Haad Exam and Licensure for Nurses

HAAD or Health Authority-Abu Dhabi is the regulative body for all Healthcare profession, including nursing, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The HAAD exam for nurses is a requirement for licensure in the emirate.

HAAD also shapes the regulatory framework for the health system, inspects against regulations, enforce standards, and encourages adoption of world – class best practices and performance targets by all healthcare service providers in the Emirate.Haad exam for nurses

Basic requirements for Licensure:

  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Registered Nurse (RN) in your country
  • Two Years of working experience in Medical-Surgical setting (Training and volunteer experience not accepted).
  • Passing of Haad Exam for Nurses

*For complete set of requirements and qualifications, here.

If you think you are qualified for HAAD Licensure, you can take HAAD exam anytime thru Pearsonvue Testing Centers around the world. If you’re a Filipino nurse, the you can take it in Pearson Testing Center in Trident Tower, Makati.

About HAAD Exam for Nurses

HAAD exam is computer-based exam, with 150 items in multiple choice format. It covers Nursing Fundamentals, Maternity nursing, Med-Surg nursing, Psychiatric nursing and nursing management and leadership. It is said to be easier than NCLEX and CGFNS exams. Saunders NCLEX Book and Mosby NCLEX are good references for study.

Result for HAAD exam is made available just minutes after the exam, so be ready. List of successful applicants is also posted in HAAD website. If you fail, you can retake HAAD exam in 3 months.

HAAD Exam Registration and Scheduling in Pearsonvue Online:

1. Create a web account at http://www.pearsonvue.com/haad/capva/. Pay the fee of $90 via Credit Card.

2. Meet all of the eligibility criteria for nurses in order for your application to be accepted.

3. Your username and password will be emailed to you within the next 48 hours. Check your junk/spam folders as Pearsonvue emails could go to these folders.

4. Schedule your HAAD exam. Login to your Pearsonvue account or schedule it via phone by calling Pearsonvue hotlines for HAAD exam.

5. Print your booking confirmation and bring it with you to the testing center. Candidates will receive a booking confirmation by email within 48 hours for the date and location that you will take the exam. If you do not receive the booking confirmation within 48 hours or if any of the information is erroneous, please contact Pearson VUE immediately thru phone or by email.

Taking HAAD exam:

If you have registered and scheduled to take HAAD exam in any Pearsonvue Testing Center, be reminded of the following:

  • Correct IDs. At least two valid, original IDs are required for admission in testing centers. For international testing centers, Passport must be one of the IDs and another government issued ID like drivers license, PRC ID, etc. Photocopies of IDs will not be accepted. Failure to show correct identification means refusal of admission for Haad exam, forfeiture of fees and cancellation of exam.
  • Booking confirmation. Print out the booking confirmation issued by Pearsonvue thru your email after you scheduled.
  • Go to Test Center early. Just like in NCLEX, we suggest that you to testing center 1 hour before the exam. This will give you enough time to complete admission procedures and relax yourself before taking the HAAD exam. Late candidates will be denied admission, and your registration and payment will be forfeited.

I hope this short guide on HAAD exam and licensure will help you pursue nursing career in Abu Dhabi.

For more details about HAAD visit the official sites: Haad.ae/haad/, Pearsonvue.com/haad/.

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171 Responses to "Haad Exam and Licensure for Nurses"

  1. Childine Rivera says:

    i would like to ask if the “Two Years of working experience in Medical-Surgical setting (Training and volunteer experience not accepted)” is a requirement for us, Filipino registered nurses, before we can take the HAAD exam? how about the fresh graduates? thank you for your reply! :)

    • nursetoday says:

      You can take HAAD anytime, but to be licensed you must meet that requirement.

    • Pratheek says:

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  2. good pm,i would like to ask if we can not take the haad exam if we dont have 2 years experience in the medical surgical setting?i am an RN and a filipino nurse..thank you so much…

    • nursetoday says:

      You can take the exam, but you cant get a license.

      • Anne Garcia says:

        hi there.. regadring taht question. can i take the exam even if i don’t have a relevant experience? I have a 1 year and 7months experience but as a post graduate trainee. can i take the exam? and get a certification that i passed it even if i wont have the license eventually?

