18 nurses in Zambales hospitalized after eating ‘marijuana brownies’

Nurses eats marijuana brownies in ZambalesEighteen nurses felt dizziness, numbness and pain after eating brownies laced with marijuana in San Marcelino, Zambales.

A nurse celebrating her birthday in Zambales provincial hospital accepted three boxes of brownies from an anonymous person and shared it with her co-workers. A few hours after eating the pastries, the nurses experienced nausea, dizziness and pain and were given medical help.

PDEA Director General Undersecretary Jose S. Gutierrez Jr. said that the brownies were positive with marijuana content after it was tested in the laboratory.

“Eating marijuana-spiked brownies or pastries presents major health risks, and the continuous consumption of these has the potential to be addictive to unsuspecting consumers,“ Gutierrez added. “We are sending out this stern warning to the public not to accept any box of goodies or pastries from anonymous persons because it may contain illegal drugs.”

The authorities have already identified the suspect who sent the ‘marijuana brownies’ to Zambales nurses.

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