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DOH stops Nurse Volunteer Programs

Health Secretary Enrique Ona signed a memorandum terminating all Nurse Volunteer Programs, Volunteer Training Programs and other related programs in all Department of Health(DOH)-retained hospitals.nurse-volunteer-trainings

Addressed to all Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Centers for Health and Development, Services and Specialty Hospitals, and chiefs of Medical Centers and Hospitals, the memorandum noted that “the current practice of registered nurses ‘volunteering’ in hospitals to gain work experience…is not consistent with the provision of the law (Volunteer Act of 2007).”

“Therefore, all DOH hospitals are hereby directed to discontinue all existing programs involving nurses who deliver free services in exchange for work experience/volunteer nurses, volunteer trainings and all other similar programs…”

Memorandum on Nurse Volunteer Programs:

The Memorandum terminating Nurse Volunteer Programs was dated August 22, 2011.

4 thoughts on “DOH stops Nurse Volunteer Programs

  1. What will happen nalang sa mga di pa naka apat experienced na RN???? .,.would we have the chance to have a work experience?.

  2. It will be interesting to see what impact on staffing levels, nursing standards and costs this move has. Of course standards of nursing must be in the highest regard, but the monetary practicalities of such a legislative change never make such a decision straightforward.

  3. the government already made a move regarding this issue…the government hired a new batch of nurses for the RN HEALS program but no longer under DOLE…the second batch is under DOH and also, it’s no longer 6 months community and 6 clinical/hospital…it is now hospital-based to provide “enough” nurses in DOH-accredited hospital wherin the volunteers/trainees were terminated…..

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