Prometric Exam for Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Commission on Health Specialties (SCHS), also Saudi Council, is the regulative body for Prometric Exam for Nurses, and other healthcare professionals intending to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SCHS is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions.prometric exam of nurses

The Saudi Licensing Examinations is called Prometric Exam because it is administered by Prometric, the leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services. Starting August 1, 2006, passing score in Prometric Exam is a mandatory requirement by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia for the issuance of working visas of all medical professionals, health specialist and health-care providers, including nurses.

About Prometric Exam for Nurses

What is prometric test for nurses? Prometric exam is a 70-item multiple choice exam to be finished in 2 hours. Content of the exam for nurses includes:

Nurse Technician

  • Nursing Fundamentals – 28%prometric exam for nurses
  • Medical – 23%
  • Surgical – 20%
  • Pediatric – 16%
  • Community – 13%

Nurse Specialist

  • Assessment – 10%
  • Nursing Problem – 6%
  • Planning – 20%
  • Implementation – 50%
  • Evaluation – 14%

*Prometric passing rate for nurse technician is 45%, and for nurse specialist, 50% .
After the exam, your Score Report will be issued, indicating your score and whether you have passed or failed the exam.


If you are registering online or by phone, payment for Prometric exam can be made using
credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, America Express. Cash payment is not accepted. If you register through mail, you must send the payment with the relevant form and a cheque made payable to Prometric (in US dollars).
Payment for nurses exam varies depending on the following places of registration:

Country: Saudi Arabia
Exam fees : $ 80
*Application shall be submitted to SCHS for obtaining eligibility file No.

Exam fees : $ 90
*Registration and sitting for Exam online

Africa, Europe, North America and Middle East
Exam fees : $ 100
*Registration and sitting for Exam online

For more information on Prometric Exam for Nurses of Saudi Commission, please keep it here. I’ll post more about exam registration, scheduling, study guides, testing centers, etc. next time.

References and photo credits: and websites.

258 Comments on "Prometric Exam for Nurses in Saudi Arabia"

  1. hi! i got my Saudi Council License in 2006 while working in Riyadh. I’m here in the Philippines since 2008, i’m planning to work again in KSA. Do i have to take the exam again or can i just renew the license? Thank You!

    • roewna: You don’t have to retake the exam,,You just have to renew it provided that u have attended seminars in saudi equivalent to 30 CME hours i think..

      • I also have my saudi council and expired last 2008, the HR in saudi said need to take the exam as its expired already…same as the person above I came home at 2007 then the saudi council is expiring on 2008… how come they said, I cant renew it need to have the exam again

        • Dear MCM,

          I’ve been working in Saudi for 26 years and still counting. I am not a nurse, I am a Civil Engineer by profession, I am Senior Technical Manager in one company assigned in Jeddah. As long you had passed the Prometric Exams and got the certificates it is valid to used and you don’t need to retake the exams. The HR in Saudi has nothing in his nutshell, a saudi employer who fly to Manila for interview through agency will asked the applicants if they have the Saudi Council (expired or not) as most of the applicant has no SC, if the applicant(s) has it.. it is a big points of being hired. It doesn’t matter either your membership has been expired just renew upon taking employment in Saudi, otherwise your new employer will assist you to renew it. I have 2 daughters they were also nurse like you.. 1 is working in Riyadh as a Royal Nurse to one of the princess of the ruling family, and the other had just went back from Abu Dhabi.

          • My SC expired last 2012 po yet I was able to come back here in KSA last 2014 and the HR renewed it here alhamdulillah. I just attended the BLS training again and 30 CME Hours. No need to retake po. U just have to find an employer who is willing to renew ur SC.

      • hi . i would just like to ask about the certificate of registration from saudi council once you passed the prometric exam. where to get it? i passed the exam back in 2007, ang got all the saudi certificates after i resigned there. what is the cert. of regstration exactly? tnx. hoping for a response on this matter.

    • I am a Saudi return I have the sauudi council card and it expired on can I renew the Saudi council licence,is it necessary to write the Saudi prometric exam again

  2. jay- ann tampocao | December 13, 2011 at 4:08 am | Reply

    hi!can i have sample tests that usually appear in prometric exam in saudi?i’m planning to take the exam next year…hope u can help me,plz?

  3. please help me were to check for the eligibility of my application for the exam.

    • there is no elig no needed to reg on line. here are the steps on how you can reg on line.

      Step by Step Procedures for Nurse Technician

      Go to the website:

      1. Under For Test Takers, tick the dropdown list box on Academic, Professional, Government & Corporate, scroll down and click Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

      2. You will be directed to a new window of SCHS: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Testing and you may read on some articles there regarding the organization itself. On the Get Started Box click Start.

      3. From the Program Name drop down list box: choose the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (Non-elig) — the other options apply only to those who are currently in the kingdom — then choose Philippines then click Next.

      4. You will then be directed to a new window. Click Schedule an Exam. A new window will appear showing the details of registration (requirements, scheduling, payment, etc.). Click Next.

      5. You will tick I Agree on the Policy Statement and click Next.

      6. Under Exam Selection you will choose Nurse technician — There are actually 2 options for nurses: Nurse Specialist and Nurse Technician. I personally cannot differentiate the two but to be sure, just ask your agency on what to choose here. FYI: Nurses from Saudi Recruitment Office (SRO) and other agencies in the metro instruct applicants to take the Nurse technician exam.

      7. Another window will appear prompting you to type your address. Type in Philippines then click Search. There are two sites but it just bears the same address. On the time of writing this (March 15, 2010, 1500H), the 8475 location is not available. So instead, I chose 8479, Manila Philippines.