  3. amitkumar says:

    I want to know about HAAD EXAM for physiotherapist

    • Angel says:

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  4. sam says:

    i am a BSc Nurse from India going to write HAAD exam. What percentage should i get to pass the exam. HAAD RN or PN should i write.Please give the answer

  5. myro says:

    Gud pm.. I am from Iloilo and I just like to ask if where are the testing centers?? Thank you.

    • Nurse says:

      Hi myro,

      You can test in Pearsonvue testing center in Makati.

      • meyn says:

        Hi! is there a way to register personally at the testing center (trident tower), i encountered difficulties trying to register via on-line..? hope for a reply. thank you. :)

        • nursetoday says:

          No, you have to do it online. Ano ung difficulties u encountered?

          • Ana Lisa says:

            my experienced is in labour and delivery for 10 years here in jeddah and backhome 2 years in general ward, am i still eligible to take the HAAD exam? and how to register on line? planning to take this december 2011. waiting for your reply

          • reese says:

            can i use my mom’s credit card to register for haad-rn?what id’s do i need to present during the day of exam and how many id’s?tnx

          • nursetoday says:

            Yes, reese. If you read the post above, your question have been tackled. :)

          • Marilou S. says:

            Good day,please help me how to retrieve my username and password.I created my account 2 years ago.Honestly can’t remember.MORE POWER

  6. Pep says:

    After you pass the HAAD exam, is there a deadline for you to get a license? How long is your “passing of HAAD” valid for you to apply for a license? Thank you very much!

  7. Jackie says:

    Good day i Have experienced in a hospital for 3 years and 5 months tapos 1 year nako walang work kasi i resigned.. tanong kulang if ok pa ba rin mag take nag haad? hope u reply kasi im planning to take baka hindi honor kasi 1 year na ako walang hospital experience..

  8. mylene says:

    Do we have to take another exam for HAAD licensure after we passed the HAAD exam for nurses?

  9. Jackie says:

    thank u so much.. Godbless at least clear na mind ok..salamt talaga..

  10. Cyrian B. Lumuma says:

    Assalamu alaykum!

    My name is Cyrian, 25 years old and a Filipino RN. I am working here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Staff Nurse in the Cardiac Cath Lab for almost 4 years.

    I just would like to ask if is their any testing center for Haad here in Riyadh?


    • nurse flash says:

      hello cyrian.. u can check in pearsonvue website if there is nearest location. TOPAZ SYSTEMS in Riyadh. God Bless.

  11. arun says:

    Can i work as a lisenced nurse in abudabi,if i have one year experience in home country plus one year in abudabi with licence?

  12. shierha says:

    Hi, I’m a filipino registered nurse working as dialysis nurse technician in Saudi Arabia located @ madina, with 4years experience, rotated in E.R, med& surgical for 4months..just want to ask if do I have a chance to take the HAAD examination? If im lucky enough to pass this said licensure exam could anytime I can apply in Dubai or abudhabi hospital especially in government hospitals? Is this a permanent license same with my licensed ID card in phils? Please I need an urgent reply…thanks!

  13. miah juan says:


  14. sherma says:

    hi,im a nurse in the philippines,i just want to ask if im qualified to get a license in abu dhabi if i worked as a staff nurse for 1 year and 7 months in medical-surgical unit and 1 year in OR-NICU-PACU department..im hoping for your response regarding with this matter..thank you.

  15. liz says:

    can i know how much is the passing percentage for nurses.

    • Shingo says:

      Nate ang requirement tlaga na hhnniaaap para sa HAAD licensing ay 2 years.. in all honesty po, i doubt kung makakalusot sa HAAD ang application mo.. sa Dataflow ili-list mo ang experiences to cover 2 years and they will verify your employment,, just hope na hindi nila hanapan ng license mo sa pagpapractice mo ng profession sa Abu Dhabi.. ur experience in Phils = PRC Licenseur experience in Abu Dhabi = what? hindi naman po pwedeng PRC license din ang i-submit mo..provided, na makalusot ka sa Dataflow in the end, ganun pa din ang magiging issue pagdating sa HAAD Licensing Team, hahanapan ka pa din ng 2 yrs experience at licenses sa mga places na pinagtrabahuhan mo.. so kulang pa din po ung experience..just the same, it’s still ur call.. i am in no way any authority when it comes to HAAD processes, just sharing my thoughts.. sincerely wishing u the best, God speed!

