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California NCLEX score endorsement to Texas for licensure

This post will discuss the steps on how to endorse or transfer your NCLEX test result from California to Texas board of nursing for licensure.

As you might have known, California Board of Registered Nursing does not issue license to international nurses who passed the NCLEX but don’t have US Social Security Number (SSN). To be licensed, nurses could opt to endorse it to other states that accept the NCLEX result, like Texas.

To do that, you just need to follow the Texas endorsement application instructions as stated in their website. Here are the steps if you are in the Philippines:

California NCLEX result endorsement to Texas BON

1. Request and process FBI Fingerprint Card. This is the first thing you should do because it takes a while for them to send the FBI card. You can request online at Bring it to NBI or local police station for filling up and fingerprinting assistance. Note: In the field ‘Reason Fingerprinted’ put: “Gov’t Code 411.125/411.087 Texas Board of Nursing”.

2. Download and print Texas endorsement application here. Print and fill up completely pages 1 and 2.

3. Mail the filled up Texas application, payment of $200 dollars in US money order or bank draft payable to Texas Board of Nursing, and the completed fingerprint card to the following address:
Texas Board of Nursing,
333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460,
Austin, Texas 7870

4. Print 2 copies of the page 8 of the application, Verification of Licensure (VOL). Fill up the upper part and then bring 1 copy to PRC for completion. PRC will then send it to Texas.

5. Send another copy of VoL to California for verification of your NCLEX result. Attach a payment in bank draft for $60 dollars payable to BRN. Mail it to:
California Board of Registered Nursing
Attn: Renewals Unit
P.O. Box 944210
Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

California BRN will mail the completed VoL to Texas in 6 weeks time.

6. Take the Nursing Jurisprudence Exam online. Fifteen business days after you submit the endorsement application and fee to the Texas Board of Nursing, you will be eligible to take the online nursing jurisprudence exam at The examination is based on the Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA) and the Texas Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations.

7. If you have submitted all the requirements and done with all the steps, Texas will issue your license in 15 days. To check the status of your application visit

That’s how to endorse your California NCLEX result to Texas for licensure. The steps I outlined above are based on personal experience, and correspondence from Texas BON. If you have further questions please drop a comment below.

34 thoughts on “California NCLEX score endorsement to Texas for licensure

  1. Hi! Who can send the verification form of license to california board of registered nursing? I tried DHL and LBC but refused to process it since the address is a PO Box. Hope to hear from you. Tnx

    1. Here’s the physical address:

      Board of Registered Nursing
      1747 North Market Boulevard, Suite 150
      Sacramento, CA 95834

  2. panu po magrequest ng fingerprint card sa texas BON para masend sa philippine address ko? kasi sa hinihinging information wala namang country, state lang ang hinihing. THANKS

  3. Ask ko lng anong nilagay mo sa section C ng application for endorsement to texas?…un nurse compact declaration section.i dont know which box to tick e…thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks for the info. But ive just checked the endorsement form from site for texas bon. The fee for endorsement is $186 and fingerprint card to be mail on different addredd with fee of $41.46. Is this a revised form for 2014? Thanks 😉

  5. I took NCLEX last march 2009 and got the result April 2009 since then I didn't do anything because I don't have enough fund to continue with the process, can I still endorse my California NCLEX result to Texas BON and get a license?

    Kindly reply on this.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Good day!

    I would just like to ask on how do I renew my license in Texas? I was able to endorse my license from Cali to Tx. And now the time has come it will be expiring soon. I’ve been seeing this renewal with SSN in Texas. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. What can I do to prevent inactivation?

  7. my company was requiring VAR Form 300 several days ago and was informed of an online platform that has an online forms library . If you want VAR Form 300 too , here’s

  8. I passed nclex cali last 2007, then endorsed it to vermont. Now I need to endorse it to texas. Texas bon needs exam result from cali. Will cali bon send my exam result to texas even it was taken 11 years ago? Thanks.

  9. I passed the NCLEX California last 2009, and now I need to endorse it to TEXAS. Is it possible to endorse the NCLEX from CALIFORNIA straight to TEXAS? Thanks!

  10. I am in the same situation but the texas bon is still asking me a license eventhough ca bon already sent the verification of passing the nclex rn exam. Is there any other way to solve my dilemma? Thank you!

    1. hi mam leah. are you be able to trasnfer your california score transfer to texas? do they still require you for a license? hope i receive a response. Thanks po mam.

      -Sammy Cerdenola

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