      8. Click Schedule an Exam. You will be prompted to select your desired exam month, date and time.

      9. You will be directed to another window and you will type some additional information. Type the required information including your name, address, birth date, e-mail address, government identification card, etc. — In the identification card, what I typed was: Professional ID Card (the space where you will type requires a limited number of characters and ‘Professional Regulation Commission ID’ would not fit in that is why I just settled for ‘Professional ID Card.’). Anyway, you may use other government issued card like Driver’s License and Passport. — and in the Government ID Issuing the Card, choose: Philippines.

      10. After that, you will proceed to another window and you will be typing the necessary information under the Payment Information. Type the Card Number, the Security Code — I used the Visa Card of my mom and the security code is placed at the back of the card alongside the signature.. You will type the last 3-digit code. Don’t you worry, if you got no idea on this there is a user friendly HELP button there that will show a figure, i.e., credit card, where you can spot the required digits).— Type in the Name (the owner of the card) and the Expiration Date of the card. Review the information and click Next.

      11. After that you will be asked to review the entered information once again and you will click Complete Registration.

      The final window will show you the completed registration list for you to print. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you as well in 15 minutes after registration has been completed.

      • i have a huge problem..i choose NURSE SPECIALIST! how can change this to NURSE TECHNICIAN! help me pls…

      • i cant see in the selection box for non eligible…

        • is there any or new way in scheduling po??/thank you…help me please… ijust need it ASAP…

          • hi! actually prang meron ngang new way.. nabasa ko kasi dun sa FAQs na kailangan mo nung eligibility number, kailangan mo mung dumaan dun sa eservices.schs, andun po ung link sa FAQs. Then mgssubmit/ upload kna dun ng documents mo. Actually kkasubmit ko lng po knina, they will mail me (siguro once confirmed/received na ung docs. ) Then maybe may ibibigay sila an Eligibility number, for us to push through the scheduling.. ayun, hope this helped. Mejo naguluhan dn tgla ko, ksi hndi ko dn makita ung non-elig na nakalagay…hehe. Basahin nyo poung FAQs, prang andun ung info :)

          • hi mauisav,,just want to know noon bang nagaccess ka ng e-services ng schs nkapgcrate ka new account para sa eligibility number? kc i was trying to access that site ung may log in information and i was trying to create a new account nga para makakuha ng eligibility but no avail..i think nagloloko site nila this time..ive been trying this for 3 days na,,

      • hi mam jaja, I just want to ask… I already paid using visa card yesterday and as I click the tab na “confirm appoinment” our internet connection lagged.. na deduct na yung payment sa credit card. but since na redirect na sa ibang page. I didn’t receive any confirmation letter sa email. did you encounter this before or do you have any idea what to do regarding this issue? thank you

  4. I fail 3 attempts in nursing technician exam. I can attempt NURSING SPECIALIST exam very soon
    Please help….. I have Saudi job visa, if exam pass I can join the job

  5. im not yet working in hospital can i take saudi council exam.?

  6. hi to get elligibility no? any one please? di kz aq mkapag reg.. im a nurse..thank u..

    • u have to select the non elig sa mga option healthcare specialist (NON ELIG). kc ung nghahanap ng elig no na yan e for exam sa saudi mismo. kng outside saudi HINDI ka hahanapan ng elig no.

  7. hello po. tanong ko lang po kung my choose all the correct answer din sa prometric or 1 anwer lang in every question?? thanks po

  8. hi this 5th my exam. i need model qstions.where i search?

  9. hai po! how can i get model question paper & and how much will be pay for the exam?

  10. romill gozar | March 2, 2012 at 6:13 am | Reply

    ….hello po…may open po na job sa saudi riyadh,,the agency here in the philippines told take prometric a nursing aide graduate…what should i need to review and what is the type of their exams looks like po?..and which one i will be goin to choose…nurse specialist or nurse technician..?…pls help me po para sa mga may karanasan na at mga pumasa…this is my number…09094936565…salamat po..

  11. I am passed diploa in nursing in 2009 and i have 2yr experiance in apollo hospital.At present i am working in another one hospital. Any body please help me to get job in gulf. Please please please

  12. I have taken the prometric exam but I failed.I will retake it.but as I have read this thread I have noticed that the set of exam that was given to me was not the category that I chose to category was nurse technician exam. But they gave me nurse specialist exam. I just notice it now..I hope on the second time they will give me the right Set of exam base from the. Category. I choose to take..

    • hi po mam mariam. ano po ung gnwa nyo after nun?ngtry po b kayong mgcomplain? kc we hav the same experience dn po for nurse specialist exam din ung result. wat shud i do?pls help tnx

  13. I’m pharmacist. Working in Saudi Arabia i pass third attempt pharmacist exam. My licence will be expire after one year. After one year I have to give exam or reniew my Saudi licence. Please help me. I’m not understand.

  14. im pharmacist here in saudi..i have problem i just notice today my certificate that my employer didnt put my position as pharmacist…it just like she works in establishment just like that…do saudi commsin will accept this…I really worked as pharmacist for more than 5 years

    • You need to ask your employer to change your position in the certificate as Pharmacist otherwise the Saudi Commision on Health Specialist will not renew your licence.

  15. i passed the exam for the 3rd time and when they want to renew it they want me to attend again the exam and i asked my employeer why should i take again the exam..?and he said,according to SCFHS need to take again the exam becuse i got a very low score for my 1st,that is really the rules..?

  16. Hi i already passed qatar prometrics as nurse specialist and i have a offer in saudi will my qatar prometric honored in saudi? Or do i need to take prometric for saudi. Thanks

  17. Aurora Miguel Baygan | September 13, 2013 at 5:28 am | Reply

    What's the difference of promitrec exam with saudi council exam???

  18. Just like to ask what website will I surf just to know ifmu name is ref already .I aleady pass the exam

  19. hi.i am a nurse .can i ask how to renew my prometric license in saudi arabia? i don’t have any original copies for my license and the passing certificate because my previous employer did not give. so my problem is how can i renew my license now? pls help me regarding this matter.thank you.

