Saipan NCLEX Application for Licensure

saipan board of nursing nclex applicationInternational nurses who wish to apply for NCLEX with minimal requirements can have it at Saipan Board of Nursing, also known as Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners in Northern Marianas Islands.

If you want to process Saipan NCLEX Application for Licensure, please take note of the following points:

  • Saipan Board does not require local license.
  • They don’t require third party credential evaluation like CES.
  • They don’t have fingerprinting requirements.
  • Payment of $110 must be in form of US cashier’s check, US money order or US bank drafts, payable to CBNE or Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners.

Saipan NCLEX Application steps, requirements

Saipan NCLEX Application can be divided into three packets: Application, Nursing Education, High School transcript. Each of these packets must be mailed to the Board separately. Application forms and RLE certification can be downloaded from Saipan Board of Nursing website.

Application Packet
Print the downloaded application form in one page, back to back. Include 2 copies of 2×2 photos signed in front, with 1 copy pasted on the box provided. Submit certified true copy of Birth Certificate, and Marriage Contract if applicable. Notarized the application form, attach your payment and send it to:
Commonwealth Heatlh Corporation,
Administration Bldg.
PO BOX 501458
Saipan, MP 96950
Tel: (670) 236-8250

Nursing Education Packet
Print the Certification of RLE form. Bring it to your nursing school for completion, and then request your Transcript of Records and RLE Summary. Enclosed in a signed/sealed school envelope, this packet must be mailed to Saipan separately.

High School Transcript
Request your High School transcript (Form 137 in the Philippines) and have your school send it to Saipan.

Processing of your Saipan NCLEX Application could take 1-2 months or even longer depending on the volume of applicants. Saipan will then send you letter of approval/eligibility if you are approved to take the NCLEX. You can then register at Pearsonvue for $200 for the issuance of NCLEX ATT. Then you can schedule and take the NCLEX at any Pearsonvue testing center around the world.

If you have any concern or clarifications regarding Saipan NCLEX Application and related matters, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or email me at

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144 Responses to "Saipan NCLEX Application for Licensure"

  1. lei says:

    hi good day! i want to clarify something about the nclex application for saipan. under the nursing education packet, should this be mailed by my school with their seal on it or can i mail this myself? pls advise thank you…

    • nclex says:

      the school should mail that…but if they return it to you sealed, then you send it separate from your application to make it appear that the school sent it. :)

  2. Theresa says:

    Hi, i would like to ask if, I will apply for LPN and RN , I am a graduate of BSN, Will it be needed for 2 appliction & 2 requirements ., or could it be in one application and 1 requirement go together?


  3. Arley Long CBNE chair says:

    Hello, you must apply for each licensure separately. Please find our website with the most recent information, applications and fees with check list.
    If you have any further questions please contact our board office at

    Thank you for applying through the Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners.

    CBNE Chairwomen

  4. jheffrey castelo says:

    Hi.. I have a question… wat if I’m already in saipan and I have my RLE summary and everything… but this RLE Form Doc47… do I still need it? I cant contact my school in phil…

    • nclex says:

      yes, that’s needed.

      • Devendra says:

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  5. Sharon says:

    Can I take NCLEX without SSNumber?tnx

  6. Ariane Mata says:

    Good day! I just want to ask if you have other contact number so that I can I can easily update the status of my application? I tried to contact all the contact numbers posted in your official website but its not working.

    Thank you in advance for your response!

  7. Diane says:

    Hi! I just want to know on how can I update the status of my application?

    Thanks for the response!

  8. Christian Ivan Naguit says:

    Would you be so kind to confirm if Saipan Board of Nursing has another email address? I have tried so many times to contact this email address but unfortunately there is always an error that is why I was unable to deliver my message regarding the update of my endorsement. However, I received a message from Ms. Fleming last 08 Jan 2013. That is the last time I was able to contact her. Please advise.

    I am looking forward to your message and thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


    • nclex says:

      I’ve also tried emailing them but it appears that their email quota has been consumed, hence the error message. Try calling them by phone. What’s your concern by the way?

