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Saudi prince honors Filipino nurse attacked by patient

Prince Faisal Bin Salman, Emir of Madinah in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, honored the male Filipino nurse who was stabbed at a hospital in the city on the first day of Ramadan by a citizen in his 30s.

Rolando Mina, a nurse on duty at Al Mouwasat Hospital in Madinah, was attacked May 17 by an Arab patient after the former refused to give the latter’s requested medication without prescription.

The patient went to the nurse station and started stabbing Mina with an unidentified pointed object which resulted to wounds in his arms.

Dr. Abdulhameed Al-Sobahi, health affairs director, Madinah, handed out the gift to the nurse.

“Prince Faisal has been following up the case of the Filipino nurse and always inquired about his health condition. I visited the nurse twice at the emir’s request,” said Al-Sobahi, adding that the nurse’s health condition was fine.

Ala Mofti, director of compliance, Madinah Health Affairs, said the Emir’s Office followed up the case as it attached great importance to the health of all healthcare professionals.

Dr. Mohsin Janina, medical director of the hospital, said the gift Prince Faisal gave to the nurse reflected the great importance attached to healthcare professionals’ safety and wellbeing.

The hospital increased the number of security officers and began offering intensive training to them on how to deal with similar situations. (By Ahmed Al-Sawqan, Saudi Gazette)