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Daughter defends mom-patient in Cebu nurse assault incident

The daughter of the patient and husband who assaulted the nurse in Cebu Provincial Hospital in Balamban aired their side on the incident.

In a Facebook post, the daughter (we decided to withhold her identity) explained that her mother was “on the peak of anger” when she confronted the nurse in the station because they were not properly medicated and attended.

This ‘triggered negative reactions’ from her mom, who is reportedly a teacher in town’s public school.

“Nobody was hurt physically. It was the nurse’s ID that my dad grabbed from her and she wasn’t slapped or anything,” she added.

She even called the hospital’s treatment her sick mother as ‘medical malpractice’. She also asked netizens to not judge her parents as the video posted on Facebook was not the complete story.

Here’s is her full post online, which was taken down later:

This is to justify our family’s side.

First of all, if you have noticed, our mom who was ill and a patient forced herself to go to nurses’ station because we weren’t attended even though we have requested for a nurse for several times already. Mom went to the peak of anger because ever since we arrived in the hospital we weren’t properly medicated and attended.

Humans as we are, we have our limits and sick as we are, we are very much protective for the only life we have. We trusted the hospital with our lives. To be precise we are still in a hospital because of such medical malpractice. Secondly, nobody was hurt physically. It was the nurse’s ID that my dad grabbed from her and she wasn’t slapped or anything. Let us remember all things happen for a reason and we won’t have such negative reactions if weren’t triggered to the point that the patient herself would have to stand just for us to get attended. You don’t anything about the real scenario. What you see is just a piece of it so please let us refrain from judging people.

To those who haven’t watched the video of incident, here:

Cebu Provincial Health Office (PHO) is already investigating the incident, while the nurse have already filed a complaint at Balamban Police Station.

Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) has issued a statement strongly denouncing the assault on the nurse, and visited the health worker for assistance in making appropriate action.