  16. eddie says:

    Hi im a registered nurse and my work experience is in maternity and children’s hospital as a ward staff nurse for almost 3 years , Would I still be qualified to take the Haad exam ?

  17. VIVIAN says:

    Dear Madam,
    I just to to clarify in your center that I can be able again to take an examination eventhou that I have 1 year and 8 months gap I just take my exam last sept.26,2010 but unfortunately I did not make it kindly review my exam cause when I took the result its dated sept.25.instead of 26 the proctor told not to ask question after you took the results thanks.hoping for your kind reply.can I have a chance to take again

    • Ronnel says:

      - Those invitations are to-die-for cute! I bet the party ieltsf will be a smash. Also, I’m a big TJ’s fan (especially when it comes to their cookies, and the dried fruit and nut aisle). Until I learn something legitimate about wine, I’ll be drinking Two Buck Chuck too!

  18. Maria Leonora Theresa Pascual says:

    Can i alloe to take a HAAd exam witout hospital experience?tnx

  19. anisha says:

    Is there any HAAD coaching centers in Abudhabi?kindly advise.

  20. CATHY says:

    mam, tanung ko lang po kung pwede na bang magtake ng HAAD Exam sa abu dhabi? at paano kung 1yr. lang po yung experience tapos pumasa po ng HAAD exam hindi pa rin po pwedeng magtrabaho sa hospital sa abu dhabi? thank you po.

  21. SREELEKSHMI.R says:

    I wanted to know in detail about the exam processes and job opportunities after the exam

  22. jacklyn gil says:

    good day sir/madame!

    can i be possibly given the chance to process may license if i Have a one year experience in the philippines in a public hospital and one year experience in a dental clnic here in dubai? i already passed tha haad exam last year and i am also a registered nurse here in dubai. please reply..thank you very much

  23. khate says:

    i passed my haad exam last sept 16,2011 and im having difficulty with my e-licensing applicatio..what should i put on the subspecialty since i dont have any specilty im answering not applicable but still the computer keeps on asking me to change it..please help

  24. Maureen Enriquez says:

    Hi! How long is the validity of the HAAD_RN exam? Im planning to take it this November 2011 then work to fulfill the 2 years nursing experience to get my license….Also, do yo have any regarding the questions for HAAD school nurse.

  25. subash says:

    how to apply haad licenxce exam

  26. padmavathy says:

    good morning sir i have five years gap shall i write exam.plz reply

  27. shier says:

    hi. i am a operating room nurse with working experience of 2 years and 6 months now in a tertiary hospital. i would like to ask if i am qualified to take haad exam if i was not rotated to med surg units? tnx. hope u can help me answer my question.

  28. miss zzz says:

    hi.. if nagtake ako ng haad now ng wala pa kong 2 yrs experience i can still take the exam but i cant get the license right?.. just want to know if when can i get the license if i passed? pag may two years experience na ba ko? thanks.. will wait po for your reply :)

  29. miss zzz says:

    matagal ba magprocess ng license ng haad? would it take months before the released the license?

  30. rhayne galang says:

    gudeve.. i was not able to take my haad exam last october 17,2011 cause i was late for my scheduled time. i just wanted to ask if when should i able to reschedule the said exam?
    hoping for your answer.

  31. zolen says:

    gud eve ask ko lang po requirements sa data flow para maiprepare na.. kzi my plan po aq to go abroad.. thank you

  32. yudi nugraha says:

    hi..i want to know if i could take haad exam..i had 12 years hospital experiences med and surg but my 4 years/current experience is at company nurse/occupational clinic in dubai..many thanks for your kind info..

  33. jolly says:

    is there any age limit for haad exam?

  34. anand says:

    Hi….i am a male bsc staff nurse n completed 2yr work experiencence in
    intensive cardiac care unit..am i eligible to write
    haad exam…?