  9. john salditos says:

    i tried all the numbers to get a hold of CBNE to clarify about the payment for nclex application, finally i got one number ringing the 670 2332263.. answering machine answered saying that they dont accept calls and they should only be email and when i try sending them an email an error keeps on appearing and wont push through.. im currently staying here in the philippines and i have 2 application for NCLEX with different type of instruction of payment.. 1. payable to “CBNE in Us postal money order or cashier’s check from US bank” 2.payable to “CNMI treasury in US postal money order, cashier’s check or Bank Drafts for foreign applicants… On top of that CBNE does not accept Bank drafts, nor Non-US bank checks and money orders… my questions are.. which application should i follow regarding the payment?? is there any other way i can make the payment for my application using a NON-US bank here in the philippines?? can i use Western Union MOney order?? and my application form of Certificate of RLE (Doc 47) was left behind can the school still send to for follow through?? i would really appreciate for your quick response to my problems.. thank you very much and god speed..

    • nclex says:

      1. correct payee names are CBNE or Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners
      2. No they don’t accept any payment form from the PH banks or Western Union.
      3. Yes, Doc 47 plus Transcript and RLE must come from school in one envelop.

  10. Diane says:

    Hi! I just called them and they already gave me update on my application. I suggest you better do the same if you already submitted all your requirements. This is the line i contacted them 670 2332263. Hope this one help.

    Thank NCLEX for patiently answering my question! Godd bless! :)

  11. benjamin says:

    hi! what is the difference between initial license examination fee & initial licensure with nclex score transfer fee? Which one should I need to pay for application of license by examination? Thanks!

    • Nclex says:

      If you already passed the nclex from other states like cali but without license yet, you go with nclex score transfer. but if you havent taken the nclex yet, go with initial application.

  12. john salditos says:

    i just called CBNE (2332263) and i talked to carol flaming and told her about my payment concern. she told me that any bank will do here in the PH as long as they can cash it in any US banks.. Money order from western union will also do.. Thanks for answering my questions NCLEX..

    • Nclex says:

      Are you sure with that john? Because that’s really how we used to pay for saipan application then, but since 2009 i think, saipan bon returned drafts, checks from ph banks even if it’s withrawable in US banks. I’ll contact them again to verify…

      • poohchim says:

        I talked to Ms. Fleming about the payment and she said they only accept payment coming from US banks and US money order. They cannot accept drafts that comes from thePhilippines. What i did was I sent $110 dollars to my friend and she converted it to money order, then she mailed it to CBNE Saipan.

      • Sidney says:

        Hi there nclex.
        I passed my nclex last 2007 and still renewing it with saipan boards. Can i endorse my liscence to california boards?

  13. Ariane says:

    Is the mailing address:

    Commonwealth Heatlh Corporation,
    Administration Bldg.
    PO BOX 501458
    Saipan, MP 96950

    for the Application packet, the same for Nursing Education Packet and High School Transcript?


  14. poohchim says:

    hii! I applied to CBNE too, Thank God my appication was approved and they already mailed out my approval letter on Feb 6. So now im waiting for it so i can schedule my exam. If you have any question regarding the whole process just let me know, im here to help :)

    • NCLEX says:

      So kind of you pooh. :)

    • barbie says:

      hi poohchim..i also want to apply to CBNE. Can you help me to apply.. just let me know the steps…thank you

      • JAMESPAUL B.ADAME says:

        good day po!

        i am planning to apply for siapan bon nclex exam.
        would you mind to guide me through since you already done with it
        i need to know where i can download the application form and also the rle form?
        i also need to know regarding payments? is it possible to pay using western union money draft and or any banks here in the phils that can cash it in any US banks?
        and etc etc and etc

        thanks very much

    • Maria says:

      hello, im confuse about the old and new address they have, which one is the most recent and accurate address to send the packet? thank you.

    • Maria says:

      Good day!

      I am getting ready for my application in Saipan nclex. Currently in USA and now married. Want to ask what will I submit, original (exemplified) certified true copy of marriage contract or just certified true copy of marriage certificate?

      Thank you and I appreciate your reply.

