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Guidelines of Nurse Deployment Project 2014

It’s official, the new RN Heals will be called Nurse Deployment Project 2014 and the official guidelines for implementation has been issued by the Department of Health (DOH).
nurse deployment project
See also: Nurse Deployment Project 2014 application.

The guidelines aims to standardize the implementation of the project, to provide framework and strategies, and give direction to the program managers, implementers and other stakeholders.

Here are some of the main points of guidelines:

  • Nurses shall be assigned in CCT areas of DSWD, 20 poorest provinces and 1,233 focus municipalities identified by NAPC.
  • Nurses shall be hired on a Contract of Services with monthly salary of P18,549. Contract is for 6 months and renewable for maximum of 2 years based on very satisfactory performance.
  • Nurses will be awarded Certificate of Employment after completion of deployment.
  • Recruitment and selection will be from November 4-29, 2013 based on timelines and policies set by CHDs.
  • Application is open to all Nurses with official and validated PRC license, but graduates of RN Heals project will be prioritized.

Nurse Deployment Project 2014 guidelines


41 thoughts on “Guidelines of Nurse Deployment Project 2014

  1. "but graduates of RN Heals project will be prioritized".. well give chances to others, especially the newly registered nurses and the unemployed. I supposed those whose contract ended with the RN heals should not be re employed.

  2. Eliah Kim Escanuela You are right but how could other Nurses acquire the necessary skills if they wont be granted the privilege. I worked in a Rural Health Unit and had been working with the RN heals and I know they were not doing an easy job but everybody learned fast..

  3. I just hope and pray that the above stated salary would really be implemented for those who will get employed …they should also receive HAZARD PAY as mandatory..nurses safety are at stake especially when they travel from one place to another in remote areas

  4. RN Heals grad wil be prioritized?? ang dami nila..panu naman ung iba?kawawa naman ibng nurses like me..Palakasan system naman ung rn heals kaya d kmi nakapasok…I hope u could gve chance to others naman..

  5. hiring 'new' HEALS nurses to be assigned in an area previously handled by batch IV = new trainings, orientations, rapport building with the health staff, etc. before they could get to work and function as the charge nurse of that area, etc..

    hiring the previous batch IV nurses = well, they can just continue with what they previously been doing + more, saves time/resources..

  6. Glenn Funtanares that's given already.. just the same, it wont be a far cry that there will be new hires for the new project, and whether new or former, they would still undergo training and orientations..

    again the point here is, for others to get the chance to have experience as well..

  7. chances given would be up to the DOH CHDs. I'm a batch IV Heals nurse and am thinking of applying for a nursing position in any good tertiary hospitals in M. Manila but then again thinking of the 'chances' of landing a nursing-related work there and the 18k+ offer of the Heals batch V, i'm not yet sure what the better option is.

  8. Glenn Funtanares I understand where you're coming from.. Everybody wants a job. Of course you'd opt to work again with the DOH project considering that the wage is way higher than a compensation working in any good tertiary hospital here in M. Manila.. let's say 10-14k?. the former would be a good choice. You're right chances would be in the DOH CHD's hands..

  9. nah… the money is just secondary gain, what i'm after is experience and of course serve people especially the poor here in my locale in any way i can, but of course a 'better' (than before) compensation would be, well, better. AND i did some inquiries in some tertiary hospitals… highest salary is at 20k+allowances if you're a staff and if you're a trainee, 14k (which isn't bad since you are also training).

  10. Well, then HEALS is for you then.. Highest salary is 20k indeed but that's for those who stayed with the institution for a considerable long period of time.. like 7-10 years.. entry level wage starts at 10k..

  11. ganyan talaga ang gobyerno natin… palakasan at paswertihan… kahit magaling ka ay di ka matatangap kung wala ka backer at swerte… pero kung meron ka backer kahit di ka magaling ay matatangap ka… philippine system…

  12. Why should they prioritize RN Heals graduate,?? Why don't you give priority to the newly RNs?? Those with experiences ay mas madali ng makahanap ng work eh paanu nlng mga baguhan? Baguhan ka, naghahanap ng work as nurse, eh wala ka experience ….ayaw ka tanggapin…eh panu ka magkakaexperience kung di ka naman nila bbgyan ng pagkukuhanan mo ng experience.. tsk. Dapat give chance to others naman…kelan pa magkakaexperience ung nwely RN?.. If tapos na lahat ng Rn heals graduate? dapat new program,….new nurses naman….para atleast lahat may makuhang experience.Para naman kapwa nurses natin ay d pumasok sa ibng work na hindi related sa pinagaralan…Haaaaay….Unfair ito..

  13. this is so unfair the government shud at least give chance to those other nurses. how dare they say that this project will solve the unemployment rate of nurses here n the philipines when only those who have experience will be prioritized?!
    Its all just the same,

  14. Rainier Arcilla This really sucks!the government or the DOh shud at least let the rn heals grad rest for a year or so, so that we newbies cud have a chance in this so called nurse deployment project.

  15. SAna iniba ang title..i think it should be NURSE DEPLOYMENT PROJECT 2014 FOR RNHEALS ONLY…tapz tag nla sa lahat ang RNheals after all its meant for them lg naman..This is not for all nurses…i think they should have their own updates din…

  16. Once i accomplish the application form,do i still need to print it and submit to them or i can just also send the form in their email? Help me!

  17. Who among you (NCR applicants) were invited to have the exam on Tuesday (Dec 10) at the CHD in Mandaluyong? Paano mag-commute? Haha =) Nakapunta na ako doon pero hinatid lang kasi kaya nakalimutan ko na. Agad.

  18. im sorry to hear this. this is too sad, especially knowing there is actually a better option somewhere else. understandably, the people in power needed a "rationale" to keep the nurses at home, under the "veil" of Universal Healthcare…really? Maybe if they give the nurses incentive to stay, many will actually stay. Php 18,549, and you better be in good behavior for 2 years or there's no letter of recommendation…this is a joke.. Pork Barrel guilties, pork out your porks and offer a better incentive to professional direct patient care providers pls!

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