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DOLE investigates hospitals for charging fees to nurses in lieu of ‘training’

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is currently investigating a number of hospitals for alleged violation of the labor code after receiving reports that they collect money from nurses in lieu of training.

Ang NARS, a nursing advocacy group, exposed to DOLE the false volunteerism and false training practices of some hospitals, in which thousands of graduate nurses are made to pay up to P10,000 and work for months without salaries under the guise of “training” to have a higher chance of being employed as a regular staff and obtain job experience.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III promptly created a group that investigates these practices.

“There are nurses who go to the hospitals to be trained but end up paying the hospitals for it. What kind of regulation is that?” said Bello.

“You go to the hospitals, there are OJTs working regular work without pay because it is OJT. Ang tagal naman ng OJT yan.”

The secretary blames incompetent DOLE inspectors for the proliferation of this system since they failed to report such cases to the agency. Bello is also looking into the possibility of BRIBERY between the hospitals and their inspectors.

“I will replace those who handle inspection. How can we impose labor standards if our inspectors are turning blind eyes and deaf ears?” he added.

DOLE AO No. 231 Series of 2016 was reconstituted to AO No. 231- B to conduct Special Assessment or Visit of Establishment of hospitals and medical institutions to assess, validate and verify compliance with general labor standards (GLS), occupational safety and health standards, and other pertinent labor laws and social legislations.

Dr. Leah S. Paquiz of ANG NARS was deputized as representative of Sec. Bello in the AO 231-B.

The DOLE is now studying the creation of a new Department Order that focuses on the rights of hospital workers. [via ANG NARS Partylist and UNTV]

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