    • princess says:

      poohchim please help i dont know how to start i want to take nclex in saipan…pls help..or u can email me at


      good day po!

      i am planning to apply for siapan bon nclex exam.
      would you mind to guide me through since you already done with it
      i need to know where i can download the application form and also the rle form?
      i also need to know regarding payments? is it possible to pay using western union money draft and or any banks here in the phils that can cash it in any US banks?
      and etc etc and etc

      thanks very much

  15. Pooh says:

    Are you reviewing for the nclex? I want to enroll in a review class to help me refresh everything but im confused, idk what review center should i enroll? Do you have any suggestion?

  16. Eds says:

    Hello Pooh,just wanted to ask if how long is the processing of your application in Saipan? I’m still completing the requirements and will plan to take my review class in Kaplan.Its quite expensive but they’re good. Thanks!

  17. lpkjr says:

    good day,
    i would like to inquire on how to apply for saipan rn licence, i passed the cali rn-nclex exam 2009, expired last year, because i dont have a ssn, now i want to apply for a permanent licence in saipan , what are the requirements?

  18. rrr03 says:

    good day,

    i would like to inquire if i need to start all over again my application because i failed my exam last 2006 and i want to retake now do i need to start the new application process or just download the re-take form then send it..and were can i download the application form for Saipan? Thank you..

  19. diane says:

    Hi! I just want to clarify regarding used of credit card in paying for registration in personvue. Can i use credit not under my name & billing address? Thank you.

  20. Diane says:

    Hi! Clarifying about the fee that i need to prepare. Should I prepare 200usd or 350usd? Thank you.

  21. Eds says:

    Hello Ms. Arley, Good day! I already submitted my initial application for my NCLEX exam. For my Nursing Education Packet is still on the process, while my Highschool Transcript is already on its way to CBNE. My questions are: 1. Will you just notify me through emaill once all the 3 Packets already received from your office?
    2. Would you consider if the Sender of my Highschool Transcript was my mother’s name ? She mistakenly wrote it and she was the one who applied it on my behalf for I am currently living in Florida USA.
    3. If ever I was approved to take the NCLEX exam and received ATT, do I have to contact the State where I want to work? What are next steps that I need to do? Thanks so much and hoping for your immediate kind response on this matter.

  22. kevin manzano says:

    How long does it take the Saipan BON provide eligibility after all the documents are received? Thank you

  23. anne says:

    i tried sending my application via lbc and jrs but they said that I should provide a contact person and a phone number because the address is in a PO. box… Who is the contact person for this case? is very much appreciated

  24. please says:

    Hi, I already have my approval frpm Saipan Board of Nursing, letter dated July 2012. I have paid my registration with Pearson Vue April 5, 2013. Am wondering how long will it take before the ATT will arrive? I have also sent an email to Ms. Carol but no response until now.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  25. James says:

    regarding the social security number on the application form, what will I write? I dont have SS number yet. thank you

  26. krista says:

    hi, i just want to clarify about d 3 packets. what should u do first, will i send d application packet to cbne and wait for their respond or will i send the other packets together separately?

  27. krista says:

    hi, i just want to clarify about d 3 packets. what should u do first, will i send d application packet to cbne and wait for their respond or will i send the other packets together separately?

  28. toni says:

    hi, im planning to take the nclex. what is the first step?

  29. Maria says:

    Hello, the website is confusing me about their address, which one is most recent and accurate? (for the school and for me to send the packet)

    thank you.

  30. George says:

    hi im just wondering why would they have to be mailed separately? can they be sent together but with separate envelopes?

  31. niks says:

    hello :) can I take the nclex saipan in guam?

  32. Alexa says:

    I have been reading all the comments here and i must admit that it is very helpful and informative.
    I just have one question about paying the fee. I have account in PNB ( philippine national bank) if i open my credit catd there can i used that to pay my fees?
    Thanks in advance

  33. Kat says:

    How do they mail the approval letter? Is it by mail courier or email?
    Thank you!

  34. tet says:

    hi, where can i find the certification of RLE forms that i need to bring in my school?
    i couldnt find it on their website, tnx

  35. tet says:

    hi, the document for rle certification is not available, what will i do?

  36. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng says:

    halu,,do they need social security number for saipan coz its in there application form?pls reply thanks mithi

  37. No, just put N/A if you have none

  38. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng says:

    Nonoy Taclino ,,thanks

  39. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng says:

    is it valid saipan nclex result to US states?