  35. DR.GULJAN says:

    Is HAAD exam necesssary for docter of pharmacy of pakistan for abudhabi pharmacy job.KINDLY REPLY

  36. prabhu reddy says:

    dear sir/madam,

    i have 11 months expirence as emergency nurse and 2 year exp as infection control nurse.will i get licence,if i pass ?

  37. Marilou S. says:

    please help me to retrieve my username and password.I was registered my account 2 years ago.honestly can’t remember my account

  38. Haze says:

    Hi, may I please ask if I can take HAAD exam since I don’t have MS experience. Was employed as as staff nurse assigned in Labor and Delivery Unit/ Ob-gynelocology Ward for 3 years and as CI from Nov. 2008-June2011. I am currently employed in L&D as a staff nurse since March 2011, am I still qualified for the exam and the license? Looking forward for your reply. Thanks and More power!

  39. Chithra says:

    Gud pm mam, i want to know one thing…..I fineshed my GNM ng and i have two and half years experi can i elgible in haad exam

  40. megan says:

    Hello po, does HAAD grant a license to second courser of nursing? Thanks.

  41. lajeeshkk says:


    ipassed haad rn and im a 3yrs diploma holder,with 4.5yrs experiance.may iknow can i get haad rn registration

  42. Anne says:

    Hi. I am an RN with 11 years hospital experience both phils and KSA but unemployed at the moment for almost 3 years already. Am i still qualified to take HAAD exams? if not, what must i do to be qualified? Thanks.

  43. lajeeshkk says:


  44. abhilash says:

    hai sir,
    my wife is working as practical nurse in abu dhabi,uae, for the last 4 years with valid hadd license. she is a GNM nurse with PN licence, but she wants to be change her license to registered nurse licence. is it posible under HADD?
    what are the process in this regards.
    thanking you very much


  45. It?s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  46. jihar says:


    im a fresh licensed RN..so, apparently i dont qualify for the “2 years experience” criteria but i would like to take HAAD. am i able to take the exam?and if ever i could and pass the it, can i practice as an RN in the abu dhabi?

  47. rajisiva says:

    Iam raji, currently working in saudi.i hav one month leave in augest.i would like 2 conduct exam during that time.what are the steps i wand 2 complete .how 2 do online application.if any contact no. available or not.

  48. Heparinlock says:

    Hi would it matter in terms if the level of difficulty of the haad exam if i tick my area of specialty like icu? Thanks

  49. SIMESH says:


  50. ali akber says:

    hi i m ali from pakistan would u like to guide me how to get the date for haad

  51. jjoanne says:

    hello po!tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba akong magtake nang HAAD exam? i have 3 years experience sa primary hospital.
    thank you po!sana po masagot po yong tanong ko…

  52. MALANDY says:

    i have 1yr & 8 months to be exact working as a staff nurse at tertiary hosp. and currently almost 5yrs working as UAE offshore nurse. If i take haad exam, my experience as offshore nurse be counted to be haad licensed. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

  53. Vania says:

    Hi! I am a a practicing midwife for 3 years and 8 months now. I would like to inquire if there will be a HAAD exam for midwives scheduled this year? Where and when? And what are the requirements. Your response is much appreciated. Thank you and GOD bless!

  54. tin says:

    i dont have any hospital experience but im planning to take HAAD.after passing the HAAD & won’t be able to comply with the 2yrs experience or if i will later not be employed in UAE, will there be an expiration for passing the exam without getting the license?

  55. hazel says:

    hi!gud day..ask ko lng poh what is the passing score of haad nurses exam..tnx

  56. JUL says:

    Just want to ask how can i sign in at pearsonvue web since my web account was restricted because i was not able to use the temporary password given by pearsonvue for the reason that i don’t have any idea that they will give me and when i sign in they ask me to reset my password then it was already restricted. hope you will give me information regarding this matter. Thanks for the advance reply. God bless

  57. Lerica says:

    Hi, just want to check actually I’m working in Abu Dhabi for 3 years but not as Nurse. And now may magsponsor sakin magtake ng HAAD (for Hotel Nurse) pwede ba ko magExam kung 6months lang exp ko sa Hospital. Thanks!