    • As long as you have a xerox copy of all above certificate, you can write a letter of explanation together with those certificates. They can check the validity of your records on their data base.

      • Hi there! Just want to ask, do i really need to take the prometric exam again?my license got expired just feb 2014 and i left KSA last december 2013.i had an interview yestrday and it came out fine alhamdulillah,but the interviewer told me to just take the exam again here in phil. By the way, i already accumulated 33 CME hrs becore i left my last employer. Thanks in advance.

        • Hello chloe the sane problem as mine..but they didnt ask me to take my exams again,i applied in a govt hospital..may i asked if u really took the exam again?cause my ex employer told me i cant renew my license it should be my next employer

        • Hi same problem here.. did u take the prometric again? My nxt employer is asking me to take the exam again.. how did u register in mumaris? Will they give u an eligibility number even if u have already licence? By the way mine is already expire and i dont have a copy even xerox of the saudi licence id.. any help will be great im relly woried and confuse…

  20. hi..can i ask?wats the different of nurse technician and nurse specialist?

    • Nurse specialists are for bachelors degree holder.
      Nurse technician are for nursing aide (2 year course)

      • Hi! I already have the nurse technician status, if i want to change my status to nurse specialist, what will i need to do? Do i still need to take the exam again?

  21. what are the requirements to be able to take the exam?

  22. are there any books for us to be able to review for this exam

  23. paanu po ba magrenew ng prometric? need ba ulit mg exam?

  24. where to take the exam? and is it renewable like THE philippine nursing board exam license issued by PRC?

  25. Hi may i know where to take the exam here in Jeddah KSA? Thank you.

  26. Hi,i just want to ask, Can i change my appointment saudi prometric exam to qatar exam? Is that Thanks…. i got appointment on april 29 but got a job offer bound to qatar..please reply

  27. Hello! Good day! I already took the saudi council exam last 2011, fortunately i passed but i did not used it as i went to other country. Now i want to pursue my application in ksa shall i retake the exam? its expired now. Thanks.

  28. Hi…..nakapag saudi council na po ako pero nurse technician po…ask ko po kung need ko pa din po mag take ng exam for nurse specialist?thanks po

  29. muhammad awais | April 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    i want to know the nursing tecnition paper code for prometric or tell me how to apply for paaper

  30. Hi, I m apearing soon nurse specialist exam fir saudi prometric I want to know what us duration of exam , how many questions (total marks) and what is passing score

  31. Yourstrully Charlene | May 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Reply

    Hi. Grafuate po ako ng practical nursing … pwede po ba ako mgtake ng exam?tnx po.

  32. ask ko lang po if ilang retake ang pede gawin..i fail the first exam kase eh and can you give me tutorials?

  33. is any difference between nurse technician and health care assistant

  34. Hi there. .

    Can i ask where can i renew my ksa license here in the phils, coz it was expired less than a 3yrs now.. Or should i take an exAm again?!


  35. Hi! I scheduled my prometric exam.. And now ko lng naalala sa first step ng registration SELECT ITEM: IT specialist, Academic progessional got etc and Both. I ticked Both pala… But the rest tama na and may confirmation is correct din Program: Saudi commission health specialties and Exam code: NTECH… Wala kaya maging problem sa exam ko with that mistake? Thanks… Just worried…

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  37. Hi, I would like to ask if do I have to pass the local board exam here in the Philippines? Before I take the Prometric exam?i hope this page is still activated


    My friend took the exam for radtech last friday and unfortunately, failed it. Is it okay to retake the exam the same month? pls pls pls

  39. Question po, pwede po ba irenew yung prometric exam certificate lang if ever hindi ka nakaalis after 3yrs validity nung cert? or kailangan mag take ka ulit ng exam? thanks!

  40. i just got a news,,that there is a new way for scheduling prometric exam for non-eligible., anyone knows how??/thank you,, need ko lng po talaga…

    • I have the same problem with you Jack. Anyone, please help us with this. I tried to ask prometric thru e-mail but they have not replied yet. I also called their testing site in Ateneo regarding this matter but couldn’t get a clear answer. Thank you.

  41. @mae yes yan din prob ko. I dont have any idea how to sched my prometric. I need to take prometric exam asap or else I might lose the job offer. Wala rin idea ang mga agencies na kilala ko since its a new system. please help us. thanks a lot

  42. @jrussel Me too! I also need to take the exam asap. I hope someone can actually help us out. BTW, can you inform me/us if you happen to figure out the answer to our questions by posting here? I’ll do the same thing if I do. Thank you!

  43. What is eligibility id


    Please be informed that the exams under the client SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties) are now eligibility based even for the candidates who are giving the exam outside KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) with effective from July 15, 2014. In order to appear for the exam you need to first register with the client SCHS and obtain the eligibility ID. Verification of documents or data flow is a prerequisite before obtaining an eligibility ID as many of the examinees have presented fraud documents.

    Thank you
    Prometric Office (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)

    • hello katrina pwede ba magtanong… nagregister ako sa mumaris para makapag create ng eligibility number …ang sabi makakatanggap daw ako ng email para maituloy ko ung pag upload ng docs na needed for eligibility number pero until now kasi wala pa din ung e-mail…. nag register n ako twice. ikaw anu po ginawa mo?

  45. Verifcation of documents may take at least a month for you to able to take the examination. You may upload all the necessary documents in a compatible browser before the approval of your eligibility ID.
    The SCHS has issued an strict measures dated 15-July 2014 before obtaining an examination as many of the reports regarding fraudulence of documents.

    Thank you.

