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PRC Renewal for Nurses updated October 19, 2017

As of writing, renewing PRC license for nurses is still exempted from the CPD requirement . There is no official date yet as to when CPDs will be required for nurses.

You can find list the list of profession and the corresponding required CPDs here.

Here is another screenshot from the PRC website regarding CPDs.

Requirements are the following according to the website here:

“In line with the new online registration system in place starting July 18, 2012, professionals renewing their professional identification cards (PICs) are advised of the following revised procedures:

Professional or duly authorized representative must secure and accomplish a renewal form from the Registration Division and submit one (1) passport size picture with nametag and in white background.
Professional pays to cashier the renewal fee upon securing his/her printed renewal application. The schedule for claiming the PIC is printed on the lower portion of the printed form.
On the scheduled date, the professional or his/her duly authorized representative must present claim stub to the Registration Division. He/she shall also present the Official Receipt showing payment of the renewal fee and sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the PIC. When the PIC is claimed by a representative, the said representative must also present together with the official receipt a *letter of authority or **Special Power of Attorney from the professional.”
I brought the following when I went to the satellite office:

Printed renewal form from the website
Passpost size photo with white background and name tag (not taken from me)
Current PRC ID (not taken from me)
This is what I did:

Create an account here. If you already have an account, sign in.

2. Complete your profile and upload a photo. Make sure that the photo you upload is a decent one and not a cropped out selfie. This photo will be used in your new card. Although the requirement said you need a passport size photo with white background name tag, they never took the one I brought in the center.

3. Once you’ve completed that page, click on “Select Transaction” on the upper right of the page.

4. Select renewal, choose “Nurse” as your profession and enter your PRC registration number. Click on proceed.

5. A pop up message will appear and you can just click on “Not Yet Required” then “Submit”.

6. Set your appointment date by choosing where and when you want to renew your license. They have AM and PM slots. Operating hours depends on where you want to do it. These satellite offices usually follow the operating hours of the establishment they’re in. For example, the office in Robinsons Galleria will open the same time the mall will. The list of the locations are below.

Central Office
Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Novaliches
Robinsons Place Manila
Cagayan de Oro

**My license will expire on my birthday in 2018 but I decided to renew it now as I am based overseas. I met someone who renewed her license due to expire in 2019 but decided to renew it as early as October 2017 so that she can avoid the CPD requirement until 2022. Wais si ate! I forgot to ask the lady which month in 2019 will her license expire and also forgot to ask the staff the earliest possible time one can renew their license.

At the bottom of the screen, choose your payment options.

7. Once you’ve selected your appointment schedule and payment option, a pop up will appear. It should look like this. Don’t forget to take a screenshot or write the reference number.

*Note that the renewal fee is 450Php. There is a service fee of 45Php. I chose to pay via 7 Eleven and the processing fee is 25Php. The total amount I paid is 520Php.

*If I remember correctly, there is time limit on how long before they cancel the reference number if you don’t pay it immediately. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong by sending me a message here.

*If you also want to pay via 7 Eleven, make sure that the branch you go to has the EC Pay Machine. It’s pretty simple to use. If you’re having trouble with it you can always ask the 7 Eleven staff to help you out.

Click on “Transactions”. You will be redirected to this page and you will see the one you just made.

Once you’ve paid, the status will change to “Paid”. I did not keep the receipt but took a picture of it.

**Don’t be confused. The first transaction is just an example. I will cancel it once I’m done writing this. The second one is the real transaction I did a week ago.

It’s up to you whether you want to print the renewal form now or save mother earth and print the form once you’ve paid. The difference of the payment status will be reflected on the renewal form so I chose to print it after paying.

8. On the day of your appointment, be on the office early. Don’t forget to bring your printed renewal form. I also brought the passport size picture and my old PRC license. I chose Robinsons Galleria since it’s near and the passport renewal express lane for OFWs is also inside the mall. PRC satellite office is located at the basement of west wing. You can also find NBI and LTO offices in this area. The PRC satellite office is adjacent to Master Siomai. That will be a good landmark provided that this food stall stay there and not move since the signage on the satellite office is quite small and does not attract attention.

**If you have a representative to do the transaction for you, make sure he/she has an authorization letter and the original PRC ID. That’s the requirement as stated in the PRC website.

**There are nothing posted on the website or in the office as to what the proper attire should be when going there but just make sure you are dressed appropriately. No sleeveless shirts, no short, and shoes must be closed. It is a government office after all.

I arrived at the satellite office around 10:25 A.M. Mall opens at around 10:00 A.M. The office is small. There are 4 windows inside. Renewal is in Window 2. There’s no queue here so just proceed to Window 2. Of course you have to wait for your turn if someone is there or just fall in line.

Upon submitting my form to the staff, I told her that my middle name’s special character ñ appeared as a broken character on the printout but I entered it correctly when I completely the profile online. It looked like this:

She told me she will check in the system if it is appearing correctly. I sat down and waited for her feedback.

**While waiting, one guy wanted to renew his license but did not have the form and not paid yet. He asked the staff whether he can pay there but the staff said no and one should have the printed form when going there.

10 minutes later, my card is ready! Yass! It was that fast. And my middle name is correct!

I asked the staff giving out the new cards how come they didn’t take the photo I brought. He just told me that they are using the photo that was uploaded online.

**On a funnier side, I told the staff “Sayang, nagpapicture pa naman ako.” He told me “Ipamigay mo na lang.” To that I replied “Gusto mo ng isa?” The staff and the lady beside me just laughed. I was joking anyway. Hehe

So there you have it! I only needed the form, nothing else! This post might be long but the process is that easy! Thank you in advance if you’re planning on sharing this post! 🙂


According to my friend who renewed her license at the main office in Manila, she did not pay beforehand but has the reference number. She paid at the cashier inside PRC and have her form printed outside PRC.

Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!

**P.S. The process might change so you can always visit their website. I just wrote what I knew.