  58. alison says:

    hi! is the testing center only in makati? wala po ba sa visayas?

  59. michelle nardo says:

    good day mam/sir

    whats the difference between HAAD and PROMETRIC exam?

    what are their requirements in PROMETRIC and HAAd?

  60. Shinoj says:

    My wife hodling BSc and MSc nursing,from india,has one year experience,can we apply for HAAD exam?

  61. Teena.c says:

    I have completed my diploma in general nursing in 2005 and having 2 and 3months of experience and i am doing my 2 year BscNursing and is going to be completed. can i be able to write the haad examination

  62. NELSON says:


  63. rizza says:

    Hi,will i be allowed to take the haad examination khit n yung experience ko eh as a private nurse lng? Thank u

  64. monsolo says:

    how can i knw the center for haad in my country……

  65. chehfor says:

    Hi ,how can i know the center for Haad exams and possible informations in my country… thanks

  66. vivian b says:

    Hi, I’m a nurse and currently working in Saudi and had passed the Saudi Council Exam for nurses. I’m planning to apply in Dubai. Do I still need to take an examination for HAAD in order to qualify as a nurse applicant or just register the result of my examination from Saudi?

    • ben says:

      hi vivian b, If you’re planning to apply as a staff nurse in Dubai you need to take the exam under DHA (Dubai Health Authority). If in Abu Dhabi, then you need to take HAAD (Health Authority – Abu Dhabi) exam. You need to have a license if you want to work as a nurse here whether in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. And passing the exam is just one of the requirements in getting a license. Your examination result from Saudi has nothing to do here… it could just be a plus factor for you when you apply to any prospective employer.

  67. Ela says:

    Hi i’m a registered nurse here in the philippines,and i’m working as a staff nurse in a surgical and lying-in clinic for almost 2yrs. i just want to know if im also qualified to take HAAD exam thank you

  68. dobly says:

    Hello is there a testing center for DHA prometric here in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia? What are the questions asked in the exam. thanks.

  69. Mariamma Joseph says:

    i have written my haad exam on 24th january 2013 but idid n,t get the result at that time .i would like to know the result of the exam .

  70. Trishie B. says:

    Hi. So I just recently passed the NLE (December 2012).

    I have the following set of questions:

    1.) Am I qualified to take the HAAD-RN exam?
    2.) If I pass the HAAD-RN exam but is still unemployed, I would only be a passer of the exam and cannot bear the HAAD-RN suffix to my name just yet?
    3.) Does passing the HAAD-RN exam have an expiration date?

    • Mich says:

      You can take the HAAD-RN exam anytime, no problem. But you are not eligible for the HAAD license(that includes the suffix issue) because it requires a 2 year working experience, 1 of which must be in a med-surgical area.

      • rex says:

        hi, i have questions regarding the validity of haad passing certificate.
        1. If ever i have passed the said exam.. Would the validity of the certificate limited to a certain period of time so as for me to file for licensing immediately after passing the exam?

        2. Granted that i have already acquired such license, Would the license have an expiration date as well? if yes, would it be renewable?

        3. If ever i am a haad license holder, am i required to practice there and then in abu dhabi to keep the license valid., I am asking because i am currently working as a nurse in a tertiary hospital here in the philippines and at the end of this year i will be completing a favorable experience of three years in med-surg area. point, i am taking the exam now but i would apply for a job to abu dhabi not until next year.

        hoping to be enlightened from your responses.. thanks in advance

  71. condars says:

    hi, i took and passed the haad-rn exam, unfortunately due to my 1 year experience i am not qualified for a license, so they (employer) suggested to apply for a practical nurse license instead. my question is, if i get my PN license then work for 1 year, will that experience as a PN add up to my previous 1 years exp to apply for a haad RN license after?

    • susan says:

      hellow..condars….if u dont mind, can u share the haad questions .

    • Prince says:

      I couldn’t agree more about grtcareiis. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

    • jane says:

      hello condars..did you have HAAD PN license already?my haad RN license is disapproved so my employer advised to undergo haad PN license..is it possible in my case?

  72. Marivi says:

    Hi, I’m planning to take the HAAD exam, will I qualify for the license if my experience includes 2yrs as community nurse and more than a year as an occupational health nurse?