    SCHS (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


    Verifcation of documents may take at least a month for you to able to take the examination. You may upload all the necessary documents in a compatible browser before the approval of your eligibility ID.
    The SCHS has issued an strict measures dated 15-July 2014 before obtaining an examination as many of the reports regarding fraudulence of documents.

    Thank you.

    SCHS (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  47. please help me. i cant schedule my appointment because of the ELIGIBILITY ID. i dont know what to do. anyone know about the eligibility id?? thanks.

  48. hi guys..same here its a new system (MUMARIS SCFHS eservices)…the bad thing is when I was trying to access the e-service of this site and create my eligibility number hindi mkapagcreate ng new pano un..laging website not found or file not found…is this the new system..please help us..we need to take the prometrics

  49. @Katrina thank you so much for posting updates. God bless your good heart. However, can you help me by posting how to get the eligibility id. The link would greatly help. Thanks a lot!

  50. Hello, same problem that i deal right now guys. Since july 20 pa ko nag ttry na kumuha ng elig id sa scfhs mumaris site but i failed. Kahit nka register ka na palaging nag eerror once you are browsing within the site na. I also need to take the prometric exam asap. Natawag ko na ang problem na yan sa agency ko pero wala silang alam regarding that, i already called prometric in makati pero un din sinabi mag register sa saudi council for health services then mumaris to get the eligibility id. Hope someone could help or know what to do. Nakaka frustrate na mag try ng mag try because their website is always down.

  51. This is now the most common problem ofmost Filipino Nurses who want to take the Saudi Prometric examination which they’d implemented an strict measures regarding this. Im a Nurse who’d been hired by the Riyadh Care Hospital, with no Saudi Prometric Certificate. I have to take it for my immediate deployment but it seems to be difficult with this new procedure to obtain a certificate….Now, im about merely losing my offered nirsing job because of this strict implementation. I have tried it to the main website with diff’rent browsers and even contacted the Main office of SCHS in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and in Makati Philippines but no legitimate information being answered to me.
    With this, Im so disappointed and frustrated to this new “policy” being implemented by the SCHS..

  52. good eve po,

    nagregister na po ako sa schs and now i’m waiting po sa eligibility id kasi daw lang daw nila,If my account na kayo tapos nag error go lang po kayo sa my request nandoon po lahat yung ginawa niyong account kasi na encounter ko din yan tapos doon lang pala sa my request area ..sino po nakakuha na nang eligibility id ilang days or months po?..salamat po :)

  53. go to
    type SAUDI MUMARIS then click create Eligibility.
    then click New account..

  54. can i ask a help. nag try akong mag register sa saudi mumaris. i mean nag register ako sa new account at hanggang doon lang at hindi na mag proceed. ano gawin ko. paano ba makakuha ng eligibility id.

  55. Create news acct>enter to services list>fill in the necessary info>upload your docs

    Certificate/s of Employment
    Passport size picture
    Certificate of Registration
    Qualification certificate
    (Kung May nakalimutan man ako, pasensiya na)

    Docs have to be scanned and in pdf format (except for the picture which should be in jpg)..

    I hope this helps.. :)

    • Pls can I ask a help again. I already created my account in Mumaris but my problem I created 2x with different email add but the same mobile #. First I created my account August 17 then I received a text that they sent an email to activate my account. I waited for 3 days but no email, I did my 2nd account August 20 which is successful. I activated my account. Today I tried to proceed the next step inorder to get my eligibility id by sending my scanned documents. When I about to log in then it will ash the mobile number right? it says other practitioner is using the number which correct cuz i have 2 account with same mobile # and also it says I have previous account.
      Pls. give an advice what I am goin to do or what step should I do and to whom I will contact my problem.

      • hi marites did u already get an eligibility number? im also having the same problem. i was wondering if you could give me some tips how to resolve it. thanks

        • I don’t have an eligibility number yet because I have a problem with my account cuz I created an account 2x in Mumaris. Please anybody help me with my problem.

    • hi jess.. pls help me.. ano po yan qualification certificate?

  56. how to take prometric exaim plz reply me

  57. Francis Luke Inting | August 15, 2014 at 9:53 am | Reply

    hay salamat

  58. i have an eligibility number already but still cannot schedule the exam, can anyone please help me?

  59. I have 2 eligibity is for the exam and the other one is for the verification of documents..i dont know kung baket may isa pang eligibility number for documents.2 weeks sila nagbigay ng eligibility at nagtext sila saken..wala akong email na nareceive.d pa ko nag papaschedule sa exam kasi yung nakalagay sa mumaris is still waiting for the result.the documents are not verified.d ko lam kung gang kelan ko magwait na ma approve afraid naman magpasched gang di pa approve yun baka masayang ung bayad ko sa exam.

    • i think the meaning of waiting the result ay ang result ng exam. ginamit ko yung elig. id sa examination in registration of exam under saudi licensing pro and sabi ng computer ay “eligibility id does not exist”. i havent receive an email also regarding this matter. i emailed scfhs customer service regarding this matter and sabi lng ay they will reply the soonest.

      • I tried na magpasched..same problem din that the eligibility id does not exist.

        • @ard may nabasa ako na dapat daw dun iclick sa email na sinend nila yung pagpapasched ng prometrics.ask ko lang.may nareceive ka bang email regarding eligibility..nkarecrive lang ako ng text pero walang email.

          • hello nakareceived knba ng e-mail? kasi sa akin text message lang wala naman e-mail…. nakakalungkot at napakahirap n magpasked ng exam ngaun…. dati mabilis lang.

      • I encountered the same technical issue as yours, cguro mga 5 times akong nag email sa customer service nla before ako nkatanggap ng response na activated na nga ang elig number ko and ready to use na ayun I got my exam scheduled already ^_^

  60. Pls. anyone can help or tell me regarding to get the eligibility id. Already make an account then received a text that i they sent already in my email to activate my account account. But until now i havent yet receive an email. Can Nyone help me with my problem Nd what should I do. How many days i should wait. Am i right they will send my username and password inorder to log in so that I can proceed the procedure to get my eligibility id. Pls give an advice.

