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US State Department: Philippines EB-3 Visa will become Current in July

The dream of working in the United States for Filipino nurses is very much alive with the latest update on visa processing and immigration!

Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting Division at U.S. Department of State, announced that the Employment Based Category 3 (EB-3) Visa for the Philippines will be become CURRENT in July 2019 and will stay current all summer long.

EB-3 Visa is for Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers, which includes nurses.

This good news was reported by Carl Shusterman, an INS Attorney and an expert in Immigration Law, in his site.

According to Shusterman, Oppenheim is the one responsible for issuing monthly Visa Bulletin projections on how rapidly or slowly the priority dates in the employment-based and family-based categories to move forward, or to retrogress.

The good news of EB-3 Philippines becoming current in July was announced by Oppenheim at the Immigration Conference of the Federal Bar Association in Austin, Texas on May 17-18, 2019.

Looking at the June 2019 Visa Bulletin posted last May 14, the cut-off priority date for EB-3 Philippines is now at November 1, 2018, with date of filing for those qualified at January 1, 2019.

That’s a 5-month advancement from previous May 2019 Visa Bulletin, and looks like it will continue with ‘current’ projection in July.

July 2019 Visa Bulletin is expected to be posted at State Department’s website around middle of June.