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Ireland’s HSE hiring nurses, salary up to P2.5 million annually

Once again, Health Service Executive (HSE) of Ireland has vacancies for medical-surgical nurses, with a very good salary package for accepted applicants!

Delegates of Health Service Executive in Ireland will be interviewing Filipino nurses via Skype this January 2020, with fast processing through the Philippine agency that has deployed the most number of nurses to Ireland.

Filipino nurses apply to Western countries because of their liberated culture; equal treatment to overseas workers; multicultural environment, often with a sizable Filipino community and opportunities for migration. Additionally, institutions in these countries have progressive training; modern health care standards and facilities; and optimal compensation for both employees and agencies, making placement fees uncommon.

However, one drawback of a Western country application is its long and complicated hiring process relative to other regions. Unlike in Asia and the Middle East, a Filipino nurse aspiring to work in a Western country would have to brace herself for around a year of preparing for and taking exams, submitting numerous requirements, and processing visa and licensure documents.

Fortunately, applying to Ireland via Abba Personnel Services, Inc. is very different. Ever since April 2016, Abba has already deployed more than 300 nurses to Ireland. These nurses enjoyed a deployment period of around 2-6 months due to the country’s minimal requirements; reasonable IELTS/OET passing scores; and an efficient recruitment service through the Philippines’ #1 recruitment agency for Filipino nurses in Ireland. With Ireland, applying as a nurse in a Western country doesn’t have to be as slow and complicated as it may seem!

Vacancies are available to nurses in the Medical and Surgical area. Candidates must meet the following requirements:
– At least 2 years of current work experience in a Medical-Surgical ward of a 250-bed capacity hospital – NMBI Decision Letter or NMBI Application Pack that’s already being reviewed as of Dec. 7, 2019.
– willing to relocate to Ireland by May 2020
– overseas experience is an advantage

Salary and Benefits

– €29,860 – €45,119 (-Php 1.6M – Php 2.5M) annual salary, depending on years of experience
– additional allowances for shift differentials
– accommodation allowance of up to €1000 (-Php 56,000)
– Flight reimbursement of up to €800 (-Php 45,000)
– Reimbursable NMBI fee of up to €350 (-Php 19,000)
– Reimbursable ATWS fee of up to €250 (-Php 14,000)
– Reimbursable visa fee of up to €80 (-Php 4,000)
– No placement or processing fee


Choose from these 3 easy ways to apply.
1. PRIORITY: Create an account in https://applicant.abba.ph then proceed to our Mandaluyong office with your pertinent documents. Look for Trish.

2. Email your updated CV, IELTS or OET Result and NMBI decision letter (if available) to abbainireland@gmail.com.

3. Sign-up at https://tinyurl.com/AbbaHSE2020.

ABBA Personnel Services Inc. was given the “Award of Excellence” in the latest POEA Agency Awards in 2013, the most recognized overseas recruitment agency awards in the country. This Award was given due to the 3 consecutive instances Abba has received the “Top Performer Award” (2002, 2005, and 2009) which evaluates agencies not just on volume of deployments; but also compliance with recruitment laws and rules; responsiveness to workers’ welfare on site; technical and marketing capability; and welfare programs and allied services.

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