    • hello tess naka received knba ng e-mail para makapag log in kna? ako kasi until now wala pa ding e-mail message. need ko n makapag sked ng exam.

    • Hey u did u gave pometric exam,
      If yes I also want to gv this exam.. can u please help me with the procedure please.. I hv many quries related to procedure.. can I ask u…plz

  61. Hello, we are working here in k.s.a and our employer is asking for the original copy of our certificates of our prometric, but the problem is we left the copy in the philippines, how can we solve this? Please help, thanks. :) one thing more is our employer doesnt return copies of original certificates. Thanks a lot.

  62. down ang system…antagal nila mag issue ng eligibility…..its true…tinatawagan nila mga dating employer/hospital at schools mo kung saan nag aral for verification….kaya siguro masyadong matagal….Please dont make two (2) accounts in Mumaris…you will subject to be banned in taking Prometric. Masyadong mabusisi ang new procedure ngayon unlike before.

    • Ms. Katrina ano gawin ko kasi hindi ko intention na 2x akong nag create ng account kasi yong 1st na ginawa ko tagal kasi nag email ng for acivation ng account ko or means wala akong email na natanaggap. kaya nag create ako ulit on same day at minuto lang nakatanggap na ako ng activation sa account ko at activated agad. kaya lang hindi na ako maka proceed sa next step kasi same mobile # ang gamit ko. Nag email na ako sa wala pang reply kasi under maintenance ang server nila. Need ko help at advice kung ano gagawin ko. Thank you

  63. 10 days ko na hinihintay ung eligibility wala pa…pero they are started calling my previous employers and other references….for their subject for verification ….kaya sa mga fake ang ibang documents dyan malalaman nila….kasi sobrang mabusisi talaga….

  64. @katrina ask ko lang nagdata flow ka na din? 2weeks kong inantay eligibility, wait ka lang darating din yan..

  65. Mahirap na po ang magpasked ngaun ng prom exam.. Sa agency kami nagpasked tapos 5500 ung siningil sa amin..

  66. ang hirapp naman po ang processong ito.. please help me po kasi nakacreate na po ako ng account tapos sinend po nila sa email ko ang activation link but then iclick ko po yun pero ang hirap magload di maopen,,, ano po ang gagawin ki? please help me po… thanks:)

    • Hi lyne as ko lang If naactivate mo na yung account mo sa mumaris. Im having same trouble with you. Yung email na sinend nila pag click ko yung activation link na provide nila ayaw mag open…

      • hindi pa po,,, aang hirap nga eh,, ayaw ko naman po gumawa ng isa pang account kasi di daw pwede po,,, eh kailangan ko ng mag exam ng asap… last week pa po ako nakaregister tapos sinend agad nila yung activation link kaya lang di maopen,,, kailan po kayo nag register po?

    • ganyan din sakin…ayaw mag load ng activation link… >< pano kaya yun…..

  67. good morning, can anyone help me? i already received eligibility numbers but when i tried to get a schedule on prometric exam, it says that my eligibility number does not exist.what do you think i should do about it?


  69. Justin Rae Chaves | September 5, 2014 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    go to saudi licensing exam when choosing the test sponsor

  70. anu po ung qualification certificate at qalification certificate – bsn? pag mag uupload n po ng documents san po iuupload ung diploma at RLE?

  71. paano po mag upload ng documents sa eligibility?

  72. hi ma.creenadeguzman paano po makakuha ng eligibility no.?

  73. how do i get my eligibility number?

  74. Uchenna S. Ekesiobi | September 12, 2014 at 6:36 pm | Reply


  75. sa agency daw anak ..kaya magtanong ka sa agency..

  76. ano po ung qualification certificate? :(

    • hi janine? are you done with the mumaris? i just want to ask what are the documents needed to be attach in the “qualification certificate”? thanks! please help

  77. pano po gnwa nyo? nagpapasched me ng exam pero "elogibility number doesnt exist" ang lumilitaw.

  78. ano ba talaga ang kailangan tau mg registered to avail eligibility nos .Mumaris o data flow?

  79. hi to everyone! i am interested to know also the answer of how and where to follow up our request for this eligibility number because same to all of you i have registered already to mumaris and all!! i uploaded my credentials then after it was stated there 3-4 working days they will send email but up to now more than a month no answer from them! but the fact i applied for it together with my friend for it took only one day and she had already her eligibility number!! that is why i am not convinced that they are strict and calling all the employers and schools we been!! this system is not reliable it is like they are only for trial and error!! i felt helpless now because we need to suffer this kind of system! atleast someone can come out and help us not just we will wait when the computer will answer!! i had my medical already only this exam left! we are not rich and i am from the province but because of this i need to wait!! so deppressing…

  80. Katherine Joy Leda | September 19, 2014 at 4:37 pm | Reply

    hi gudmorning po,just wanna ask if nakapasok na po ba kau sa eligibility number nyo?ganyan din kasi ung skin DOES NOT EXIST daw.Thanks",)

  81. Katherine Joy Leda | September 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    hi gudmorning po,just wanna ask if nakapasok na po ba kau sa eligibility number nyo?ganyan din kasi ung skin DOES NOT EXIST daw.Thanks",)

  82. yes maam katherine,tpos n dn po aqng mg-exam.try nio po ung advise ni maam justin.un lng dn cnunod q. :)

    • katherine joy leda | September 20, 2014 at 12:44 am | Reply

      hi miss liezel,thank you po and congrats”,)pero yun din kasi test sponsor ko saudi licnsing exam..wla pa rin e…mag 2weeks na aq ngttry mkapasok.