  40. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng yes maam, it's also under ncsbn

  41. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng says:

    Nonoy Taclino ,,ok thanks,,,

  42. Reinerio Alba Cabangbng says:

    is it ok to send original document like COLLEGE TOR,,,HIGHSCHOOL TOR ,,

  43. Anonymous says:

    hello i need help from you guy's i found the aplication form but for some reason i can't find the RLE form can anyone tell me if where can i download the RLE form? thank's!

  44. Jeah Saceda Jacob says:

    What bank in the philippines should we go to in order to get a US bank draft?

  45. Arnel Mondejar says:

    At talagang nagcomment ka. Hehehe.

  46. Maria Nadia Pama says:

    hi, can i apply for endorsement in saipan? CA to Saipan is possible? so that i could have license number? thanks

  47. Gynn Val Lacsina says:

    hello.. were can i download the certification of RLE form?

  48. Ysean says:

    Do I need a US Social Security Number to apply for NCLEX at Saipan BON? In their Application Form, there is a space for Social Security Number.

  49. sab says:

    hi ysean. just wanna ask where can i download the rle form? thanks.

  50. lecel says:

    Is it possible to submit all 3 packet in one envelop? Because my friend said it is like that..together with in the application envelop the tor and form 137 fromhs?

    • iztin3 says:

      some has done that, but its better to play safe. You’ll never know when the application is considered or not. The instruction says that the documents from the school must be mailed directly from the institution. So TOR must be from the college institution(sealed and stamped), as well as the HS documents must be from the HS institution (sealed and stamped as well). However, you can mail it yourself, but better separate each documents, to pretend that the institution mailed it (not you). Make sure, its sealed and stamped =)

  51. Boi says:

    I am confused with this ” Work employment verification/certification must be submitted if applicant graduated more than five (5) years from the date of application.” Do we need to submit Doc 28? if yes, how much is the fee? Thanks!

    • Athena says:

      Work employment verification/certification must be submitted if applicant graduated more than five (5) years from the date of application. -per CNMI BON website. Therefore you need to submit Doc28. The fee here refers to the licensure fee which is $110.

  52. Kristine May says:

    Reinerio Alba Cabangbng nope… you have to obtain that from the school.

  53. May says:

    If you need help with Saipan NCLEX application, you can contact me =)… I’m willing to help =)

  54. Heileen says:

    Hi i want to renew my license but i am troubled regarding the mode of payment as they accept only US cashiers check and US money order, can anyone help me with this matter, thank you very much for your response

  55. Heileen says:

    Hi Athena, thanks for your response, i leave i message to your inbox thanks

  56. Hello! where can i get the RLE form?

  57. Cherri Lee says:

    try mo vermont gurl… or any state na may online application… snail mail lang sa saipan

  58. Cherri Lee says:


  59. Cherri Lee need pala un ng SSS lola sa vermont

  60. Nina says:

    Hi, regarding the Work employment verification/certification (Doc 28), do I need to submit all the previous company and hospital that I worked with or just the current one? thank you.

  61. Ting says:

    hi, ilang months ang validity ng eligibility at ng ATT sa saipan? thanks..

  62. aileen says:

    QHi…I’m from phil and planning to take saipan nclex. I went to my college this morning and asked for my college TOR but the Registrar said they want a request letter from Saipan NCLEX requesting for my TOR to be send.. now I don’t know how to have that request form.. hope you could answer my queries. .thank you :-)

  63. AnaD says:

    If ever i received my eligibility to take d saipan board… Is there expiration for that eligibility? Tnx

    • carly says:


      Were you able to get a money order or bank draft here in the Philippines? If ever, which bank or institution? thank you

  64. Kring Lu says:

    hi everyone…where can i get the RLE and application form? pls help…godbless

  65. Daniel says:

    just one question….
    i tok my education in associate degree in operating romm ( surgical technician). i moved from my origion country. after i moved from my origion country i studied in norway for around 5 6 years in diifferent field, but all of them were health-related education.
    after a while i send my 2 years education pluss my other education to the board of nursing in my country. they told me i am qualified to be RN nurse.
    with this kind of history how can i apply for board of nursing in Saipan Board of Nursing?
    thanx for helping

  66. Ellyn Jalandoni-Yballe says:

    Hi. How true is it that if you are more than 30 years old and applying for Saipan Licensure, waived na yung High School transcript? Can someone help to enlighten? Thanks.

