Prometric Exam for Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Commission on Health Specialties (SCHS), also Saudi Council, is the regulative body for Prometric Exam for Nurses, and other healthcare professionals intending to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SCHS is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions.prometric exam of nurses

The Saudi Licensing Examinations is called Prometric Exam because it is administered by Prometric, the leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services. Starting August 1, 2006, passing score in Prometric Exam is a mandatory requirement by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia for the issuance of working visas of all medical professionals, health specialist and health-care providers, including nurses.

About Prometric Exam for Nurses

What is prometric test for nurses? Prometric exam is a 70-item multiple choice exam to be finished in 2 hours. Content of the exam for nurses includes:

Nurse Technician

  • Nursing Fundamentals – 28%prometric exam for nurses
  • Medical – 23%
  • Surgical – 20%
  • Pediatric – 16%
  • Community – 13%

Nurse Specialist

  • Assessment – 10%
  • Nursing Problem – 6%
  • Planning – 20%
  • Implementation – 50%
  • Evaluation – 14%

*Prometric passing rate for nurse technician is 45%, and for nurse specialist, 50% .
After the exam, your Score Report will be issued, indicating your score and whether you have passed or failed the exam.


If you are registering online or by phone, payment for Prometric exam can be made using
credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, America Express. Cash payment is not accepted. If you register through mail, you must send the payment with the relevant form and a cheque made payable to Prometric (in US dollars).
Payment for nurses exam varies depending on the following places of registration:

Country: Saudi Arabia
Exam fees : $ 80
*Application shall be submitted to SCHS for obtaining eligibility file No.

Exam fees : $ 90
*Registration and sitting for Exam online

Africa, Europe, North America and Middle East
Exam fees : $ 100
*Registration and sitting for Exam online

For more information on Prometric Exam for Nurses of Saudi Commission, please keep it here. I’ll post more about exam registration, scheduling, study guides, testing centers, etc. next time.

References and photo credits: and websites.

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74 Responses to "Prometric Exam for Nurses in Saudi Arabia"

  1. roewna says:

    hi! i got my Saudi Council License in 2006 while working in Riyadh. I’m here in the Philippines since 2008, i’m planning to work again in KSA. Do i have to take the exam again or can i just renew the license? Thank You!

    • kathrina says:

      roewna: You don’t have to retake the exam,,You just have to renew it provided that u have attended seminars in saudi equivalent to 30 CME hours i think..

      • mcm says:

        I also have my saudi council and expired last 2008, the HR in saudi said need to take the exam as its expired already…same as the person above I came home at 2007 then the saudi council is expiring on 2008… how come they said, I cant renew it need to have the exam again

      • donz says:

        hi . i would just like to ask about the certificate of registration from saudi council once you passed the prometric exam. where to get it? i passed the exam back in 2007, ang got all the saudi certificates after i resigned there. what is the cert. of regstration exactly? tnx. hoping for a response on this matter.

  2. jay- ann tampocao says:

    hi!can i have sample tests that usually appear in prometric exam in saudi?i’m planning to take the exam next year…hope u can help me,plz?

  3. job says:

    please help me were to check for the eligibility of my application for the exam.

    • jaja says:

      there is no elig no needed to reg on line. here are the steps on how you can reg on line.

      Step by Step Procedures for Nurse Technician

      Go to the website:

      1. Under For Test Takers, tick the dropdown list box on Academic, Professional, Government & Corporate, scroll down and click Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

      2. You will be directed to a new window of SCHS: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Testing and you may read on some articles there regarding the organization itself. On the Get Started Box click Start.

      3. From the Program Name drop down list box: choose the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (Non-elig) — the other options apply only to those who are currently in the kingdom — then choose Philippines then click Next.

      4. You will then be directed to a new window. Click Schedule an Exam. A new window will appear showing the details of registration (requirements, scheduling, payment, etc.). Click Next.

      5. You will tick I Agree on the Policy Statement and click Next.

      6. Under Exam Selection you will choose Nurse technician — There are actually 2 options for nurses: Nurse Specialist and Nurse Technician. I personally cannot differentiate the two but to be sure, just ask your agency on what to choose here. FYI: Nurses from Saudi Recruitment Office (SRO) and other agencies in the metro instruct applicants to take the Nurse technician exam.

      7. Another window will appear prompting you to type your address. Type in Philippines then click Search. There are two sites but it just bears the same address. On the time of writing this (March 15, 2010, 1500H), the 8475 location is not available. So instead, I chose 8479, Manila Philippines.

