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DOH to deploy 28,928 HRH workers from June to December 2019

Department of Health will send around 29,000 health workers around the country under the Human Resource for Health (HRH) Deployment Program.

This year HRH program includes doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, pharmacists, physical therapists, and nurse-dietitians.

In a memorandum, DOH detailed that a total of 28,928 HRH will be hired and deployed to poor communities. Exactly 22,590 of these workers are nurses, with 17,869 under the Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) and 4,721 will be Public Health Associates (PHAs).

Funding for the program will come from Office of the Secretary of Health, as allocated in the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

National budget gave a total of Php 8,570,305,000 budget for HRH Deployment 2019. Out of this figure, Php 5,138,237,000 will be taken from Personnel Services and Php 3,432,068 from Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses appropriations.

Salaries of NDP nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, pharmacists, and nutritionist-dietitians will be under Personnel Services – Contractual items. Aside from their basic pay under SSL 4th tranche, they will also receive Magna Carta benefits.

Magna Carta benefits include PERA, RA, Subsistence, Laundry, and Hazard Pay.

Nurses as PHAs and physical therapists will be funded under MOOE as Job Order items. They will also receive 4th trance salary rate plus 5% premium, but without benefits.

Here’s the summary of HRH Salaries for June to December 2019:

Personnel Services – Contractuals
  • Medical Officer IV (Doctors) – SG 23: P85,180
  • Dentist II – SG 17: P49,428
  • Nurse II as NDP – SG 15: P41,414
  • Pharmacist II – SG 15: P41,414
  • Medical Technologist II – SG 15: P41,414
  • Nutritionist-Dietitian II – SG 15: P41,414
  • Midwife II – SG 11: P29,193
MOOE – Job Order
  • Nurse II as PHA – SG 15 + 5% premium: P32,057.55
  • Physical Therapist – SG 8 + 5% premium: P17,595.90

The recruitment and deployment of these HRH workers will be handled by DOH Regional Offices. Here’s the Distribution of HRH Per Province:

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