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Vermont now requires SSN for NCLEX application

vermont nclex applicationNot-so-good news to all international nurses who want to apply in Vermont Board of Nursing for NCLEX and licensure.

Starting May 15, 2012, Vermont Board of Nursing will no longer accept NCLEX application without a valid United States Social Security Number or US SSN. This announcement of change was posted on Vermont website,

Also, all required documents for NCLEX application must be received by the Board within 1 year of receipt. If application remains incomplete after 1 year, it will expire and be destroyed.

Vermont NCLEX Application form and instructions

Previously, Vermont only requires foreign nurses to submit valid passport number to apply in lieu of SSN.

Aside from SSN, the Board also requires Vermont-specific credential evaluation service (CES from CGFNS or IERF), and payment of $150.

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