      8. Click Schedule an Exam. You will be prompted to select your desired exam month, date and time.

      9. You will be directed to another window and you will type some additional information. Type the required information including your name, address, birth date, e-mail address, government identification card, etc. — In the identification card, what I typed was: Professional ID Card (the space where you will type requires a limited number of characters and ‘Professional Regulation Commission ID’ would not fit in that is why I just settled for ‘Professional ID Card.’). Anyway, you may use other government issued card like Driver’s License and Passport. — and in the Government ID Issuing the Card, choose: Philippines.

      10. After that, you will proceed to another window and you will be typing the necessary information under the Payment Information. Type the Card Number, the Security Code — I used the Visa Card of my mom and the security code is placed at the back of the card alongside the signature.. You will type the last 3-digit code. Don’t you worry, if you got no idea on this there is a user friendly HELP button there that will show a figure, i.e., credit card, where you can spot the required digits).— Type in the Name (the owner of the card) and the Expiration Date of the card. Review the information and click Next.

      11. After that you will be asked to review the entered information once again and you will click Complete Registration.

      The final window will show you the completed registration list for you to print. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you as well in 15 minutes after registration has been completed.

  4. jobyjohn says:

    I fail 3 attempts in nursing technician exam. I can attempt NURSING SPECIALIST exam very soon
    Please help….. I have Saudi job visa, if exam pass I can join the job

  5. im not yet working in hospital can i take saudi council exam.?

  6. sarah joy says:

    hi to get elligibility no? any one please? di kz aq mkapag reg.. im a nurse..thank u..

    • ema says:

      u have to select the non elig sa mga option healthcare specialist (NON ELIG). kc ung nghahanap ng elig no na yan e for exam sa saudi mismo. kng outside saudi HINDI ka hahanapan ng elig no.

  7. may says:

    hello po. tanong ko lang po kung my choose all the correct answer din sa prometric or 1 anwer lang in every question?? thanks po

  8. badari says:

    hi this 5th my exam. i need model qstions.where i search?

  9. arun says:

    hai po! how can i get model question paper & and how much will be pay for the exam?

  10. romill gozar says:

    ….hello po…may open po na job sa saudi riyadh,,the agency here in the philippines told take prometric a nursing aide graduate…what should i need to review and what is the type of their exams looks like po?..and which one i will be goin to choose…nurse specialist or nurse technician..?…pls help me po para sa mga may karanasan na at mga pumasa…this is my number…09094936565…salamat po..

  11. Vikas tr says:

    I am passed diploa in nursing in 2009 and i have 2yr experiance in apollo hospital.At present i am working in another one hospital. Any body please help me to get job in gulf. Please please please

  12. Mariam says:

    I have taken the prometric exam but I failed.I will retake it.but as I have read this thread I have noticed that the set of exam that was given to me was not the category that I chose to category was nurse technician exam. But they gave me nurse specialist exam. I just notice it now..I hope on the second time they will give me the right Set of exam base from the. Category. I choose to take..

    • Mae says:

      hi po mam mariam. ano po ung gnwa nyo after nun?ngtry po b kayong mgcomplain? kc we hav the same experience dn po for nurse specialist exam din ung result. wat shud i do?pls help tnx

  13. Nazim says:

    I’m pharmacist. Working in Saudi Arabia i pass third attempt pharmacist exam. My licence will be expire after one year. After one year I have to give exam or reniew my Saudi licence. Please help me. I’m not understand.

  14. kyle says:

    im pharmacist here in saudi..i have problem i just notice today my certificate that my employer didnt put my position as pharmacist…it just like she works in establishment just like that…do saudi commsin will accept this…I really worked as pharmacist for more than 5 years

    • Dr Jean says:

      You need to ask your employer to change your position in the certificate as Pharmacist otherwise the Saudi Commision on Health Specialist will not renew your licence.

  15. nish says:

    i passed the exam for the 3rd time and when they want to renew it they want me to attend again the exam and i asked my employeer why should i take again the exam..?and he said,according to SCFHS need to take again the exam becuse i got a very low score for my 1st,that is really the rules..?

  16. Kisha says:

    Hi i already passed qatar prometrics as nurse specialist and i have a offer in saudi will my qatar prometric honored in saudi? Or do i need to take prometric for saudi. Thanks

  17. Aurora Miguel Baygan says:

    What's the difference of promitrec exam with saudi council exam???

