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A lot of nursing schools in the US now demand a specific score on a HESI exam for students to properly graduate from their schools. What is the passing score? Well, it differs for each school, but most need a passing rate somewhere between 830-900.

Passing the HESI exam is one way to predict if you will pass your NCLEX on the very first test. Nursing institutions prefer an individual to complete boards on the first attempt mainly because their accreditation hinges on the pass rates. If way too many students fail the NCLEX, then the state board will examine the university which can sometimes lead to closure of the school.hesi exam

Generally there are usually a few weeks between graduation and the time you undertake the NCLEX. A lot of hospitals have started inquiring for a copy of your final HESI exam results. If you passed the HESI, hospitals recognize that you’re a strong candidate in passing the state boards and will definitely feel at ease in getting you.

Is there a secret for passing? No, but there are quite a few tips and tricks than will help you prepare.

HESI Exam Tips

1. Set up Study Groups. Organized several classmates and schedule to meet on a consistent basis. By studying collectively, you are likely to know items much better and you can easily guide each other if you begin to appear bothered or stressed.

2. Enroll in a review program. A number of hospitals, universities, and private exam centers handle review sessions. Some names to look for – Hurst, Kaplan, and Sylvia Rayfield. Just about every review session will cost you cash, but it could be really worth it if it helps you graduate. Moreover, if you go with a group of classmates, you can set up your own study groups.

3. Purchase an Online Review. Some company offer one, three, or five week review periods that you can do online. You will will be needing a high-speed internet connection and the capacity to download their own program. Quite a few, such as NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing), will render you supplemental study tips, relaxation methods, and additional terminology to aid you interpret challenging questions.

4. Remediation textbooks directly from HESI. Each and every guide comes with a disc that contains practice exams. If you understand the material, but have problems understanding what the questions are actually asking, then making use of practice exams on your computer may be a beneficial approach for you. Each and every exam is available with rationales for the particular questions you miss.

5. Other review courses. Shop for any books that say “NCLEX PREP.” All these are usually very safe to learn from. Aim to finish at least twenty questions per day. Examine each question carefully and answer to the very best of your knowledge. When you are done, examine the rationales for the questions you have accomplished, even if you answered correctly. Some very good books to search for – Saunders NCLEX Review Book, Silvestri’s Strategy for Success, and Frye’s 3300. Just be sure that you’re making use of the most up-to-date copy of every book to learn from. Most are revised annually.

I have passed the HESI, and the things I stated above are some of the pointers that helped me. I’ve seen straight A enrollees fail, and I’ve seen C students succeed with flying colors – your own personal commitment can ascertain your success. Do not think the exam is ridiculous or inappropriate. Bad and cynical thinking will get you nowhere.

So prepare with the right mind and pass the HESI examination on your very first try! Contributed.

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  1. Hello everyone. This post is for ALL the nursing students that are preparing for the RN HESI exit exam. I just took my exam this past Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011. After three attempts, I finally passed. On my first attempt, I got an 813. My second attempt I got an 836. I needed an 850 to graduate. I had to retake a review class and passed the hesi in order to graduate. On my third try, I finally passed with a 1057. I am so relieved…as you can imagine. I found something that really helped me. If I would’ve only had this before my first attempt, I would’ve never had to go through this.

    If you are about to take the RN HESI Exam and you need something that might put your mind at ease, please contact me. I will tell you what worked for me. Please email me at

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