  83. Prettyjo Rivac Manigque | September 22, 2014 at 10:32 am | Reply

    Justin Rae Chaves hello po maam paanu mo makuha ang elibility number i paid my data flow na po… un na po un? pls reply po

  84. Justin Rae Chaves | September 22, 2014 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    @prettyjo diba dalawa ung binigay na elig. no. sayo? ung elig no. yan na ung elig. id mo. pde kna schedule ng prometric mo. actually ung dataflow, bka later pa nman klangan yan. so ok lg sana na d kna muna ngbayad ng dataflow mo. :)

  85. Prettyjo Rivac Manigque | September 22, 2014 at 12:39 pm | Reply

    Justin Rae Chaves wala nmn ibinugay na elig number po?huhuh,, anung po bang link yan? sa mumaris po ba?
    anu pa ba steps to have that eligibilty po?

  86. Justin Rae Chaves | September 22, 2014 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    @prettyjo create ka ng acct sa mumaris, then i.activate yan thru email. tpos kung activated na ung acct mo sa mumaris, mg.fill up kna ng necessary data dun.. including yung submitting of scanned docs mo. then pg ok na, mg.hihintay ka ng 3-4days dw.. pro actually 1 day lg in my case and sa frends ko din.. mg.tetext cla sayu and email yung eligibility no and certification verification no. yung certification verification no. yan yung ginagamit pra gumawa ng acct at mgbayad sa dataflow.. aabi mo nka bayad kna sa dataflow, that means may elig no kna din.. :) my acct kna ba sa mumaris?

  87. Prettyjo Rivac Manigque | September 22, 2014 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    Justin Rae Chaves oo ate i have acct in mumaris and activated nmn ung account ko tapos na po ako sa scanned datas ko kaso wala mn clang tinext na eligibility number sakin ngtext cla informing na an email has sent to u in order to activate ur acct. tapos po nun pg open ko sa acct ko un click ko activation link po.. tapus un na fill up ko ung datas dun nd scanned docs un umabt nko nung mgbyd na sa dataflow po.. huuhu.. i really need the elig. num kc need to tke promtric na…

  88. Prettyjo Rivac Manigque | September 22, 2014 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    nakarecve ako ng email ung application acceptnce confirmation after po ngbyd and they attached po the receipt dun

  89. Justin Rae Chaves | September 22, 2014 at 10:38 pm | Reply

    @prettyjo gnito nlg.. pnu ka po nka bayad sa dataflow? kasi ang alam ko po is, iba ung website ng mumaris at dataflow.. tpos dpat my certificaxn verificaxn no. ka pra mka create ng dataflow.. meron po ba kayo nun?

    • Hi justin just want to ask.. nag email kc sila skin regarding if kumuha naba ako before ng saudi council .. i said yes, i give them my older licence number which is expired.. my nxt employer advice me to take prometric again.. do you think magbibigay sila ng eligibility number even if i have licence before pero n expire.. wla din ako copy nor xerox kc ung former employee nmin ayaw magbigay…expired ndin ung prometric ko.. kailnhn ko tlga kumuha ulit ng prometric

  90. Prettyjo Rivac Manigque | September 22, 2014 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    Justin Rae Chaves nung nag regster ako sa mumaris tapos un nag email ang mumaris to activate the account un log in na ako dun ung scannde datas etc.. dataflow na po un then payment na..

  91. Justin Rae Chaves | September 22, 2014 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    @prettyjo hindi ako familiar jn.. open mu nlg acct mo sa mumaris, punta ka sa "my requests" tpos tingnan mo nlg po dun kn ano yung status mo dun.. kasi alam ko iba yung dataflow at mumaris eh..

  92. saudi licensing exam piliin mo po

  93. tama ka sir RENZ,.,gnu lng pla yun

  94. Good am, I’m a license nurse and I work in Saudi for 6 yrs then I went home to land for bigger salary and still I’m planning to work In Saudi again in different hospital my prblem is my prometric license stating for assistant nurse will it matter where in fact I work as a staff nurse? Do I need to take the prometric ex again for the nurse technician? I’m just confuse whats the different between the two? Bcoz the agency is questioning why MY COE stating nurse assitant where in im working as a staff nurse..bcoz the ready visa bfre that was issued to me was a nurse assistant, now I have difficulty applying bcoz of my COE..any recommendation or suggestion for now.. Tanx

  95. pano po pag nag fail sa 1st take? pano n po mag retake using eligibilty number?

  96. hi guys…pwede po pa help. nag apply ako for eligibility number pero binalik nila yung application ko. sabi nila "please download the bachelor in the right choice". What does this mean po?tnx.

  97. Justin Rae Chaves hi Ms., may babayaran ba pag nagregister for eligibility number sa mumaris?

  98. Justin Rae Chaves | September 30, 2014 at 10:57 pm | Reply

    @felix wla na po sir. :)

  99. Prometric and Dataflow GUIDE | October 1, 2014 at 1:17 pm | Reply


  100. Hi justin just want to ask.. nag email kc sila skin regarding if kumuha naba ako before ng saudi council .. i said yes, i give them my older licence number which is expired.. my nxt employer advice me to take prometric again.. do you think magbibigay sila ng eligibility number even if i have licence before pero n expire.. wla din ako copy nor xerox kc ung former employee nmin ayaw magbigay…expired ndin ung prometric ko.. kailnhn ko tlga kumuha ulit ng prometric

  101. I’m excited to discover this site. I want to to thank you for your time due to this wonderful read!!

    I definitely loved every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to see
    new things on your blog.

