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DOH Region 6 to hire 1,900 nurses for RN Heals 3 in 2012

ILOILO CITY – Good news for all unemployed nurses, RN Heals 3 will be implemented in 2012.

The Department of Health-Center for Health Development 6 (DOH-CHD 6) is set to hire 1,900 nurses for its Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service (RN HEALS) in 2012.rn heals 3

This was disclosed by Dr. Sofia G. Chua, chief of the Field Health Operations Division of the DOH-CHD 6 during a consultative meeting with technical updates for media partners held in Iloilo city Tuesday.

Dr. Chua explained that the RN Heals program was designed to augment the human resource need, especially skilled and experienced nurses, in rural and unserved or underserved communities.

Two batches of registered nurses have already been deployed this year; 765 during the first batch of RN Heals that kicked off February and 710 for RN Heals 2 which started in November. They will be serving in their assigned communities for one year.

Chua said that these nurses are given a P8,000 monthly stipend although they are encouraging local government units (LGUs) if they can provide a P2,000 additional allowance and benefits.

Prior their deployment, the nurses will undergo training where they are apprised of their roles and functions as required by the project.

Qualified nurses are advised to ready their RN Heals 3 application and stay tune for more update.

20 thoughts on “DOH Region 6 to hire 1,900 nurses for RN Heals 3 in 2012

  1. pano po if laking manila ka and wala kang province? kc may kilala q nkapag-rnheals siya sa bulacan kht taga-valenzuela lng tlga siya..possible p rn po ba na mtanggap?i wonder kng pwedeng mglagay lang ako ng province ng parents ko..

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