Suzanne’s Plan for NCLEX

A lot of nurses are asking about Suzanne’s Plan for NCLEX review around the internet, so I will give you a hint about it.

In Suzanne’s plan, you need the following:

1) Saunders NCLEX Book with companion CD

2) Saunders Strategies for Success ( if you have difficulty with pharmacology, plus it has great tips on overall strategies)NCLEX review

3) Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book by Mosby’s (La Charity)

4) 1-3 months depending on your time availablity. You do not need a review course if you work diligently and honestly.

Original Suzannes Plan for NCLEX:

You will need only one book , and anything else that you have needs to be put away.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Now for the NCLEX review:

1. You are to complete the quiz at the end of each and every chapter.

2. Do not read the chapter first.

3. If you get 75% or more on the quiz, then go onto the next chapter, if you get less, then read the chapter and your score should now be over 90%.

To Calculate if you have 75% =

NUMBER OF RIGHT divided by TOTAL NUMBER OF QUESTION then multiply that by 100..

For example: lets say u have 25 questions total and you got 19 right then

: 19/25 X 100 = 76%

Simple as that for the review. If you know the material, you can complete it in just a couple of days, or you may need to read the chapters, and it could take you a month to complete.

If you are retaking the exam, please give yourself at least two months to prepare, if not longer. The worst thing that you can do is give yourself a deadline if you do not feel comfortable with the material in the first place.

And the other worst thing that anyone can do to prepare is to cram, and I am unable to help any of you that wish to go that route. It just does not work for the NCLEX exams.

Updated Suzannes Plan:

1)Buy Saunders NCLEX book (w/ CD). Use only one for consistencyNCLEX review

2)Practice doing Questions read rationales for all questions you practice dont skip rationales, doesn’t matter if using book or CD. If using CD, use study mode. 250 Question max/day while reviewing

3)Review each system at a time

4)If you make too many mistakes in a particular system while doing the NCLEX questions from CD, immediately review the area you are weak from the review book. Do not jump to next system before reviewing from the book.

5)After finishing all the system following the above steps…… Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book (Mosby’s) and start doing questions from the very first to the last chapter. It does not have CD , Then, Go back to the Saunders CD (whichever you have bought in the beginning) and practice at least 10 days X 100 questions in comprehensive content EXAM mode that randomly selects questions from each system. Do only 100 question every single day for 10 days in one sitting…….making it a mock RN test.

6)Out of 10 days, if you get 75% at least 9 times out of 10 you are ready. If not you are not ready. Yes consider 74% as a fail.

7)In case if you don’t get 75% 9/10 times, invest 10 more days. DONT PANIC…….do again 100 questions X10 days in STUDY mode with comprehensive content reading all rationales while practicing.

8)Test yourself again in exam mode at least 3 times with 100 questions X 3 days. It is important to do all 100 Questions in one sitting

9)You should get 75% 3 out of 3 times. In case, if still you dont get 75% 3 out of 3 times……..repeat step 8, 9, and 10 again.

10)A week before test focus your energy especially on pharma / labs/diagnostic test. Know drug class….Saunders strategies for success has very good drug classification. Buy it, if you have trouble with pharm.

11)Day before test: no studying anymore, just relax (whatever relaxes you). Good 7-8 hrs sleep the night before the NCLEX.

Suzanne’s Plan is that simple!

7 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Plan for NCLEX

  1. is this really the suzanne’s plan? is there anyone who used it that can prove that this is really it. because as i have read in, no one revealed the succeeding steps of the plan after step 1. suzanne strictly prohibited her students from divulging the plan as their oath in undertaking the plan. indeed, all her students passed the nclex by just one take.

  2. I used this method, Feb 2012 and I passed first try with just saunders, focus on the delegation and priority questions from the cd!!

    1. Hello.
      I was reading an article and it seems there is another step to the plan where Suzanne sends other materials to you. Is this do? If so how doespecially one contact her?
      Did you only use the Saunders and Lacharity and do you have any exam tips or advise?
      Thank you

  3. Did you use the Saunders 4th edition? I bought that for review and if I don’t have to buy another book that would be great. My school requires Kaplan, but I want to get a jump on it.

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