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Nurse ‘taped’ the mouth of 5-day-old noisy baby

A nurse of a private hospital in Cebu earned the rage of netizens after she put a tape on the mouth of a 5-day-old sealed tape

Facebook user Rye Kido posted a picture of his newborn baby boy gagged by a nurse in Cebu Maternity Hospital for being noisy. His wife Jasmine checked their baby in the nursery on the night of May 9 and were shocked to see the mouth of their baby sealed with a tape.

“This is not even close to being professional or humane,” he said in disgust.

“Jasmine immediately asked the attending nurse ‘why is there tape over his mouth?’ and the reply she got from the nurse was ‘your baby was TOO NOISY (crying) so i put that over his mouth…'”

“It was discovered by Jasmine that our baby had peed his diaper!!! was there just NO TIME to check that? do you just put tape over a baby’s mouth, just because he’s too noisy? did you take time to inspect and do your job properly? ARE YOU RESPECTABLE???,” he added.

“When the nurse was asked to take off the tape over his mouth, the respond was “you can go ahead and take it off yourself, maam” after Jasmine tried to take the plaster tape off his mouth without success, the attending nurse had to eventually take it off herself and eventually do it and in the process a piece of his upper lip’s skin ripped off with the tape as the nurse removed the tape.”

Fellow nurses and netizens express their anger online. Here are some of the comments:
Ched Olis: “That’s malpractice. A subject for revocation of her licence by the Board of Nursing. I will try to report this directly to the BON. May I know the nurse’s name? And the hospital’s name? Shame on her! She doesn’t deserve her license anyway! She’s a disgrace in our profession!”

Yola Udtujan: “This is heartbreaking, and for someone who has known babies, that freakin’ nurse should have known better, she should have her license revoked and never be allowed to practice again.”

The hospital said that they are now investigating the incident.

3 thoughts on “Nurse ‘taped’ the mouth of 5-day-old noisy baby

  1. Fire this nurse, not even a second thought about it.
    The hospital is responsble for their staff sue them don't step back on this.
    Here are the reasons:
    The baby is not connected to monitor for them to see if the baby goes apneic during the process.
    It can suffocate the baby during the process
    This is attempted murder. No words of apology is enough for this action.
    Compensate the parents . Do not let any hospital admin. talk to you about backing up and giving you little amount .

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