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Nurses entertain cancer patient who missed Backstreet Boys concert

Nurses are always on top of the list of most loved and trusted professionals because not only they give the quality care to their patients, but sometimes they go out of their way in lifting the spirits of their clients.

Just like what happened to Amanda Coley of Atlanta, Georgia who is a big fan of Backstreet Boys. Coley and her sister Maggie Mayes Kingston had tickets for their favorite boyband’s concert this August 21.

Unfortunately, she was admitted in Northside Cancer Center during the night of the concert because she was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks ago.

Nurses sing Backstreet Boys hits to cancer patient who missed the concert.

It was an unfortunate situation for the 36-year-old mom, but the nurses in the hospital had something in mind to cheer her up. They performed Backstreet Boys hit song in her room!

Kingston planned the Backstreet Boys concert in Coley’s hospital room by inviting nurses to perform hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

Kingston posted in Facebook:
“When you get BackStreet Boy’s tickets for Christmas and some unfortunate situations happen… bring a surprise BSB concert to your sick sister! Thank you for the shirts Celena Townsend and for the invitations Mason Mayes! The nurses here are awesome if you can’t tell! Help these nurses go viral!”

They also prepared T-shirts with print of lines from Backstreet Boys’ songs such as ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘I Want It That Way’, and ‘You are my fire’.

Here’s the video of their Backstreet Boy’s party in Coley’s room:

Nick Carter, one of the boyband’s member, heard about the story from a Twitter post of news station WSB-TV about the event. He sent a message to Coley and nurses via Twitter:

“We missed you last night Amanda! Looks (and sounds) like you have a great team helping you get better. We’re thinking of you and sending you love ❤️ To the nurses of Northside Cancer Center, thank you for all you do!!”

“It really lifted my spirits,” Coley said in an interview by Good Morning America. “I can honestly say the nurses at Northside Hospital are the best.”