Saipan Board of Nursing extends renewal to June 30

saipan nclex renewalSaipan Board of Nursing, also known as Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners in Northern Marianas Islands, announced the extension of Saipan NCLEX renewal to June 30, 2012.

The Saipan Board of Nursing is now on transition period as it relocated its office to new address. So if your Saipan RN license renewal is due this period, here are the renewal requirements:

Saipan NCLEX Renewal Requirements

1. Renewal Application form, click here. Print back to back, completely fill up and notarize the affidavit portion at the back.
2. Two 2×2 photos. Sign in the bottom front of each photo.
3. Renewal fee: $80; Late renewal: $100. Only US cashiers Checks, US Money Orders, and US bank drafts are accepted. No Cash payments. Payable to “CBNE” or “Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners”
4. Continuing Education Units. Thirty (30) contact hours are required to renew your RN license. CE providers will be accepted from all Nursing Boards as well as accredited sources, e.g.,

Please share this Saipan Registered Nurse License Renewal to all licensees.

15 thoughts on “Saipan Board of Nursing extends renewal to June 30

  1. I havent recieve my license yet.i renew last february 2015.can you help me..iv already email the cbne in saipan but no worried

  2. I havent receive my license yet.i renew last february 2015.can you help me..iv already email the cbne in saipan but no worried

  3. I want to renew and at the same time change my status from single to married. My license expired 2 years ago, June 30, 2013. Please send me details of the requirements and fee. Thank you.

  4. My license will expire december 29 2015..according to the letter before when i recieved my license…I will recieve a mail from their office of renewal letter..but till I didnt recieve any letter yet..Who have the same situation..;-(

  5. Any updates oo renewing license? Which site offers continuing education that needed for renewing the license? Thanks

  6. The “click here” link for the Renewal Application Form no longer works. It redirects to a missing page in the link you are trying to send us. Please advise ASAP, thanks.
    The renewal form for RN seems missing as well, or is it the Doc 4 and 5 forms?

  7. I want to reinstate my license in Saipan(NMI) but email addresses posted in their website are not replying. Please help

  8. its been 2020,I haven’t renew my licence.Further more i haven’t receive any letter.Please provide us online renewal.The application you provide us in a renewal form could not open in your site. Please do help us in this matter. Thank you

  9. Good Morning Maam

    I just want to query regarding my NCLEX License re instatement and change of my status. What are the necessary documents needed?..TIA

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