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Nurse fired over offensive Facebook posts

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center fired one of their nurses for posting offensive remarks in Facebook that went viral.amanda francis rn

Amanda Francis posted in her social media account, “Soooooo sleepy here in the ICU. Will someone please code and give me something exciting to do? #isthatbad?”

The post insinuates a patient would need to die to give Francis something to do at work. Also, she had earlier post that are crude comments about Native American women.

ā€œIā€™m not trying to offend anyone but I have to ask. Is it like a native American custom not to take a s*** at home? Every time I go into a public bathroom and it smells like someone died in there a native is washing their hands. Literally every single time! Like f*** lay off the Navajo tacos lol,ā€ she wrote.

In view of this, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center released a statement about it posted in their social media page:

“Recent comments posted on a social media site by a former employee were totally inappropriate and not consistent with the values of UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center. As soon as we became aware of the offensive posts, we took immediate corrective action. We greatly respect all of our patients and employees regardless of race or creed. This is very unfortunate and does not in any way reflect the views of SRMC or its employees.”

Francis’ Facebook account has since been deleted. [via Source]

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