  18. ols says:

    Just like to ask what website will I surf just to know ifmu name is ref already .I aleady pass the exam

  19. ghem says:

    hi.i am a nurse .can i ask how to renew my prometric license in saudi arabia? i don’t have any original copies for my license and the passing certificate because my previous employer did not give. so my problem is how can i renew my license now? pls help me regarding this matter.thank you.

    • Dr Jean says:

      As long as you have a xerox copy of all above certificate, you can write a letter of explanation together with those certificates. They can check the validity of your records on their data base.

      • chloe says:

        Hi there! Just want to ask, do i really need to take the prometric exam again?my license got expired just feb 2014 and i left KSA last december 2013.i had an interview yestrday and it came out fine alhamdulillah,but the interviewer told me to just take the exam again here in phil. By the way, i already accumulated 33 CME hrs becore i left my last employer. Thanks in advance.

        • Mabel says:

          Hello chloe the sane problem as mine..but they didnt ask me to take my exams again,i applied in a govt hospital..may i asked if u really took the exam again?cause my ex employer told me i cant renew my license it should be my next employer

  20. sauda says:

    hi..can i ask?wats the different of nurse technician and nurse specialist?

    • Osiris says:

      Nurse specialists are for bachelors degree holder.
      Nurse technician are for nursing aide (2 year course)

      • Graceymar says:

        Hi! I already have the nurse technician status, if i want to change my status to nurse specialist, what will i need to do? Do i still need to take the exam again?

  21. what are the requirements to be able to take the exam?

  22. are there any books for us to be able to review for this exam

  23. paanu po ba magrenew ng prometric? need ba ulit mg exam?

  24. where to take the exam? and is it renewable like THE philippine nursing board exam license issued by PRC?

  25. Jemaish Sy says:

    Hi may i know where to take the exam here in Jeddah KSA? Thank you.

  26. grace says:

    Hi,i just want to ask, Can i change my appointment saudi prometric exam to qatar exam? Is that Thanks…. i got appointment on april 29 but got a job offer bound to qatar..please reply

  27. irish says:

    Hello! Good day! I already took the saudi council exam last 2011, fortunately i passed but i did not used it as i went to other country. Now i want to pursue my application in ksa shall i retake the exam? its expired now. Thanks.

  28. Nhone Babor says:

    Hi…..nakapag saudi council na po ako pero nurse technician po…ask ko po kung need ko pa din po mag take ng exam for nurse specialist?thanks po

  29. muhammad awais says:

    i want to know the nursing tecnition paper code for prometric or tell me how to apply for paaper

  30. Aliakbar says:

    Hi, I m apearing soon nurse specialist exam fir saudi prometric I want to know what us duration of exam , how many questions (total marks) and what is passing score

  31. Yourstrully Charlene says:

    Hi. Grafuate po ako ng practical nursing … pwede po ba ako mgtake ng exam?tnx po.

  32. ask ko lang po if ilang retake ang pede gawin..i fail the first exam kase eh and can you give me tutorials?

  33. rosy shinu says:

    is any difference between nurse technician and health care assistant

  34. Mabelle says:

    Hi there. .

    Can i ask where can i renew my ksa license here in the phils, coz it was expired less than a 3yrs now.. Or should i take an exAm again?!


  35. NurseAko says:

    Hi! I scheduled my prometric exam.. And now ko lng naalala sa first step ng registration SELECT ITEM: IT specialist, Academic progessional got etc and Both. I ticked Both pala… But the rest tama na and may confirmation is correct din Program: Saudi commission health specialties and Exam code: NTECH… Wala kaya maging problem sa exam ko with that mistake? Thanks… Just worried…

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  37. gen says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if do I have to pass the local board exam here in the Philippines? Before I take the Prometric exam?i hope this page is still activated

  38. PRECIOUS says:


    My friend took the exam for radtech last friday and unfortunately, failed it. Is it okay to retake the exam the same month? pls pls pls

  39. Ms.G says:

    Question po, pwede po ba irenew yung prometric exam certificate lang if ever hindi ka nakaalis after 3yrs validity nung cert? or kailangan mag take ka ulit ng exam? thanks!

  40. jack says:

    i just got a news,,that there is a new way for scheduling prometric exam for non-eligible., anyone knows how??/thank you,, need ko lng po talaga…

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