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WATCH: Arab patient attacks Filipino nurse in Saudi hospital

A male Filipino nurse was severely wounded after an Arab patient assaulted him inside the station of a hospital in Saudi Arabia.

In a closed-circuit television video that is now going viral online, the unnamed Filipino health worker was at the nurse station talking to a colleague and doing tasks when an Arab man came to the picture.

The man then went inside the station counter and started to stab the nurse multiple times with still unknown pointed object. Other health workers in the area intervened to stop the atack, which left the nurse’s arms profusely bleeding. Watch (Warning: Graphic Video):

According to those who have knowledge of the incident and commented in the video, the attack happened Thursday, May 17 at Al Mouwasat Hospital in Madina.

The Arab who attacked the Pinoy male nurse was reported irate two days prior to this incident, alleging that he was given the wrong medication on his prescription, which was later proven by the staff to be correct.

Hospital management and authorities are still investigating the incident, and the nurse is still recuperating with his injury. [Video first uploaded by Lino Sinapuelas Sabanal]

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