nursing if I go back to the private sector. I ask for prayers for this decision which I hope to undertake within reasonable time and not fulfilling a responsible turn over and transitioning scheme.

After November 2012 I shall have fulfilled the requirement of R.A. No. 9173 of completing only 2 terms and I do not find it professional healthy and in keeping sound relationships with all stakeholders and co-workers anymore in furthering a post of continuing “hold over” especially after E.O. No. 5 of his Excellency President Pnoy.

Please consider this privilege communication to FRIENDS because as I shared… this decision remains to be responsibly executed. I thank you all for your trust and President Pnoy. I was appointed at a time when Philippine Nursing was in deep crisis because of the 2006 leakage scandal… with my family’s consent I turned my back on all the hard earned benefits I started to earn serving as Dean of Nursing and Midwifery for 22 and 1/2 years.. and accepted serving in government through the Board of Nursing with the belief that it is not only the cause of nursing I am serving but my country in general.. now the professional nursing landscape has started to change and all the more be felt in the coming years due to many domestic and international developments and challenges …. I BELIEVE THERE ARE OTHERS better who can take on the demands while I pledge to continue serving on the sides in private ….

Having expressed this personal preference I still pledge to serve in the best interest of health especially of the Filipinos, nursing as a profession, and fellow Filipino nurses. GOD BLESS THE FILIPINO AND THE FILIPINO NURSES.

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