  73. eric says:

    HI i want to now how much passing percentage of haad exame

  74. susan says:

    dear friends…..pls help others those who are going for take haad exam…kindly share ur experience and topics covered in exam. pls mention if u r remembering any specific questions, coz somtimes repeated quesitons may ask for the exam….pls update….appreciate ur kindness…thank u

    • tessa says:

      review emergency drugs,diff tubes like ET,Chest tubes,colostomy,etc,….i passed my exam simply coz i read SAUNDER’S nursing review book,read it too

    • Abdelhalim says:

      Letf6ltf6ttem az egyik TELC feladatsort, de csak most kerfclt sor re1, hogy mlagedjom. Azf3ta me1r me1sik feladatsor van fent. Szfckse9gem lenne a feladatsor megolde1se1ra, hogy ellenőrizni tudjam a megolde1saimat.A feladatsorban az első feladat a At least 12 people, many of them foreign tourists, have drowned after the tour boat sank . reading feladattal kezdődf6tt.Előre is kf6szf6nf6m a segedtse9get.Anna

  75. Almira says:

    Hi I would like to ask lang po sana. mg.2 yrs na po experience ko by September and I’m Planning to take HAAD exam by August ok lng po ba yon? Thanks

  76. Christian says:

    Good day. I failed the HAAD RN, when can I possibly take for HAAD Practical Nurse(PN)? Because I need to wait for 3months to take HAAD RN again and, I’m planning to take HAAD PN within this month when the rule permits. Is it allowed?Pls respond.

  77. shymol says:

    hii am a general nurse-3 years- i have more than 6 years experience in nicu,but last 4 years i didnt worked in that 4 years,last 2 years i studied post bsc nursing, my question is can i eligible for haad exam? pn or rn?
    if paased they give licence or not?

  78. Erik says:

    Hi, i would like to ask if HAAD license is for nurses who had an experience at Medical-surgical ward only..How about those at the special areas? like me, an OR nurse, are they not eligible to take the exam n license? tnx

    • dreamer says:

      Hi erik, you’re eligible to take the exam and license. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience in MS as long as you meet the required 2 year experience preferably in a hospital setting, Others were able to get their licenses after passing the HAAD exam even though they previously worked in other areas such as OR, ER, NICU, Pedia, etc.

  79. carol says:

    hi , can i take haad examination even if my experience are 2 years in dental clinic in saudi arabia and 2 years nurse trainee med./surg. ward here in the philippines.? am i qualified to take the exam.plz reply

    • dreamer says:

      hi carol, having 2 years experience in dental clinic in KSA is already enough for you to take the exam and get the license afterwards (after passing the exam and with a sponsor already). Volunteer/trainee is not counted as experience even if it’s 10 or 20 years. Should be regular, hired employee before this can be counted as work experience.

  80. Mega-RN says:

    Hello sa lahat. may question lang po ako. kakapasa ko lang ng haad. ang question q is i have a 1 1/2 yrs experience on clinic and 1 year as RN heals (assigned only on Surgical ward) eligible kaya ako maprocess ung license ko with this experience? both paid naman sya. thank you sa magrereply.

    • dreamer says:

      Hi Mega-RN, congrats for passing the HAAD exam. If you have 1 1/2 yrs experience sa clinic plus 1 yr as RN heals, meron ka nang 2 1/2 years experience total then you are already eligible to get HAAD license. Once you submit naman all the requirements needed for HAAD licensure, these will all be checked and verified. Kapag pumasa ka sa Dataflow, things will come out fine for you.

  81. vrvill says:

    Hi I am planning to take haad examination i have 2 years experience as a staff nurse in an emergency room setting I passes the nursing licensure examination last june 2012 Am I qualified to work as an HAAD-RN in abu dhabi if i will able to pass the exam?

    • dreamer says:

      Hi vrvill, your statement is somewhat confusing. you mentioned you have 2yrs experience working in ER and yet you only passed the NLE last june 2012. If we calculate your work experience, it has to be calculated from the moment you have your PRC ID, that is, the time you have registered as a licensed RN. This is the basis of working experience counted by HAAD personnel. Passing the HAAD exam is only one of the requirements in getting HAAD license. At least 2 yrs work experience post qualification is also one of them.