  102. panu po pag ayaw gumana ng elig# ko png 12day n since nabigyan ako ng elig# but until now doesnt exist pa din sa prometric khit ang pinili kong test sponsor is ung saudi licensing exam. Tulong naman po dyan. tnxs

  103. @ma.creenadeguzman follow up ko lng kung naka pg exam ka na b? panu ginawa mo ng your elig# doesnt exist? tulong naman po

  104. Sir Renz Marion ask ko lng kung anu ginawa mo dun sa elig# doesnt exist? kc in my case png 13day k na ngyn pero di pa rin ako mgkapg schedule ng exam sa prometric. Tulong naman po. tnxs

  105. Katherine Joy Leda follow-up ko lng po kung anu ginawa nyo sa elig# doesnt exist? tinatry ko na ding gamitin ung saudi licensure exam as test sponsor pero di pa rin gumagana. Kmusta po nkapg exam na po ba kyo?

  106. Katherine Joy Leda | October 7, 2014 at 4:12 pm | Reply

    hi Ace Sistoza ,nka sched na din aq,.email nyu po ung ilagay m ung elig num sa email mo then hintayin m ung reply na actvate n ung elig. num m.mkakapagsched kna dn",)

  107. Hi Katherine, ginawa ko na yan. ganu mo po katagal nakuha reply nila? sinabi mo ba dun sa email n doesnt exist ung elig# mo?

  108. Katherine Joy Leda | October 7, 2014 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    twice po aq mgsend ng msg sknila ung last q ngrep din agad nxtday..yup sinbi q din po..

  109. Katherine Joy Leda | October 7, 2014 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    Ace Sistoza emil m cla araw2x until ma actvate ung elig num m.

  110. ganu katagal ka din ng hintay bago naactivate? ung sa akin saktong 13days na di pa rin. cge po try ko araw arawin..kakastress kc di ako mgpagfocus sa review.hehe

  111. Katherine Joy Leda | October 8, 2014 at 12:41 am | Reply

    Ace Sistoza 13days din bago ma actvate",)hntyin m lng mgrreply din yn…

  112. Cge Katherine Joy tnxs. Good luck sa atin. Nkapgexam kana b?

    • katherine joy leda | October 8, 2014 at 11:17 pm | Reply

      oct 23 pa po ace sistoza,check nyo po ung email add na sinend m baka mali.cge gudluck din.Godbless”,)

      • Hey u did u gave pometric exam,
        If yes I also want to gv this exam.. can u please help me with the procedure please.. I hv many quries related to procedure.. can I ask u…plz
        Can whatsapp me at 9766939301

  113. Gudam! Is there anyone here na nagkapoblem same as mine? Plss help po how to change the exam type from nurse specialist to nurse technician? I already have my eligibility number pero d po ako nkkapgpasched ng exam ksi gusto ko po mbgo ung exam type. Thank you and God bless!

  114. Hi Nurses!

    Ask ko lng if tumatawag tlga sa school and work mo before ang saudi council.. kasi until now wla p ko elig number. i submitted all the docs needed,.. Its been 5 dAYS pero wla p sila reply.. ano gagawin ko? Help pls!!! yan nlng kasi hnhnty ng agency.. Gusto ko n umalis,, HAHAHA

  115. Helo po ask ko lng po kc 1week n po ako ngaanty ng eligibility no. Ano po pwede gwin.. syang nmn po kc ung job order huhu .. ireally need to take the exam.. my agency po bnh pwuedeng makatulong dto..

  116. Helo po ask ko lng po kc 1week n po ako ngaanty ng eligibility no. Ano po pwede gwin.. syang nmn po kc ung job order huhu .. ireally need to take the exam.. my agency po bnh pwuedeng makatulong dto.. can anyone pahelp po

  117. For a complete STEP-BY-STEP Guide of the New Saudi Prometric Exam application, visit niyo ito at magbasa mabuti:

    Godspeed! :)

  118. try nyo po search sa fb Prometric Register.. nag aassist po cla ng kumukuha ng prometric. check nyo fb nla.

  119. Hi! Just wanna ask kung pano po ba ang steps pag di nakaattend exam? magkano po ba babayaran kong penalty? Hoping for you quick response po

  120. patulong nmn po.. kasi ung eligibility number ko po doesn't exist almost 1 month na po pero ganun pa din.. nag email na po q pero wala pa din po… thank you po sa magrereply..

  121. hi po! just want to ask kung ano po yung ginawa niyo to ractivate you eligibility number. nagfail rin po kasi ako sa first attempt ko. thank you po! God bless! :

    • Hi @carla nakapag exam ka na ba ulit?ano ginawa mo para mareactivate ung eligibiliy id mo? Same problem tayo. Thanks

  122. anyone know about Oman prometric exam? thnks

  123. carla,almost 1 month bgo mag reactvate. check mo lng lagi request dun sa acct mo sa mumaris.

  124. PAHELP pls. anu po dapat i enter sa goverment id? pag mag sched ng exam..inilalagay ko ang Professional ID Card..ayaw po even passport ayaw din po..anu po dapat ko gawin? tnx

  125. Darence Joy Mateo | November 8, 2014 at 1:17 pm | Reply

    same situation din po. saan mo po ba in.upload ung diploma mo?

  126. Librada Concepcion salamat inay ha

  127. Correnne Mae Setias | November 14, 2014 at 11:36 am | Reply

    Ask po activate ko na po yong mumaris account ko..but 4days na po wala pa din akong natatanggap na email for my eligibility number ko po..hanggang ngayon wala pa po ako eligibility number ko.anu ba dapat gawin ko para makuha ko na eligibility no.ko?
    Thank u
    Hoping for your response!

  128. Should you need assistance in scheduling your prometric exam. kindly like this facebook page PROMETRIC ASSISTANCE ONLINE. Thanks

  129. goodeve po saang website po b aq pupunta blk ko po mgtake ng exam saan po aq ggwa ng account for data flow thank you po

  130. Hello po, may idea po ba kayo how to renew an expired Saudi council license? Or if pwede pa po ba, my lic.expires last june2014 pero i am planning to go back, thank u po, answers will be a great help

  131. I failed in the 1st attempt of nurse specialist…next nurse specialist exam date I got march 11.But I want to change nurse technision…how I will change..I got conformation mail for specialist on 11 the march..

