Nurses need 18 CPD units for PRC ID renewal starting July 2017

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Filipino registered nurses must have 18 units of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs to renew their Professional Identification Cards starting July 2017, according to Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

UPDATE: PRC defers implementation of CPD requirement for nurses to January 2018, with only 15 units needed.

CPD units for Nurses

The Commission released the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act 10912 or the CPD Act of 2016 on Wednesday, March 1.

The IRR of RA 10912 imposes the following schedule in the transitory period of CPD implementation:

  • January to June 2017 – 0
  • July to December 2017 – 30%
  • January to December 2018 – 60%
  • January 2019 onwards – 100%

Board of Nursing Member Glenda Arquiza, who chairs the CPD Council for Nurses, has previously announced that they will require 60 units instead of the minimum 45 units set by PRC.

So based on the schedule of implementation, nurses need at least 18 units July to December this year, 36 units next year 2018 and the full 60 units from January 2019 onwards.

How to earn units?

Nurses must attend Programs accredited by CPD Council which may include: Formal learning, Nonformal learning, Informal learning, Self-directed learning, Online learning activities, Professional work experience.

Conferences and conventions of Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), which is the accredited professional organization (APO) of nursing, also has corresponding CPD units.

How about those nurses working abroad?

Nurses outside the country may look for CPD programs/seminars through foreign chapters of affiliates of accredited CPD Providers. They may also attend seminars/trainings of non-accredited CPD Providers and apply for credit unit/s with their respective CPD Councils under Self-Directed and/or Lifelong Learning track.

The BON and CPD Council for Nurses have yet to release the Operational Guidelines and the list of accredited CPD providers and programs, so stay here for those updates.

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14 thoughts on “Nurses need 18 CPD units for PRC ID renewal starting July 2017

  1. vanessa

    my license will expire may 2018…may i renew it now before july 2017?i am an ofw and im hoping to renew my license before the cpd starts this coming july…thank you for the response

      1. Cate

        I have a workmate whose expiration date is on Jan 2018. he applied for renewal this June. You have to set a schedule online before going to any PRC office or Robinson’s satellite. Visit

  2. Vhem

    My license will expire November 2018, can i renew it this june? Thank you

    1. Marlyn uy

      No you can’t..i went to PRC and they refused to renew it. ..mine will expire Oct.2018.

  3. Roselyn corachea

    11 years n pong expire ang aking license..and plan to renew my license..what should i do first..

  4. Irene

    My license will expire on sept 2018. I called PRC hotline regarding on my early renewal but sadly to say pede lang daw aq mag renew as early as sept 2017 pa, but cpd units are implemented na. So no choice. Maybe sept 2017 need to target to have 18units pra di ko na maabutan un 40units by year 2018 and onwards.

  5. Darlene

    Hello, what if may CPD points ka na nakuha nung 2013 ok lang ba na gamitin yun or need ng bago?

  6. Marlyn uy

    What do you mean by Units?Is it the same as contact hours?1 unit equals 1 hour?If it means like that you are requiring more than what is required abroad…in the country where I am working they are requiring 40 hours only within 2 years.

  7. jeeeees


    May I know where we can find a list of hospital or facility that offers courses and training with CPD units. thanks

  8. Joan Carl

    I live in a country where it is impossible to get CPD units. (Chuuk, Micronesia) just renewed my license and will expire Dec. 2019. Are there any online courses offered? So that I can have CPD before license expires?

  9. Cindie

    I’m working ofw in riyadh and my license to expire on jan 2018. I want to renew now but i dont know how, where i will start pls help me! Im not going for vacation time of my renewal. Thanks!


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