  82. Loy says:

    Hi guys!

    I just noticed that most of your enquiries are not answered here. Guys, would you mind answering them and help each other instead? thanks!

    • dreamer says:

      Hi Loy, Have answered a few of the queries here as per your request… :-) If given the time and opportunity, would gladly answer any further query.

  83. jayr says:

    Hi Good day!
    I have a 2-year work experience in a hospital setting. 1 year of which is as a private duty nurse and 1 of which is as a staff nurse? Is that a valid 2-year hospital-setting experience?

  84. ivy aliviado says:

    hello.. i am a nurse here. in phils.. i dont have work experience yet.. i only have that 11 months of training in rnheals. and now i have a work but its like a partym job but it didnt matched with the requirements.. what about if i am going to take it and my only plan to work in abu dhabi is to work in home care? is it still a requirement that i need to have that 2years of experience?

  85. agunesu says:

    Hi, I am an occupational health nurse with two years experience Am I qualified to take the exam (HAAD)?Is it possible that my experience can be equally counted same as with the medical-surgical setting?

    • alvinism says:

      pwede na po yan (as long as your experience is related to the one you are applying to), this is as per new policy for applying new registration ng HAAD RN

  86. barbie says:

    meron na po ako 3 years experience as pediatric nurse.. pwede po ba ako magtake ng HAAD exam ? kasi ang sa requirement dpt med-surg nurse? thanks in advance..

  87. abby says:

    Hi! can you please enlighten me what dataflow means and what is it for? and correct me if im wrong- you can work in UAE after passing the HAAD exam even without getting the license yet,esp if discretion ng employer mo db? nakikita ko kasi sa workabroad na may mga employes na nagi-sponsor ng data=flow and license..

    • pol says:

      hi abby.. naanswer na po ba ung questions nyo? pls share info.. i want to know din the answers sa mga tanong nyo. and also i want to know wahts the passing score pti po if written exam lng ang haad exam or written and oral exam.. thanks!

  88. Anerain says:

    Hi! I just passed my HAAD exam and had been sending out my CV to different agencies. But on one interview, I was told that my experience had to be at least 2 years STRAIGHT. Now, my hospital experience cumulatively would be about three years, but none of my certifications are actually 2 years straight. Is it really a must for my experience to be 2 years continuous?

  89. Ards says:

    Ask ko lang sana if pwede po ba walk-in mag take ng haad exam? Wala po kasi ako creditcard

  90. abhie says:

    Hi,I worked as a respiratory nurse for almost two years in the hospital and now i’m working as an on call dialysis nurse at dialysis center,am i qualified to take the HAAD exam and if not if ever n mgtake ako and mkapasa can i get atleast any certification that i passed the HAAD exam though i’m not yet qualified to be licensed?Pls.do reply..thanks..

  91. anne says:

    Hi ask ko lang if i passed the haad exam and i got only 2 years experience in medical clinic and lying in am i able to get the license? Thanks for the reply

  92. Joe says:

    I have 3year diploma in nursing,i have 2 years med&surg. exp. also.After this 2 year exp. I worked in a construction company as a Male nurse around 4 years.Can I write HAAD RN exam?

  93. may says:

    what is the age limit for nurses applying in UAE? Thanks.

  94. Super RN says:

    hello… gud day! i am planning to take haad exam this summer… i just want to ask if working in ICU, pediatric ward and nicu is quailified in taking haad? i was assigned in The ICU for 5months, pediatric ward for 9months and im currently assigned at the NICU…

  95. karla says:

    hi is there any other way to schedule for haad exm here in the Philippines? coz i find difficulties in scheduling the exam in pearsonvue. I type the datas corectedly nmn pero no test center will appear. so i cant proceed fo the payment. please help. Im trying to take the exam this february. thank you. replies are highly appreciated po. :)

  96. JoedRn says:

    Guys, acquiring the haad license nowadays is composed of 3 separate steps in 3 separate agencies. 1. Go to dataflow, create an account and they will verify all your credentials. After that, they will issue certificate of verification and a haad application account. 2. Go to haad to and submit all your documents. Haad will evaluate your credentials and will issue e-ticket so you to take the exam. 3. Now u can go to pearsonvue and use this eticket to take the exam.
    January 13 at 2:25pm · Like · 2