    Pls help me to change

  132. Hi i came on wife visa.,and i studied registered nursing for three yrs,havin two yrs working experience , am currently in saudi ,i want join a job hea,..can i do the prometric exams with my wife visa status..,

  133. Ceasar Malinao | March 16, 2015 at 6:40 am | Reply

    indi ako maka gawa ng new account. What to do?

  134. Charly Lee Xander | April 2, 2015 at 8:54 am | Reply

    hello po. After sending the payment using a visa card yesterday. Wla padin po aq narereceive na confirmation letter from prometrics. pano po kya yun. pls help. nbawas na po yung $90 sa credit card..tnx

  135. parehas tayo.. pano gagawin natin? :(

  136. Aljan Callejas | April 8, 2015 at 11:27 am | Reply

    Hi po Ms. Renz. Pno po gnwa nio ng retake ng exam scheduling? Ng fail dn po ako knina lng tas ng try ako mg pasched now sbe po elegibilty number has already used. Pno po ggwn pra mkpagschedule po ult ng 2nd attempt?

  137. Hi, ask lang po ako panu po mag retake at mag pa schedule ng exam nag fail din po ako nung search ko po eligibility number doesnt exist.. help po ASAP

  138. Hndi ko po ma attach un mga scan document ko, sa step4 attachment ng mumaris
    Yun part n dapat dun ko sya iuupload nka blank. Sabi your connection is reset.
    2days n xa ganito ano po gagawin ko pls help thankyou

  139. Can i take the exam without sponsor?

  140. tin! try mo saunders :)

  141. Arlene Frances B. Dominguez | June 11, 2015 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    Hi! Is there anyone here who could tell me what is the qualifications certificate that they require in mumaris? Thanks in advance!

  142. hi,help nyo nman po many months po hntayin pra ma active po eligibility number q.mag third attempt po aq ng prometric exam.plz.thank u.

  143. Watch youtube video how to apply for saudi prometric new updated 2015
    click here-

  144. Darence Joy Mateo ou nga po san nyo in upload ang diploma nyo?

    This blog is very useful to get more than 1500 MCQs for nursing prometric exams for all gulf countries.


  147. guys please help me. i have a question i took prometric exam last 2012 and passed the exam. now i have an employer. do i need to take the exam again? 3 years ago npo kasi does it matter?

  148. guys pahelp naman po.. hnd kc aq makapaglogin sa mumaris after i created an account, naclick q naman ung link na cnend sa email q., at nung nglologin na aq ung user account q dw is blocked or locked,., pahelp naman po., thanks in advance..

  149. Gud day! may acct na po ako sa mumaris system, nagsched na din po ako ng exam, the day ng exam just found out na mali pala ung middle na nasa acct, pero ung sa confirmation letter just the name and surname lng nmn po ngpakita kaya ang buong akala ko correct na ung ID na ipapakita ko. ngayon i was trying to make a neew acct sa mumaris pero na po pla pwede, hnd ko na din maedit ung acct ko sa mumaris para tanggalin ung middle name at palitan ng tama. can u please help me po?

  150. email them.. sabihin mo po yung concern mo.. kulitin mo lang

  151. email them.. sabihin mo po yung concern mo.. kulitin mo lang

  152. I am a staff nurse holding diploma in nursing . Recently I have been wrote Saudi Prometric technician exam and got only 40% out of 10The doubt is when I can retry my exam. Is there any time period to approach Prometric exam again. And how many times I can take exam in lifetime.

  153. how many time we can write saudi council exam in saudi???

  154. hai,i cleared saudi prometric feb 2015,please tell me the validity of this exam.

  155. hai,shafeena in saudi just 3 atempts only u write


  157. Please help me, I’m a graduate of bachelor science in nursing… pero ung pagapply ko ng eligibility number. and binigay nila sa akin na specialty is health care assistant. tanong ko lang po… paano ko yun ichange sa nurse technician? please reply sa email ko po… salamat

  158. Guys how many days did you receive the activation link for mumaris account? Its been 4 days already since I created the account until now I haven’t received a single email from them :(

  159. Nag take n po ako at pumasa s prometric nung 2013.need ko p po b magpa dataflow kc hinihingan po ako ng dataflow ng agency. Thanks

  160. am planning to bring my wife here.. She has done her Bsc. Nursing and has experience in the concerned field.. Could you please advise me the validity of the Pro-metric certificate after completion of the course…

  161. Hi! I need response asap. anyone hir who knows kung ano ung email add at customer support ng saudi council?
    may prometric na po ako 2012 pa. naexpire lang netong august 2015. magrreatake pa po ba ako?
    tapos nagkaron po ako ng eligibility number kasi nagregister ako online gulong gulo na kasi ako. kaya lang ung eligibility number hindi gumagan? what to do po? help po please.

  162. Mishaleel mercado | November 11, 2015 at 8:50 am | Reply

    How many items does the prometric exam has? And what is the passing rate now here in saudi arabia? Tnx

  163. Tanong q lng po, kz ndi po inaasikaso ng employer q ung saudi council id q, ngaun ng expired n ung result ng exam q without taking my id. Kelangan q p po bng mag exam ulit or hindi n? Pls reply po s may same case with me. Thanks

  164. Ma’am, meron na po akong elig number. for all i thought okay n ako for scheduling..then my co-applicant saw my category as HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT instead of NURSE SPECIALIST.. pano.po ichange un mam? patulong naman po please? :) Thank You


  166. hi last 2012 i take prometric n got failed i was underboard for nursing and now i wantto take again am still qualified to take prometric even no prc license?

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