  67. Goldwyn says:

    Is it really necessary that my form 137 should be mail by my school? or its just okay if I will be the one to mail it?

  68. ayip says:

    Good day.. Lately the website of saipan/nmicbne is down and cannot be accessed (for almost a month). To those who have applied already, may I ask if I could get a copy of the application, rle, employment and other forms that should be submitted to saipan board of nurses. Kindly send to . Thank you very much in advance… God bless you all… :)

  69. mika says:

    Hello everyone, i hope this thread s still active, i took my nclex n failed (vermont) this time my aunt wants me to apply in saipan. Any suggestions on good review books out there? Thank yoi

  70. Skyler says:

    Can somebody help me find a copy of the employment verification / certificate . Thanx!

  71. helo i would like to inquire about the mode of payment for the application fee for saipan since only US cashiers Checks, US Money Orders, and US bank drafts are orders and bank drafts issued in the philippines can only be used here in the philippines.thank you

  72. last i heard, they accept bdo bank drafts which came from a US bank affiliate

  73. Mishael says:

    paano magsend ng mga applications sa saipan? Snail mail ba pati ang mga tor? Please help.. Thanks

  74. Sheryl19 says:

    Hi! Do you have the link where i can download saipan’s nclex application form? Do i need to take the ielts prior to nclex application? TIA! :)

  75. where did you find the application form maam? would you mind to share the site? please you may email it to or text me @0917 702 0730

  76. saipan says:

    Hi.. I would like to ask those who have received their eligibility from saipan bon. How many months did you wait for it?

    Thank you..

  77. Daryl says:

    Hi good day! I already passed my requirements last week, i contacted lbc if the cbne already received it and they did.

    How will i know the status of my application and usually how many months will i wait if they will approved it? thnx!

    • Chamz says:

      Hi! When did you send your application? I sent mine last January 12. I mailed them January 27 for follow up, they responded on Feb 5 that they already received my documents. However, until now they have not yet email me back if I am qualified and I’m still waiting for my ATT.

  78. Anna Luna says:

    Hi meron na po akong nclex licence and i renewed twice, ask ko lng po paano po paano malaman if valid pa po yung licence ko po. Thanka

  79. hi I just want to ask where di I diwnload the application for taking an nclex exam and RLE I can't find..could you send me at my email thanks and God bless

  80. joel says:

    Hi. Nabasa ko posr dito n kailngan ng employmeny verification pag more than 5 years k na graduate? Pano yun hindi nko nag practice so hindi nko pwd magsubmit ng application?

  81. Alt Lopez says:

    Hi! I just want to confirm if i got the right application form for NCLEX RN for Saipan? can anyone share to me what they have so i can compare it with mine? the application for initial application? please… i just want to make sure that i don't send the wrong application form. thanks & god bless!

  82. Alt Lopez says:

    Hi! I just want to confirm if i got the right application form for NCLEX RN for Saipan? can anyone share to me what they have so i can compare it with mine? the application for initial application? please… i just want to make sure that i don't send the wrong application form. thanks & god bless!

  83. cathy says:

    Hi! Does anyone of you here knows what is the passing rate for saipan nclex? Thanks

  84. Skyler says:

    Is it possible if I will pay through PNB for the payment of initial application fee amounting to $110?

  85. jill says:

    Hello. I just want to ask if the cnmi treasury will acknowledge payment ($110) thru bank draft??? Please do reply if u have any idea,, thanks and God Bless

  86. jill says:

    I mean bank draft here in the philippines…thanks

  87. Hi.. I just want to know if my application for saipan is still valid because i sent a wrong SSS number which was the one i have here in the Philippines and what if I dont have a US SSS Number??Thank you

  88. jr manalo says:

    Hi there.. good day!

    I would just like to ask.. nag eexpire po ba validity ng tor from h.s? Cause my g.f were about to send the h.s reqt. And her h.s tor was way back 2011. will there by any problems? Or is it ok as long as it is notarized and authenticated? Thank you! Hope you guys could help me with this..

  89. Snehj Su says:

    hi can you send to me your forms?thanks

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