  97. TinTin says:

    Hi! Can I have license agad(given for example na i already passed the HAAD exam) if my experience is in a day surgery clinic for 2yrs? I mean HINDI Kasi Hospital setting. Thank you in advance. Ayoko Lang masayang data flow fee ko since its 8k and required before the exam na

  98. wena says:

    I have been working as dental nurse nurse for 4 years in saudi arabia and I am planning to take the HAAD-RN exam. If ever I am lucky enough and pass the exam, am i qualified to have my license the fact that i don’t have medical-surgical setting experience? thank you, i am looking forward for your response. Thank you again.

  99. nurseforlife says:

    Hi! Ask lang po, so kelangan talaga na mag Data Flow muna before HAAD?

  100. July Lozano says:

    Hi im asking this for my friend. She has a 3-yr experience in a clinic setting and now currently working as an admin coordinator in a company here in PHiLippines (bpo). Does she need to include it in her dataflow application even if it’s not related to nursing? If she doesnt include it to her experience it will seem that she’s not working for 1year since she resigned last january 2013. a

    Your reply will ne highly apprieciated. Thank you in advance g

  101. sheryl says:

    hello. I would like to ask if my Haad exam will still be valid after 3 to 4years? I passed HAAD RN exam last May 15, 2013..I will be employed in a government hospital in Saudi this coming MARCH 20014. I PLAN TO pursue working in UAE. after my 2year contract in Saudi..HOPING 4 SOMEONES FEEDBACK.THANK YOU..

    • Mariel says:

      hello.. i have some inquiries in dataflow especially for applicant without sponsoring facility. How can u manage the declaration form without sponsor? whats the best thing to do..

  102. Jayson says:

    hello, do you think I can be approved in Haad dataflow if my experience is Private Nurse for 1 yr and 2 mos. License nurse in Phil. I want to take Haad PN. Thank you…:-)

  103. Lou Khristian Caringal says:

    can anyone help me how can I have the e-ticket that PearsonVUE is asking for? pre-approved na po aq ng HAAD for exam nung feb 9 pa.. I tried to book for an exam thru Pearsonvue dito sa UAE pero kinancel nila..tinawagan q ang PV, sabi nila wala daw kasing exam ng ganung date sa pinabook ko.. marerefund daw naman ung payment ko since wala pa namang 3 days nung knancel nila.. Then they asked me for the Eticket..wla aqng maibigay kasi wala naman aq nun..ang nag-aappear lng sa account q is ung available slots for the exam.. i tried to click the green button pero hindi xa ma-edit.. =(

  104. wowa says:

    hi. i’ve read in another post that there’s no test center here in the Philippines anymore. they also changed the process this year wherein you first need to undergo the PSV (primary source verification) before you can be allowed to take the exam. my question is, where do they conduct the exams today if it’s true that the centers in QC, Makati, and Cebu are no longer existing? i also want to take the HAAD this year, but it seems like so may changes have been made starting this January. i dont know how to proceed anymore. anyone here who has some info, please do share. thanks! :-)

    • Pamcorpuz says:

      Hi. I am also bothered how can i start apllying for HAAD. SOMEBODY HELPED ME A WHILE AGO, he said, i need to apply first in pearson vue before proceeding to data flow. All i know according to updates is that i need to undergo dataflow first for verification before pearson vue. What is the right thing to do first? I need help. Your response is highly appreciated. Thanks and God bless:)

  105. Jinu Paul says:

    I am a diploma nurse with 7 yrs experience. not working since almost 3 yrs…did my post basic BSC Nursing course last two years. now I applied for haad dataflow..do they consider my 2 yr course instead of experience gap.am I eligible for haad exam? please help me….

  106. mel corpuz says:

    hi. i have problem registering on section 4.0.ano po pwee ilagay sa applicant telephone number? wala po kami telephone. mobile lang po. eh di naman po pwde ilagay ung mobile. mandatary daw kasi. hope someone can help me. thanks

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